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Instagram – Download

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Instagram – Download: Instagram is one of the most popular smartphone photo apps in the world. With over 150 million monthly active users confirming its success, it allows you to take photos or short videos of up to 60 seconds and apply a wide range of vintage effects to them.

Once made, the photos and videos can be shared not only within Instagram but also on other social networks, first of all Facebook (which owns them, among other things). In this way, everyone can comment, rate and share the photos of users subscribed to the service.

To download Instagram on your smartphone, you need to open the store where the applications are located (eg. App Store on iPhone and Google Play on Android) and look for it within the latter. Then select the Instagram icon in the search results and press the download button to start downloading and then installing it.

At the end of the procedure, start Instagram and press the button Sign in which is located at the bottom. In the screen that opens, fill out the form that is proposed to you by typing in it all the required information (username and password to be used in the app, email address, etc.) and presses the button Sign in located at the bottom of the screen to complete the operation. Alternatively, you can select the item Use Facebook information and subscribe to Instagram by connecting the app to your profile on the social network. To set your profile picture, press the button Photo and choose whether to use an image from the phone library or to take a photo “on the fly”.

After creating your account, you will be asked to search for your Facebook friends and your address book contacts who are already subscribed to the service. If you want, you can skip both operations by pressing on Skip. Subsequently, you will be offered some users that are worth following: if you find someone really interesting, click on follow and complete the initial Instagram setup procedure by pressing the button end (located at the top right).

To post a photo on Instagrampresses the icon of camera placed in the lower center and take the image to be published on the social network. Then, use the filter gallery located at the bottom of the screen to select the effect to apply to your shot and continue with the retouching of the photo by adding a frame (first icon at the top left), a tilt-shift effect (icon of the drop), correcting its brightness or the incline level.

When you are satisfied with the result, press on green button with arrow (located at the top right) and type a caption to comment on the photo you are about to post. Then select the social networks on which to publish the image (in addition to Instagram) from the menu below and press the check mark () located at the top right to complete the operation.

In the captions of the photos, you can also insert some hashtag and you can mention other users subscribed to the service. To learn more about these two functions, I invite you to read my guides on how to become popular on Instagram (in which I showed you how to make the most of hashtags) and on how to mention on Instagram (where I talk about how to tag people).

By following the procedure just seen together, you can also make short videos of up to 60 seconds to post on Instagram: just select the icon of the video camera after pressing the button to take the photo. For more info, check out my tutorial on how to record videos with Instagram.


If you want to find photos (based on hashtags) or people on Instagram, press the icon of wind rose (bottom left) and use the search bar at the top of the screen to type in your search terms. To view a larger version of an image, select its thumbnail with your finger. In this way, you can not only see it in full size but also comment on it by pressing the button Commentand add it to your favorites by pressing the button I like.

If you want to “follow” a person to stay up to date on his activities on Instagram and view his photos on the home screen of the app, visit his profile (by selecting his name at the top of the photos, for example) and presses the button follow.

To view your profile, however, presses the icon of identity card located at the bottom right. This will allow you to see a summary of all the photos you’ve posted on Instagram, change your account settings, and view the places where you’ve taken your photos on a map.