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How to watch movies on iPad

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How to watch movies on iPad: Are you looking for an app to rip movies to iPad without having to go through iTunes? Would you like to subscribe to a service to  watch movies on iPad  but don’t know which one to choose? I am happy to inform you that you have come to the right place at the right time. Below you will find a quick – but I hope exhaustive – review with the best video players and the best video on-demand services available on iPad.

With the player you can transfer your favorite movies from PC to iPad without having to carry out the tedious procedure of synchronization with iTunes. Furthermore, you will be able to play videos in MKV and AVI formats at the highest possible quality without having to convert them to MP4 first. As for video on-demand services… well, I don’t think there is much to explain! These are all those services that allow you to watch streaming movies from the Internet without having to download them first on the iPad. There are both free and paid ones.

In short, whatever your needs as a spectator, take five minutes of free time and take a look at all the applications that I am about to report to you. One way or another you will find something interesting to watch on your iPad, and you will be able to view it in the greatest possible comfort and quality. Happy reading and have fun!


Player for watching movies on iPad

Let’s start with a quick review of players for  watching movies on the iPad . What do they have more than the Video application included “standard” in iOS? It is soon said. Support more file formats (AVI, MKV, MP4 etc.), allow you to stream videos stored on network devices, allow you to transfer videos from your computer to iPad wirelessly (without going through iTunes) , and the list could go on and on.

Infused (for a fee)

Infuse  is the most complete video player currently available on iOS (and Apple TV). It supports all major video file formats, has an extremely refined user interface, allows you to stream and download videos from network devices and automatically download all data related to movies, TV series and cartoons from the Internet (from posters to the plots). It should also be noted that it is one of the very few players capable of correctly reproducing videos with AC3 audio.

You can download it for free, but to unlock all the functions and support for file formats other than MP4 you need to subscribe for 7 euros / year. Alternatively, you can also buy  Infuse Pro 5  which costs 12.99 euros one-off but does not guarantee access to future major upgrades.

AVPlayerHD (payable)

How to watch movies on iPad
AVPlayerHD  is another great player for iOS. We can consider it as an inexpensive alternative to Infuse as it offers almost the same functions as the latter, supports video with AC3 audio and is very simple to use. Unfortunately it does not have an equally well-finished interface, it does not download covers or plots from the Internet, but it is worth every penny of its meager price.

VLC (free)

How to watch movies on iPad
VLC  is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to transfer (and watch) movies to iPad without breaking the bank. It supports all major video file formats (except those with AC3 audio), allows you to download videos from network devices and is very simple to use.

If you want more information on VLC, Infuse, AVPlayerHD and more generally on the process of transferring movies to iPad, check out my tutorial on how to upload movies to iPad.

App to stream movies on iPad

Now let’s move on to some apps that allow you to  watch movies on the iPad  in streaming, for free or upon payment of a small monthly fee (generally below 10 euros). There are really something for all tastes. Have fun!

VVVVID (free)

How to watch movies on iPad
VVVVID  is one of the best video on-demand services available in free scope. It includes a wide range of films (from various genres and eras) and an equally large selection of TV series and anime, both dubbed and in the original language.

Among the most interesting titles in its catalog, I point out great classics such as “Frankenstein”, the films of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, Japanese horror originals such as “Nightmare Detective”, films starring martial arts master Bruce Lee and other titles for sure. interest such as “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me”, “Grace’s Grass” and “Space Battleship Yamato”.

The operation of the app is extremely intuitive. After installing it on your iPad, all you have to do is create a free account on VVVVID (or log in via Facebook) and select the  Movies tab  at the top. Then select the thumbnail of the film you are interested in and press the  Watch button  to start watching it.

The films can be browsed according to different criteria, just select one of the options available in the menu at the bottom:  Highlights  to view the most interesting films of the moment; New releases  to view the most recently added movies on VVVVID; Genres  to browse the catalog of films based on their respective genres; AZ  to browse the titles in alphabetical order and so on.

