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IGTV: what it is and how it works

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IGTV: what it is and how it works: Talking to a friend of yours, you ended up talking about Instagram and more specifically about IGTV. To avoid making the usual figure oftechnological ignoramusyou pretended to know and use the service in question and, fortunately, your friend seems not to have noticed thehoax. But now you are dying to really know what is IGTV and how does it work, real? Then don’t worry, I’ll help you!

I will not “spoil” the content of the tutorial, but I’ll broadly explain what IGTV is: in a nutshell, it is a section of Instagramalso available as a separate app, dedicated to the creation and use of video content lasting more than one minute (limit imposed by Instagram until IGTV was conceived).

If you are curious to know more, all you have to do is make yourself comfortable and take all the time necessary to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs. I’m sure that by doing so, you will have no problem using IGTV to entertain those who follow you on Instagram and, in turn, watch the content made by other users that interest you most. Happy reading and, above all, have fun!

What is IGTV

As I mentioned earlier, IGTV is a section of Instagram, also available as a separate app in the mobile field and also usable from a computer through the tool Creator Studio of Facebook, which was officially presented on 20 June 2018 on the occasion of a special event in which the photographic social network celebrated the achievement of one billion users.

Its name is a sort of “fusion” between IG (short for Instagram) e TV (short for television), which suggests the purpose for which it was born: to allow Instagram users to create rather long video content – up to a maximum of 60 minutes – that can entertain other users of the community, just like a TV would. “traditional”.

One of the peculiarities of IGTV, at its debut, concerned the fact that the videos to be uploaded had to be vertical, in order to occupy the entire screen of the phone, without the users having to be forced to rotate it to appreciate the vision. Subsequently, however, Instagram decided to review this thing and, as we read on its official websitenow allows you to also upload videos in landscape format, as long as they meet the following characteristics (whether they are in landscape or portrait format).

  • Have one duration including between 61 seconds and 15 minutes when uploaded from a mobile or device 60 minutes when uploaded by computer.
  • To be in MP4 format with a aspect ratio Of 9:16 for vertical videos and of 16: 9 for those horizontally. As for the cover, however, the recommended dimensions are 420 × 654 pixels with a ratio of 1: 1.55.
  • The frequency of the videos must be of 30 FPS (frames per second) and a minimum resolution of 720 pixels.
  • The maximum size of files for i videos less than 10 minutes are equal to 650 MBwhile for i video up to 60 minutes are equal to 3.6 GB.

As with the other contents on the photographic social network, the videos can be commented, appreciated with a “Like” and sent to other users via direct messages.

Of course, as with any content posted on Instagram, you must respect the community guidelines in relation to the publication of videos: in the event of violations, the photographic social network can remove inappropriate content also based on reports from the users themselves.

Before we see how to take advantage of the IGTV feature, I want to make a differentiation with the feature Reels. This last function, which allows you to create short videos (up to 30 seconds long), which can be composed of several sequences and which can be watched in a dedicated section in the Instagram app. Compared to IGTV videos. More info here.

How IGTV works


After understanding briefly what it is IGTVthe time has finally come to see how does it work this section of Instagram dedicated to sharing longer video content.


IGTV download

As for theactivation of IGTVyou do not have to do anything, as the section in question is included directly in the Instagram app for some time and does not require activations: you can find the IGTV contents of other users in the Feed of the social network and you can create new ones through the classic app content creation screen.

If, on the other hand, you are willing to “investigate” IGTV properly, you can download the dedicated app on your device. To install IGTV, search for the app in the store of your device, or use the links that I am about to provide you, in case you are reading the article directly from the smartphone on which you intend to install the application. If you have a device Android, press here to open the IGTV download screen on the Play Store (if you have a device without Google services, search an alternative store) or press here if you have a iPhone.

Once on the IGTV download page, tap the button Install (on Android) or the button Get / Install (on iOS) to start downloading the app and eventually confirm your intentions by confirming your identity through facial recognition, fingerprint recognition or password.

After installing the official IGTV app on your device, start it and log in to your Instagram account: if you are already logged in to the social network on your device, all you have to do is press the button Continue as [nomeutente].

