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How to XP on Fortnite

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How to XP on Fortnite: You have just started playing Fortnite and you have not yet understood how the experience points system works, so you would like some suggestions about it. To be precise, you would like to learn to level up your character in the shortest time possible, so you opened Google and searched for a guide to teach you how to do it, ending up on this tutorial of mine. Well, I’m happy to tell you that you happened to be on the right page at the right time!

In today’s guide, in fact, I will explain how to make XP on Fortnite  helping you understand the way the Epic Games title assigns experience points: in this way, you can find the fastest techniques to level up your character, possibly without having to spend money by making in-game purchases of various kinds and acting from any platform (PC, console or portable devices).

Courage: what are you still doing there impaled? Do you want to increase your character’s experience in Fortnite or not? Yup? Perfect, then read and practice the short procedures you find below. I assure you that, in a few minutes, you will have learned everything you need to know to gain experience points in the famous Epic Games title. At this point, there is nothing left for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and, above all, have fun!

Preliminary information

Fortnite shop

Before going into detail on the procedure on how to make XP on Fornite , I believe it is of fundamental importance to explain to you what experience points are and how they can be obtained in the title of Epic Games.

Well, experience points (EXP) are used to level up your character and then unlock the skins and other rewards offered by the Battle Pass : it is, therefore, the only free way to unlock the costumes on the skin page unlockables and other interesting content.

Each Season has 100 levels and the Battle Pass is divided into the free and paid ones. The cost of the latter is set at 950 V-Buck and each level can be skipped by paying 150 V-Buck . The V-Bucks, if you don’t know, are the virtual currency of the game, which can be obtained both through the acquisition of experience points with the Battle Pass and through the microtransactions and therefore the outlay of real money.

For more details on the virtual currency of the Epic Games title, I suggest you take a look at my guides on how to get V-Buck on Fortnite and how to shopper on Fortnite PS4 .

Microtransazioni Fortnite

I remind you that, at the end of each Season,  all the experience points that you have accumulated will be reset to zero and you will therefore have to start from scratch with the levels of your character, while maintaining the rewards you have obtained through the Battle Pass.

How to EXP Fortnite

Fortnite EXP

As you may have guessed, gaining experience on Fortnite is quite important to be able to stand out from other players.

But how do you get these experience points? The answer is very simple: by playing . In fact, the only way to pick up experience points (EXP) is to have fun normally with Fortnite. Every minute of survival on the playing field, starting from the appearance of the first circle of the Storm, equals 17 experience points , while the first kill is worth 50 EXP . From the second kill onwards, you will receive 20 experience points instead .

Unlike other games, assists do not, however, provide any type of EXP. In addition to this, the final position in which you arrive during the game gives several experience points. The first place is worth 300 EXP , the arrival in the top 10 guarantees 100 EXP and the placement in the top 20 provides 25 EXP . In short: to raise the level of your character, you just have to play!

How to do many XP on Fortnite

Bonus EXP Pass Battaglia Fortnite

How do you say? Would you like to learn how to gain experience points in Fortnite in the fastest way possible ? No problem: Epic Games has also thought about this and has made available to players features related to the increase in EXP points.

The fastest way to level up your character is to buy the paid Battle Pass , which costs 950 V-Buck (with 9.99 euros you take 1000 V-Buck). In fact, in addition to allowing the unlocking of many skins, the latter includes a 50% bonus that increases all the experience points that you earn during the games.

In addition to this, continuing on the Battle Pass you get additional 10% bonuses, which can bring the total personal bonus up to 120%. This is further increased if you play together with another user who has the paid Battle Pass, up to a total bonus of 160% .

As if this were not enough, the Epic Games title gives the player 1,000 EXP every time he reaches one of the levels of the Battle Pass that has this reward. Unfortunately I cannot be more precise with my indications, as each Season is different and brings several news in this sense.

Another effective method to earn EXP is to participate in daily and weekly challenges : these are listed directly on the game’s home page, often appear on the screen during the game and the complete list is found in the CHALLENGES section .

By reading and completing the objectives proposed by the game, you will be able to earn huge quantities of experience points: think that you could even reach 35,000 EXP for each Season !

Sfide Fortnite EXP

I suggest you also participate in the Double Experience events , which are organized occasionally by the Fortnite developers.

In these periods, each action done in the game provides double the experience points compared to the basic ones. To stay up to date on this type of initiative, I invite you to keep an eye on the official Fortnite website .