YouTube (free)

How to watch movies on iPad
Maybe not everyone knows this, but on  YouTube  you can find many films to watch for free in a completely legal way. The credit goes to some channels that, after acquiring the rights to the films, publish them on the well-known video portal and make them available to everyone.

Obviously these are not films of the very first vision or of the very first range, however I assure you that there is no shortage of valid titles. Among the most interesting channels that offer free films, I point out:  Movie On  which offers several American films belonging to the most disparate genres and  Film & Clips  which contains many Italian and American films belonging to various eras and various cinematographic genres.

To access these films you can use the official YouTube app, which is completely free, does not require registration and allows you to project videos on your TV via AirPlay and Chromecast. For more information, I invite you to read my post titled YouTube, free movies to watch.

Netflix (subscription)

How to watch movies on iPad

I don’t think  Netflix  needs many introductions. It is the most famous video on-demand service in the world, which hosts films of all genres and eras, TV series (many of which are exclusive), documentaries and cartoons. During the promo periods, it allows a free trial of variable duration (eg 14-30 days), after which you have to subscribe to one of its subscription plans: 7.99 euros / month to watch standard definition content from a single device, 12 , 99 euros / month to watch Full HD content from a maximum of two devices at the same time or 17.99 euros / month to watch 4K content from a maximum of four devices at the same time.

The Netflix application for iPad is extremely intuitive. After logging in and selecting your user profile (you can configure multiple users for each account), a page is shown with the posters of all the most interesting contents of the moment, the new releases, the contents in your list and recommended content based on previous views. There is also a search bar, which allows you to search for content based on the title, the actors or directors involved in them, and a category menu (the hamburger icon at the top left) to quickly browse movies, TV series and other contents based on the category they belong to.

The download function deserves a separate chapter  , through which it is possible to download movies, TV series and other content offline, obtaining the possibility of watching them without an active Internet connection. To download a Netflix movie for iPad, just “tap”  the Download icon  under its description. Subsequently, to see it, just press the  ≡  button located at the top left and select the item  My downloads  from the bar that appears on the side.

Netflix offline content has no expiration dates, however if you don’t log in to the service for more than 30 days, it will automatically be disabled. For more information on Netflix and how it works, check out my tutorial on how to watch Netflix.

Infinity (subscription)

How to watch movies on iPad
Infinity  is the made in Italy alternative to Netflix (although, technically, it debuted two years before the latter in our country). Its film catalog is currently larger than that of its American competitor, but streaming quality is on average lower than Netflix (although many titles are available in Full HD resolution). There is no shortage of TV series, cartoons and television programs produced by Mediaset.

Infinity can be tried for free for 30 days, after which you pay € 7.99 / month. During the promo periods, the monthly fee can be lowered to € 5.99. The price does not include first-time films (those just released in home video) which can be rented with an extra payment.

The operation of the app is extremely intuitive. On the main screen there are the latest releases, the most interesting titles of the moment and a series of collections of films and TV series dedicated to various themes. Even in this case, the search bar (top right) and the menu for selecting content based on the categories of belonging (top left) are not missing.

Also noteworthy is the availability of a  download function , which allows you to download Infinity contents locally and watch them offline (for a limited number of days). For more details, read my guide on how Infinity works.

NOW TV (subscription)

How to watch movies on iPad
If you want, you can  also watch movies on iPad  with  NOW TV , the Sky Italia streaming service which is completely disconnected from satellite pay TV and has no contractual restrictions (you pay from month to month and can be canceled at any time).

NOW TV’s offer is divided into tickets, ie packages that cost € 9.99 per month each. The Cinema ticket   includes over 500 films to watch on-demand and streaming of all Sky Cinema channels; the TV Series and Entertainment tickets   include the best of Sky TV series and entertainment and the channels that broadcast them on satellite pay TV, while as regards  sport , there is a package available in a monthly version (29.99 euros) , weekly (14.99 euros) and daily (6.99 euros) which allows you to see football, MotoGP, Formula 1, basketball and many other sports. The Cinema and TV Series + Entertainment packages can be tried for free for 14 days.

