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How to video call with Facebook

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Thanks to a close partnership with Skype (now owned by Microsoft), Facebook offers a feature that allows you to make free video calls with your friends on the social network without using external programs. It all works from the browser.

It is enough to install just a small plugin but, apparently, this step is not yet clear to everyone. So today I decided to refresh your memory a little and offer you a guide on how to video call with Facebook quickly and easily. Believe me, there is absolutely nothing complicated to do and you will soon realize it too.

The first step you need to take if you want to learn how to video call with Facebook is to connect to this page of the social network and install the Skype plugin needed to activate the video chat function on Facebook.

Then click on the green button To start and follow the instructions that appear on the site by selecting the person with whom you would like to make your first video call from the right sidebar. Now, click on the icon in the shape of camera positioned above the chat box and start the download of the Skype plugin by clicking on Configure.

In the window that opens, first click on Run twice in a row and then on Yup to install the Skype for Facebook on your PC and, when the operation is completed, click on the button Allow to start the video chat with the friend you previously selected.

From this moment on, you can start a video chat with all your friends who have installed the plug-in for video calls on Facebook simply by calling them in chat and clicking on the icon of the camera top right. Facebook video calls work on all major browsers and operating systems.

If you’re using an iPhone, you can video calling with Facebook also using Vichat. It is a free application for all models of the Apple mobile that allows you to create free video chats on Facebook on the go.

To be used, both participants in the video call must have it installed on their iPhone and must have connected the app to their account on the blue social network by logging in to the latter and first pressing on Install and then on Allow everything. Of course, to work it requires an active Internet connection (possibly Wi-Fi and no cellular data network, otherwise you risk exceeding the limit of the monthly subscription).