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How to wheelie on GTA

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How to wheelie on GTA: You’ve recently decided to go back up GTA looking for new adventures. You know, in fact, that the famous video game series by Rockstar Games is able to offer surprises in a constant way. More specifically, you have discovered that it is possible to perform actions you were unaware of using vehicles.

Specifically, you are trying to understand how to wheelie on GTA, as you had never thought about this possibility and now that you have learned of its existence, you would like to experience it. If that’s the case, don’t worry: in this tutorial I will go into detail on the subject, giving you everything you need to know about it and making a breakdown by platforms. In case you were wondering, yes: I’ll also cover the possibility of one-handed wheelie.

What do you say? Are you going to have a good time on the streets made by Rockstar Games? In my opinion you can’t wait to analyze the right vehicles and understand how to have fun with them. Come on then, below you will find all the information of the case. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to wheelie on GTAI think it might interest you to know more about which vehicles allow you to do this.

Well, within the Rockstar Games title you can wheelie both with motorcycle than with certain types of car. For example, it is possible to do this by using a vehicle of the category Musclemaybe excellent Imponte Duke O’Death (Warstock Cache & Carry). I almost forgot: there is the possibility of “wheelie” even with the bikes.

Solved this “doubt” and returning to two wheelsyou can generally wheelie without too much trouble with the bikes sold by the dealer Southern San Andreas Super Autos. In particular, if you want specific advice, you may want to consider buying the Pegassi Ruffianwhich does not cost too much and can allow you to easily reach your goal.

For the rest, if you want to discover other cars and motorcycles, you can refer to my guide to the best vehicles of GTA. Before proceeding, just keep in mind that GTA, especially GTA Online, is an ever-evolving game. This means that developers could potentially make changes to this mechanic.

How to wheelie on GTA 5

After briefly showing you which vehicles you can wheelie in GTA, I’d say it’s time to move on to the “highlight”. Below you will find all the relevant information on the subject, divided by platforms. Generally it would be advisable perform these operations on GTA Onlinebut actually some wheelies they can also be done in the Story mode of GTA 5.

How to wheelie on GTA 5 PS4

GTA 5 Story Wheelie

GTA is heavily played on PlayStation 4, so you may need some guidance related to this platform. I will therefore put the focus on PS4 as regards the procedure, but in reality I will also provide you with valid indications for the other consoles. This means that if you are wondering, for example, how to wheelie on GTA 5 for PS3 or for Xboxhowever, this is the part of the guide for you.

Starting from motorcycle, making them rear is very simple. In fact, once you’ve put your character on, for example, a Pegassi Ruffian, that’s enough for you to accelerate using the button R2 (RT on Xbox) and, after reaching a certain speed, hold the left analog back for a few seconds.

I advise you to carry out your tests on a straight, perhaps in a place where there are not many cars. Either way, wheeling bikes on GTA is very easy, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble doing this.

Muscle car lift

On the other hand, it might be a bit more complex to figure out how to wheelie with a Muscle car. In fact, once found, for example, one Imponte Duke O’Deathwhile thecar is stationary you have to keep the del key pressed handbrake (R1 on PlayStation, RB on Xbox), use the button acceleration until you get to the “maximum” (R2 on PlayStation, RT on Xbox) And release the handbrake button.

This way, you will see that your car it will start to wheel. Note, however, that this method only works with certain types of cars, namely Muscles. Also, it may not be very easy to implement, especially in Story mode, so you may have to try multiple times.

If you want some advice, in this case it is good to try it on GTA Online and maybe press the handbrake button several times instead of releasing it at the end. In short, you may have to do some “experiments”, but I assure you that your goal is achievable.

How to Wheelie on GTA PS4

Finally, as regards the bikesonce your character gets on a common bicycle, for example the Scorcherit is enough for you ride (by pressing several times X on PlayStation or TO on Xbox) And first bring the left analog forward and then quickly back. If you want, you can also try to keep the wheelie after the jump carried out with R1 (RB on Xbox).

In short, now that you are aware of all the possibilities to wheelie in GTA, all you have to do is have fun on the streets of the game.

How to wheelie on GTA 5 PC

How to wheelie on GTA 5 PC

If you are used to playing GTA on PCdo not worry: even in this case you can make motorcycles, cars and bicycles wheelie.

On a computer yes accelerates with the button W keyboard and for wheelie with motorcycles you have to hold down the left mouse buttonmoving the latter a little behind. If this method doesn’t work, I encourage you to try using the key Left Ctrl keyboard.

The first time around it might be not exactly easy, but you will see that after a while you will understand how this mechanic works.

For the rest, it is all very similar to what I explained in console chapter, obviously with the necessary variations in terms of commands. For cars Musclethe keys to use are W (acceleration) e space bar (handbrake).

As regards, however, the bicyclesthe buttons are W (to go on) e left mouse button (to be used in a similar way to what happens for motorcycles). In case you are unable to wheelie like this, I recommend that you try using the button Left Ctrl.

How to wheelie with one hand in GTA 5

How to wheelie with one hand in GTA 5

How do you say? You saw someone wheelie with one hand within the game and would you like to do it too? No problem, I’ll tell you how to do it right away!

In this case, you have to go through GTA Online. In fact, to be able to drive with one hand it is necessary to have a Motorcycle Club (MC) and become president of the latter. Put simply, following the arrival of the“Centauri” expansion of 2016the title of Rockstar Games allows you to “impersonate” real “gangsters” of two wheels.

To do this, it is necessary buy a clubhouse, which will serve as the base of operations for the MC. Open, therefore, the mobile phone of your character (ex. up arrow on PS4), select the icon Internetreach the tab FINANCES AND SERVICES and link to the website foreclosures.maze-bank.comchoosing it from those available.

Then press the button WALK IN and filter the results by CLUBHOUSE, using the appropriate button at the top right. At this point, evaluate all the offers on the map and buy the structure which seems more useful and convenient to you.

For example, typically the Sandy Shores Clubhousepresent at the top right of the map, has a starting cost of $ 210,000. If you don’t know how to get this loot, you might want to consider checking out my guide on how to make money on GTA Online.

Buy clubhouse GTA Online

Once you have your Clubhouse, I recommend that you go and visit it. Once this is done, get on one motorcycleopen the menu Interaction (e.g. hold down the touchpad of the controller PS4), select the option Motorcycle club and press on the item Founds a motorcycle club.

Perfect, now you can access the section, again from the Interaction menu President of the motorcycle club. From here, just select the option first Manage MC and later that Driving stylesetting the latter to Relaxed.

Now you just have to wheelie for a few seconds with your bike, following the instructions I gave you in previous chaptersAnd that’s it.

To conclude, since you are a fan of the Rockstar Games title, I would recommend that you take a look at the page of my site dedicated to GTA, where you can find many other guides that could be for you.