From a technical point of view, it should be noted that the resolution of content on iPad is only SD (HD is only available on Smart TV, game consoles, NOW TV Box, NOW TV Smart Stick and Chromecast) and that , at least for the moment, it is not possible to download movies or TV series locally. For more information on how the service works, see my tutorial on how NOW TV works.

Chili (rental / purchase)


Chili is a very famous platform that allows you to rent and buy films of all kinds, ages and origins. In its catalog you can really find everything: from the great classics of the world of cinema to the latest films just released from theaters. It is even possible to pre-order films that are still showing at the cinema, all without subscribing and having the possibility to watch rented or purchased contents on a wide range of devices: computers, Smart TVs and smartphones and tablets.

Specifically, the Chili app for iPad allows you to watch content added to your library, send it to the TV (via Chromecast support) and download it locally . Unfortunately it does not allow you to register on the platform or rent / purchase the contents directly, but for this you can use Safari without problems , by connecting to the Chili website.

The prices of the films start at € 0.90 for rental and € 4.99 for the purchase of each work. The available resolutions are SD, HD and Full HD (there is also some content in 4K, but this resolution is not yet supported by iOS devices). The rental contents are available for 28 days and, after the first reproduction, must be “consumed” within 48 hours.

Having made these necessary premises, let’s take action. The first step you need to take is to create your free account on Chili by connecting to the Internet site of the service from Safari and pressing first on the icon of the little man located at the top right and then on the items Login or register (in the menu that opens) and Register for free (on the page that is shown to you later). Then fill out the form that is proposed to you or, if you prefer, press the Facebook button to log in via your social account.

Once registration is complete, access the Chili website with your account, press the ☰ button located at the top left and access the Movies section of the service, to view the complete list of available films (or, alternatively, search using the magnifying glass icon located at the top left). Then select the movie you want to buy or rent and press the Watch button .

At this point, choose whether to buy or rent the content, indicate the resolution you prefer among those available and choose whether to watch the film immediately or add it to your cart . You will then have to pay using one of the supported payment methods (card, PayPal, Satispay or Chili credit resulting from the use of promo codes and gift cards).

You can now go to the Chili Play app , which you need to log in with your account details. You must then select the My Chili tab and press first on the poster of the film to see and then on the play button . If any passage is not clear to you, do not hesitate to consult my guide dedicated to Chili.

Amazon Prime Video (subscription)

How to watch movies on iPad
Amazon Prime Video  is another noteworthy application. This is the video streaming service offered by Amazon to all Prime subscribers (so it does not have a specific price, but is part of the Amazon Prime package, which currently costs 36 euros per year or 4.99 euros per month) thanks to which You can watch Japanese movies, TV series and anime in streaming. It also supports iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, Samsung, LG and Sony Smart TVs and of course PC. The streaming quality is very high (there are also 4K content) and access is allowed from a maximum of 3 devices at the same time.

Another very important thing to underline is that Amazon Prime Video supports the  download of content  locally for use in offline mode. To download a content, just press on its preview image and then on the  arrow icon on the  screen that opens. To play it, instead, just select the Downloads tab   located at the bottom right.

Content downloaded offline does not have a fixed deadline. The download quality can be adjusted in   the app settings . If you want to know more, check out my tutorial on how Amazon Prime Video works.

Sites to watch movies on iPad

In conclusion, I recommend that you take a look at my post on the best sites to watch streaming movies, in which I have pointed out several sites to watch streaming movies at no cost (eg  PopCorn TV  and  Paramount Channel ) that are also accessible. from iPad via Safari.

Article created in collaboration with Chili.