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How to use Zoom Meeting

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How to use Zoom Meeting: Would you like to make video conferences with your students, but you don’t know which program to rely on? Some of your collaborators work in a smart working regime and would you like to find some solution to communicate with them remotely? Then I think you should check out Zoom Meeting .

You may have already heard of it: it is a free basic platform used mainly in business and school settings to hold meetings, remote lessons and, more generally, video conferences. Unlike Skype, it does not require the creation of a list of contacts inside the program: to start a call, simply share the link to the virtual environment that hosts it and, using it, anyone can take part in the videoconference using the Zoom app. on smartphones and tablets, the Zoom client on your computer or its Web version. Really convenient, right?

Then I would say not to waste any more time chatting and seeing in detail how to use Zoom Meeting . Strength: make yourself comfortable, concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, above all, try to put into practice the indications I am about to give you. I bet it will be very useful to you!


How Zoom Meeting works

Before seeing in detail how Zoom Meeting works , I would say to analyze the plans and list prices for the use of the platform, which is basically free.

  • Basic – allows you to make unlimited video calls to a single user and free group video calls up to a maximum time of 40 minutes. It’s free.
  • Pro – includes all the advantages of the Basic version and in addition offers the possibility of making unlimited group video calls up to a maximum of 100 participants + 1 GB of space for cloud recordings of video conferences. It costs 13.99 euros / month .
  • Business – includes all the benefits included in the Pro version plus extends the limit of participants who can participate in videoconferences to a maximum of 300. It costs 18.99 euros / month .
  • Enterprise – includes all the benefits of the Business version, extending the ability to make unlimited group video calls to up to 1000 people. It costs 18.99 euros / month .

For more information about the prices and the various features included in the different Zoom plans, I urge you to visit this page on the official website of the videoconferencing platform.

Note: at the time of writing, Zoom temporarily extends the benefits of the Pro version also to Basic accounts, but only to schools and universities in the areas affected by the COVID-19 emergency , which unfortunately affected Italy and several other countries in the 2020.

As for the general operation of Zoom, know that this platform, despite having the interface not yet translated into Italian, is very simple to use. As I anticipated in the introduction, in fact, only the “calling” user must create an account: the participants in the call can join it through the link that is sent to them.

Having said that, keep reading: further on you will find out how to download Zoom, start a video conference and take part in it.

How to download Zoom Meeting

The first thing you need to do in order to use the Zoom platform is to download its official application, available for Android, iOS / iPadOS and computers. So here’s how to download Zoom Meeting .


Zoom download Android

To download Zoom on Android , start the Play Store  (the colored triangle icon located on the Home screen and / or in the app drawer), type “zoom” in the search bar located at the top and press the ZOOM Cloud Meetings item (the blue icon on which the camera is drawn). Alternatively, if you are reading this article directly from the device on which you intend to install the app, tap on this link , so as to go directly to its download page.

Then press the green Install button to start downloading the app. At the end of the procedure, tap the Open button to start Zoom. If you use a device without Google services, I inform you that you can also find Zoom on alternative stores.

iOS/iPad OS

Zoom download iOS

Do you have an iPhone or an iPad ? Well, Zoom also exists as an app for iOS / iPadOS : let’s see how to install it right away. First of all, open the App Store , by tapping on the stylized white “A” on a blue background, press the Search button (bottom right), type “zoom” in the search bar that appears at the top and, in the screen that opens , tap the ZOOM Cloud Meetings item (the blue icon on which the camera is drawn). If you are reading the article directly from the device on which you intend to install Zoom, tap on this link, so you can go directly to its download page.

Now, click on the Get button located next to the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app and, if necessary, confirm the download using the Face ID , Touch ID or password of your Apple account.



If you wish to act as a PC and intend to download Zoom, go to this page and then click on the blue Download button for the Zoom Client for meetings . If the site is not in Italian, select the language from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.

At the end of the download, open the package you obtained and follow the wizard to complete the setup. If you use  Windows , for example, open the .exe file you downloaded and click the Yes button .

If you use Mac , however, open the .pkg package , click on the Continue button , grant the application permission to access the Download folder , by clicking on the OK button in the box that appeared on the screen and you’re done.

If you do not want to download the Zoom desktop client, know that the platform can also be used as an online service on Chrome (it is not supported in any other browser), as well as as an add-on for  Chrome and also for  Firefox .

How to use Zoom Meeting on smartphones and tablets

App Zoom

Now it’s finally time to see how to use Zoom Meeting on smartphones and tablets . After installing and starting the Zoom app on your device, tap the Subscribe item located at the bottom left, indicate your date of birth and fill out the form that is proposed to you with your email address , name and surname ; then press the Subscribe button .

Then access the e-mail box you indicated during registration and click on the Activate account button in the message that was sent to you from the platform, in order to validate the email and activate your account. Then, on the opened Web page, enter the password you want to set to protect your account in the Password and  Confirm Password fields .