As I mentioned a few lines above, it is possible to take advantage of IGTV (but only to upload videos) too from the Web: all you have to do is log into your Instagram account and click on the IGTV tab at the bottom, immediately below your profile bio.

Viewing the contents

See content on IGTV

As for the viewing of contents on IGTV there is not much to say: the videos are proposed to you automatically based on the users you follow on Instagram; this means that when you open IGTV, you will not have to search for the videos and press the “Play” button to play them (necessary actions on other video sharing platforms, such as YouTube), as everything happens automatically.

To get more into the merits, when IGTV opens (whether this happens through the appropriate section in the Instagram app or through the app of the service of the same name) you can simply be content with watching the videos proposed and played automatically or select one of the tabs located at the top to browse the various contents available: For youto view the videos recommended by Instagram; Follow alreadyto view the content uploaded by users you follow on the photographic social network.

After pressing on one of the tabs in question, scroll and tap on thumbnail of the video you want to watch to start playback and swipe from top to bottom to hide the list of proposed videos. To switch from one video to another, all you have to do is swipe left or right or, if you prefer, wait for one video to finish and automatically switch to the next one.

If you want, you can also show your appreciation for the content viewed by putting “I like” with the symbol of little heartleaving a comment with the symbol of comics or send the video via a direct message using theairplane. If you don’t see these buttons, tap anywhere on the screen.

If you want to search for a particular channel or specific content, perform a search by pressing the icon of magnifying glass (top right) and then write the keywords to search for the desired content and select the search result that seems more relevant to you.

Upload videos

Upload video to IGTV

For what concern uploading videos to IGTV, know that it is very simple to do. Once upon a time, you had to create a channel and upload content. Now, however, everything is much simpler. Here’s how to proceed from the Instagram and IGTV apps, as well as from the web version of the social network.

  • From the Instagram app – press the icon oflittle man or on thumbnail of your profile photo (bottom right), tap the button (+) located at the top right and select the wording IGTV video. Next, select a video from the Gallery by pressing on its preview (I remind you that the contents must be longer than 60 seconds), tap on the item Forward (top right), slide your finger on timeline below to choose the frame to use as the cover of the video and press again on the item Forward (top right). In conclusion, provide a titleone Description, etc. And publish on IGTV the content by pressing the appropriate button.
  • From the IGTV app – tap on the icon of cottage (bottom left), press the button (+) located at the top right and keep your finger pressed on the red dot in the center of the screen to start recording the video (if necessary you can change the camera to use by pressing the camera symbol with the arrows at the bottom right). Otherwise, upload a video from the Gallery by clicking on the square at the bottom left and selecting the content of your interest. The rest of the steps are similar to what has already been said in the previous point regarding the Instagram app: you have to press on the item Forwardtype the title and the Description of the video, edit the video cover using the appropriate item present (if you want to do so) and, finally, tap the button Post to IGTV to post the video.
  • From Instagram Web – linked to Instagram login pagelog in to your account, press on yours profile photo (top left), select the item Profile to go to your profile, click on the tab IGTVpresses the blue button Loadclick on the symbol (+) and select the video you want to upload. Finally, add a title it’s a Description to the video and, as soon as you are ready to publish it, press the blue button Publish.

In case you want to delete a video uploaded to your channel, click on his previewtap on the symbol (…)select the item Delete and confirm the operation by pressing the item again Delete. Easier than that ?!

As for the visibility of the content you post on your channel, know that this depends on the privacy settings attached to the account that is linked to your IGTV channel: if you have a private account, for example, only approved followers will be able to view the videos. ; if you have a public account, however, anyone will be able to see the content on your channel.

Other useful information

Instagram help center

You wish to have other useful information on IGTV? Have you not fully understood how some of its features work or, in any case, do you want to deepen their knowledge? If so, I suggest you take a look at the support page dedicated to IGTV and, a little more generally, to the videos, which is present in the Instagram help center: there you can find answers to specific questions that will undoubtedly allow you to make the most of this platform