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How to write on photos online without using programs

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How to write on photos online without using programs: You have several photos on which you would like to add captions, in order to make them humorous or add simple descriptions, but you do not have the possibility or the desire to install photo editing software on your PC. Is this the case? Then I would say that there is nothing to worry about. There are, in fact, numerous online services that allow you to add text to photos and perform many other photo editing operations without resorting to external software or plugins: just use the browser with which you usually surf the Net.

Would you like to know more? Perfect. With today’s guide, in fact, I’ll show you how to write on photos online without using programs showing you which ones, my opinion, are the best tools that can surely do for you. I will tell you, therefore, about some services, most of which are free and based on HTML5 technology (therefore they do not need Flash Player or other external plugins to work) that you can easily use to achieve your purpose.

Are you ready? Very well! What you have to do is give me only a few minutes of your free time, so that I can read all the tips you will find in the next chapters. I just have to wish you a good reading and, above all, a good job!


The first online service that I want to recommend you for write on photos online without using programs is the one offered by Photopea. The latter is an advanced HTML5 editor for image editing, whose interface is very reminiscent of Adobe Photoshop. Its strong point is that it is free, in addition to the fact that it is not necessary to register.

Photopea it is supported through advertising banners which can be removed by subscribing to a subscription, starting from 9 dollars / month, for a license for a single user, but it is also possible to purchase solutions for work groups, with prices starting from 30 dollars / month for five members.

If you are interested in this online service, I recommend you reach his official website. Once this is done, you will notice its English language interface, which you can change to Italian, through the voices Blackberries > Language > Italian top menu.

At this point, it’s time to import a photo on which to add an inscription. First, click the button Open from computer, which you find in the center of the screen; alternatively, click on the entry Fileat the top left, and select the option You opento import a photo from your computer, or the one named Open from URLto upload a photo directly from the Internet via its link.

To add a text, locate the toolbar on the left and click on theicon with “T”called Font tool. Now, drag the left mouse button over the area of ​​the photo where you want to insert a text box and then release it. In the newly drawn area, type the text you want to add to the image and use the tools in the top bar to format the text.

Among the tools available, there are those for the exchange of font and those to vary dimension And color of the writing characters. You can also choose thetext alignment between left, centered and right, or whether to apply a curved or angled effect. If you want to add some effects to the textsuch as shadows or outlines, click the entry instead Level > Layer Style > Blending options and use the panel that is shown to you to customize the effects.

When you have completed your work, to export the photo, click on the items File > Save as PSD from the top menu, in order to export the project in PSD and continue working on it on photo editing software, such as Photoshop. If not, click on the items File > Export aschoose the image format you want among those proposed, such as PNG, JPGand then press the button Save to confirm the export.

Pixlr X

Among the editing services offered by Pixlrknown Web platform of this sector, what I recommend you to use is Pixlr Xwhich is based on the library WebGL and take advantage of the elements HTML5 canvas to work in the browser without requiring the download of additional programs, the use of plugins or the registration of an account. In addition, it is also available for free as a device app Android And iOS.

If you are interested in Pixlr X and you want to test its features, join his official website and press the button Open Photo that you find in the center of the page. Once this is done, select the photo to import by searching for it in the folders on your computer.

At this point, you will be able to see the imported photo with a sidebar on the left and one at the bottom, which present all the tools you need: on the left you will find the functionalities of resizing, clipping, added filters and images and that for enter some text. Since your goal is to add some writing on the photo, click on theicon with letterscalled Add textand then press the button Add new text.

This will automatically add a text area that you can resize and move by interacting directly on the edges of the box. In the left section, however, there are the tools to edit the text: you can edit thealignmentthe font and the color of the character; you can use the levers to change the dimension or it space between letters. Also, you can add a background color in the text box, a side dish or theshading on the writing.

When you’re done customizing the text to put on your photo, click the button OK and then press on Save, in the bottom bar. You will then be shown a screen for saving and exporting the file. Then choose whether to change the file name and the format (JPG or PNG). Then set the image quality and his resolution and press on Save to start downloading the final result.

Besides Pixlr Xon Pixlr website other photo editing tools are available, including Pixlr Express And Pixlr Editorboth based on Flash Player: they will be permanently replaced by Pixlr Xas navigation browsers will cease support for ad Adobe Flash Player.


Another online service for writing on photos is Picozu, which is also based on HTML5 technology, as well as the other services I told you about in previous chapters. It is completely free and can only be accessed from the Web, using any of the most popular browsers.

If you want to try Picozuconnected to his official web page and press on the item Create new image, in the screen you see in the center. Now, click on the items Image > Import and choose whether to import the photo from a URL (Image URL) or from your computer (Upload image). Once this is done, in the box that is shown to you, set, if necessary, the resolution parameters and press the button OK.

In the toolbar on the left (Toolbar), select theicon with “T” and draws a rectangle as an area for inserting text. At this point, click inside it and type the text to insert. You can use the section you see below to change the size (Size) or the font (Family) of the text, or its alignment. You can change the color of the text by clicking on the colored squares that you find in the Toolbar.

When you have made all the necessary changes to the writing, click on thegreen tick icon that you find inside the text area, to confirm its insertion in the image. To export the edited photo, then select the items Image > Save from the menu, choose the format among those proposed in the drop-down menu and finally press the button OK.

Other online services for writing on photos

In addition to the services I told you about in the previous chapters, there are several others that can definitely be for you. In the next few lines, I will point out, therefore, some websites that offer image editing tools for inserting writings and much more.

  • Polarr – is a free online photo editing service. You can subscribe to a subscription plan to access Premium features, such as masks, additional filters and image adjustment tools. In addition to the online service, it is available in a downloadable version for computers (Windows, Linux and macOS) or for smartphones and tablets equipped with Android And iOS.
  • Photoshop Express – this tool is a lighter online version of the Adobe Photoshop software of the same name, with various tools for retouching photos and adding decorative elements, such as texts. You can use it for free via its web interface, currently only available in English. It only supports images in JPG format and requires Flash Player. It is also available as an app for Android And iOS.
  • iPiccy – it’s an excellent free service for retouching and editing images. Unfortunately at the moment it only supports Adobe Flash Player, so it may stop working if an HTML5 compatible version is not developed. However, iPiccy is currently a valid alternative to the tools I have told you about so far, as it has many professional tools for editing images and, therefore, for adding writings on photos.