Go back to the Zoom app, tap the Login item located at the bottom right of its main screen and fill in the Email address and Password fields with your login information and tap the Login button to log in. However, I would like to point out the possibility of logging in more quickly using your Google account , your Facebook account or, again, via  SSO (a domain that can be purchased, only for business users).

Once logged in, tap the  New meeting button at the top left; move (if necessary) to ON the switch located next to the item Active video and press the button Start a meeting . If you haven’t already been asked to do this, give the app permissions to access the camera and microphone .

At this point, the conference is practically underway. To invite other users to participate, tap the Participants button (if you do not see it, tap anywhere on the screen to bring up the menu located at the bottom) and, in the screen that opens, press the Invite button located at the bottom .


In the opened box, select one of the sending methods from those available (eg Messenger , Gmail , Outlook , etc.) or copy the invitation link using the Copy invitation link button (the last item in the list) and send the link as you prefer (eg WhatsApp , Telegram , etc.).

Once you have invited the participants to the conference, from the Participants screen you are in right now, you can also manage their microphone and camera, chat with them, rename them and so on: just tap on their name and select one of the available options (eg Mute or Rename ).

In the main video conference screen, on the other hand, through the menu located at the bottom you can close your microphone ( Mute / Activate the audio ) and your camera ( Mute / Activate Video ), share contents ( Share ), see the list of other participants ( Participants ) and so on. To close a conference, on the other hand, tap the End button located at the top right and choose whether to leave the conference alone or to end it for everyone.

What should I do to join a user’s conference instead? After installing and starting the Zoom app, click on the link sent to you by the host (i.e. the user who created the videoconference), enter your name in the appropriate text field and tap the Continue button .

Then accept the conditions of use of the platform and grant the app the permissions necessary to function properly, specifically those relating to access to the camera and microphone (if you have not already done so).

Using the buttons located at the bottom, as I explained before, you can close the microphone and camera, share content, see the list of other participants and so on. To leave a conference, however, tap the appropriate button, located at the top right, and confirm. Simple, right?

How to use Zoom Meeting on PC


If you are interested in using Zoom Meeting on a PC , after installing and starting the official client of the service, click on the Login button and, if you are not yet registered, click on the item Subscribe for free , in order to register with your email . The steps to follow are the same as I showed you in the previous chapter .

Once you have registered, log in to your account by filling in the text fields Enter your email and Enter your password and then click on the Login button , to log in (or, if you prefer, log in with your Google or Facebook account , by clicking on the appropriate buttons).

Once logged in, click the Continue button , click the orange New Meeting button and grant Zoom permissions to access the computer’s webcam and microphone . Speaking of webcam and microphone, I would like to point out the possibility to customize some settings related to these devices.

If you want to act as regards the webcam , click on your profile photo (top right of the main Zoom window) and select the Settings item from the menu that opens. At this point, go to Video , then to Camera , select the webcam to use for conferences and adjust the aspect ratio , resolution and effects to use. From the section dedicated to Meetings , on the other hand, you can indicate whether you want to always show the name of the participants in the video, whether to disable your video when you participate in a meeting and so on.

As for the microphone , on the other hand, select the Audio item from the sidebar on the left of the Settings window open on the screen and, using the menu located under the Microphone item , select the microphone to use.

To test it, click the test button , start saying something and click the record button to stop recording and then the play button to check the incoming audio quality. If you want to manually adjust the input volume level, uncheck the box to automatically adjust the microphone volume and use the appropriate adjustment bar to make the desired changes.

At this point, the videoconference has practically started. To invite attendees, click the Invite button . In the window that opens, select the Email tab and send the invitation link to the videoconference with Gmail , Yahoo Mail or the default client ( Default Email ). Otherwise, click on the Copy invitation link button (bottom left) and send the video conference invitation link as you see fit (eg WhatsApp , Telegram , etc.).

As I have already explained to you in the previous chapter , the user who will receive the link will simply have to click on it and agree to open the Zoom app for smartphones and tablets or his desktop client (if he too acts as a PC).

To manage the videoconference, then, you can use the buttons located at the bottom: Mute / Activate the audio , to deactivate and activate the microphone; Disable / Enable Video , to disable and enable the webcam; Invite , to send new invitations; Participants , to control the various participants in the call; Share the screen, to share the screen; Chat , to send messages to conference participants; Registration , to register the call and Reactions to send reactions. To end the call, however, click on the End button and choose whether to abandon the conversation or end the conference for everyone.

Zoom PC

I remind you that Zoom is also available as a web application that can be used by Chrome : just go to this page , click on the Subscribe button, it’s free (if you want to make a call) or on the Join a meeting button (if you want to participate in a call already started), more or less following the instructions I gave you previously.