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How to write with different fonts on Instagram

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How to write with different fonts on Instagram: Have you noticed that some users of Instagram they use a completely different writing font than everyone else’s and you can’t figure out how they do it? Have you tried to change the font in your account too but haven’t found any settings that allow you to do this? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this situation.

Indeed, many are wondering if there is a way to have a different font in Instagram stories, posts or in the space dedicated to their biography, and today I’m here to explain everything there is to know on the subject. If you wonder how to write with different fonts on instagramyou will be happy to know that by using the text editor of Instagram stories, it is possible to use a different writing font than the one set as default.

Therefore, in addition to explaining in detail how to proceed in this sense, I will also provide you with other useful information regarding the possibility of changing the font in other sections of the social network, such as in the caption of a post, in a comment or in the space dedicated to the biography. . In addition, I will explain how to make use of third-party apps dedicated to the use of fonts on social networks, through a simple copy and paste. How do you say? Can’t wait to find out more? Then read on.

Preliminary information

Before explaining to you how to write with different fonts on instagram, I must provide you with some preliminary useful information in this regard. In fact, you must know that on Instagram it is possible to change fonts in stories through the appropriate functionality, introduced over time in the app with an update.

Therefore, before proceeding further, I suggest you check that the Instagram app installed on your devices is updated to the latest version, by looking for it in the store and pressing, if available, on the button Refresh (if there is no “Update” button, you are already using the latest version of the application).

How to write with different fonts on Instagram: stories

How to write Instagram stories with different fonts

You are now ready to follow the procedures you need to change fonts in instagram stories. Therefore, start the app on your smartphone and, when you are in its main screen (marked by the icon of cottage), do one swipe from left to right to open the story editor and take or upload a photo.

Then, tap on the symbol Aa to start writing. At this point you just have to scroll to the right or left, in order to select the font you want. Since there are several (including the comics sans and fonts bold And italic), I suggest you try them all and find the one that best suits your needs.

When you are satisfied with the result, press on the item first end and then on (+) Your storyto post the story on Instagram.

If you want, you can also create stories composed of text only by opening the editor and selecting the option Create from the menu below. Again, you can change the font to use using the button that appears in the center of the screen.

If you are passionate about Instagram stories, for more information I also suggest reading my tutorials on how to make more stories on Instagram and how to save the Instagram stories of others.

How to write with different fonts on Instagram: post

How to write with different fonts on Instagram post

You would like to know how to write with different fonts on instagram in one post? In this case I must inform you that it is not possible to succeed in this intent natively, since Instagram does not allow you to change the font to be used in the caption of the post.

Therefore, what you can do is publish photos or videos containing custom text with apps such as Adobe Creative Cloud Express or, alternatively, take advantage of online tools or app for changing fonts: the latter allow you to write with particular fonts and paste the result on Instagram, so you can use it just as text.

How to write with different fonts on Instagram online

LingoJam Instagram Font

Among the online services that allow you to write with “strange” fonts and paste the result in Instagram, I would like to point out Lingojam fonts for Instagram, and the Meta Tags font generator. These are easy to use websites that have a large database of fonts and a text field dedicated to typing the text you want to format.

For example, using the font generator service of Lingojamall you have to do is use the text field on the left to type the text of your interest: you will be able to see in real time, on the right side of the screen, the same text formatted with different fonts.

Once you have chosen the one you are interested in, double-click on it to select and copy it. Then you just have to go to Instagram, in order to paste it in the section you prefer (for example in the biography, in the stories or in a post caption or comment).

App to change fonts on Instagram

As an alternative to the solutions previously provided, you can take advantage of some app for smartphone Android or for iPhone / iPadwhich allow you to use custom fonts, through a simple copy and paste.

Therefore, here are some suggestions that you can use to change the font in the biographyin the comments and in postor even to enrich the stories in an even more original way.

Fonts for Instagram (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Fonts for Instagram (Android / iOS)

One of the best apps to use custom fonts on Instagram is Fonts for Instagramwhich you can download for free Android (also from alternative stores) e iOS / iPadOS. On AndroidFurthermore, it is possible to purchase the paid version which, at a cost of € 3.49 / one-off, allows you to use a series of additional fonts.

To start using the app at no cost, after downloading it on your device, then press the button Characters (on Android) Get Started (on iOS / iPadOS), to view the list of fonts available in the section of thebulleted list.

Take all the time to decide which font to use, then select it, pressing it, and compose your message using the text field located at the top. Finally, all you have to do is copy the writing and press on the appropriate item Copy (Android) or Copy (iOS / iPadOS) that is displayed on the screen.

Finally, start Instagram and paste the text in the desired place in the app, such as in the biography or in the caption of a post.

Fonts (Android)

Font App_IG

Another app that I recommend you to try, if you want to write with custom fonts on Instagram, is called Fontswhich you can download from Play Store or from alternative stores for Android. The app is basically free, but to remove the advertising and to be able to use all the fonts present, you need to purchase the paid version whose cost starts at € 1.99 / month.

to use it for free when the download is complete, start it and press on the item Fuentesthen presses on the text field Your text here in which you can write the message you want.

As you type, the text will automatically be formatted with each font in the app list. Therefore, to select and copy the desired font, press the key with the symbol of the two overlapping sheets.

Now, you just have to do not start the Instagram app, to paste the text you just copied in the section of your interest.