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How to use Skype

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How to use Skype: Have you ever heard of Skype? It is a very famous multi-platform program that allows you to make calls and video calls via the Internet all over the world and for free, if you make calls between Skype and Skype, or at low prices, if you call national or international fixed and mobile telephone numbers. simply using your computer’s webcam and microphone.

How do you say? Some of your friends have told you about it and now you are here because you have not paid much attention to their words and would like to know more? Great, you just happened upon the right tutorial at the right time. If you have friends or relatives living abroad you could call them via Skype every day without spending a cent; in this case you should really read my guide on how to use Skype , in which I will show you in detail how the software works on a computer, but also on smartphones and tablets, since it is also available on Android and iOS / iPadOS.

Don’t worry, I know you are a bit intimidated by the idea of ​​installing and learning new software, as you are not very familiar with technological devices, but I am sure that by following my instructions carefully you will have no problem leading to end this feat . How do you say? Does the idea appeal to you? Very well, then give me a few minutes of your free time and pay attention to the information provided in this tutorial. I wish you a good reading and a lot of fun!


Requirements for Skype

To make sure you can use Skype on your computer, you need to check that your device meets some specific technical requirements. So I indicate below what are the Skype requirements for Windows and macOS .


  • Operating system : Windows 7 / 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Processor : at least 1 GHZ
  • RAM : at least 512MB
  • Other : DirectX v9.0 or later


  • Operating system : macOS 10.9 or later
  • Processor:  Intel processor with at least 1 GHz (Core 2 Duo)
  • RAM : at least 1 GB
  • Other : latest version of QuickTime

Skype is cross-platform software and is also available for mobile systems such as  Android and  iOS / iPadOS . It is also possible to use it in its online version ( Skype for Web ) on Windows and macOS computers ; in the latter case, for its use only a browser is required for surfing the Internet.

Skype pricing

Using Skype you can call for free all users who use the application on Android or iOS / iPadOS or the software on Windows and macOS . However, it is not possible to make international and national calls free of charge and not even those to traditional landline or mobile numbers, as this possibility concerns a paid function.

It is in fact possible to subscribe to a monthly subscription to use Skype for the latter purpose or, alternatively, there is the possibility of purchasing rechargeable Skype credit . Therefore, I indicate below the prices for both options listed.

  • Italy subscription : € 7.93 per month with 400 minutes that can be used to call landlines and mobile numbers.
  • Italy subscription : € 3.66 per month with unlimited minutes that can be used to call landlines.
  • World subscription : € 15.86 per month with unlimited minutes that can be used to call landlines and mobile numbers.
  • Skype credit : requires the purchase of a rechargeable 5.00 €, 10.00 € or 25.00 € card that can be used to call numbers from all over the world.

For more information on subscription rates and Skype Credit purchases , please visit the  program’s official website .

How to use Skype without an account

skype web

In the first half of 2020, Microsoft introduced the possibility of using Skype without registration and without installing programs on the PC , acting directly from one of the supported browsers (currently Chrome and Edge ).

By connecting to this web page and clicking on the Create a free meeting button , you have the possibility to create an online chat room with no deadline and you will get a link to let other people participate. Once you have visited the conference address, anyone can join by clicking on the Join as guest button and entering a username (valid for 24 hours) or by logging in with a Skype account .

Once logged in, you can chat, initiate a call / video call , send attachments and much more. Conversation recording and screen sharing functions are also available . Convenient, right?

Download Skype to your computer

If you are using a Windows computer , you can download Skype as a Windows 10 application or as a desktop client. If you are interested in using the software through its Windows 10 application, launch the Microsoft Store  by searching for it in the Cortana bar.

Once the Microsoft Store has started , use the text field at the top, the one marked with a magnifying glass symbol, and type the word Skype , then clicking on the corresponding search result, to locate the application tab. To install the Skype app , press the Get button and wait for the deadline for the download and automatic installation. Finally, press the Start button .

To download the traditional Skype client for  Windows , on the other hand, connect to the official website of the program and, on the home page, click on the Download Skype for Windows button , in order to save the program installation file on your computer.

To install the software, start the executable file after the download is complete by double clicking on it; then click on the Yes and Install buttons to complete the setup. Skype will start automatically after completing the procedure.

Skype installation

If you are using a Mac , connect to the official Skype website and click the Download Skype for Mac button . Then wait for the dmg file to download and then start it by double clicking on it.

Skype Mac installation

To install, drag the Skype icon to the macOS Applications folder . Then start the program by clicking on its icon that you find in the Launchpad .

Download Skype on smartphones and tablets

Skype app installation

If you want to use Skype on a mobile device, know that you can download the official app of the service both on  Android , through the Play Store , and on iOS / iPadOS, through the App Store .

In the first case, start the Play Store , by tapping on its icon located on the main screen of your device (it has the colored play symbol ); now, using the search bar at the top, type the term Skype and press the Search key from the keyboard of your device, to locate the application in question.

To install the app, then presses the Install and Accept buttons , wait for the download to finish and start Skype by pressing the Open item of the  Play Store . You can also start the Skype app by  pressing on its icon that you will find on the home screen of your device.

On iOS / iPadOS , to download the Skype app , start the App Store by tapping its icon on the main screen of your device (it has an icon with the symbol of an “A” stylized in the center ).

Then press the Search button that you can see below and, in the search engine at the top, type the term Skype , then tapping on the result, to see the app card.

To install the app, press the Get and Install buttons and, if prompted, confirm the installation via Touch ID , Face ID or type your iCloud account password .

At the end of this procedure, start the app using the Open button that you find in the App Store or tap on the Skype icon that you will find on the main screen of your device.

How to use Skype on computer

The first procedure that you need to perform to use Skype is to log in or register for the service, by  creating a Microsoft account.

In this regard, starting the application on Windows , you may be asked to log in using the same account associated with your computer. This is not mandatory – you can also ignore this option and sign in with another Microsoft account you have.

If you have one, then type it in the text field you see on the screen and press Next , in order to also type the  password . If, on the other hand, you have to create an account you can proceed at the moment: press the Create an account item that you see on the screen and follow the instructions given to you. If in doubt, read my tutorial where I explain how to proceed step by step.

Once logged in, you will be offered to run the audio check , to test the quality of the microphone. Once this is done, click on the Continue button , at the bottom right, to continue. Then you will have to check the video , to test the webcam: once you have passed this too, click on the Continue button , at the bottom right.

Now you have to accept that your Microsoft account contacts are automatically synchronized with Skype, so that you can see all your acquaintances in Skype via the Contacts section on the left. To do this, press OK , and you will find yourself in front of the main Skype screen.

You will surely notice that the contact names are characterized by colored dots: this is a feature that concerns the status of Skype , which can be set by clicking on the Skype item from the top bar and then on the wording Status online from the drop-down menu.

In fact, there is the On line status (the symbol of a green dot ), which indicates to your contacts the availability for conversations; the Away status (the symbol of a yellow dot ), which indicates that you are not at the computer; the Busy status (the symbol of a red dot ), which is used to avoid receiving notifications relating to new messages; the Offline state which is related to the Offline Mode (the symbol of a transparent dot ) and the Invisible state (the symbol of a semitransparent dot) which is used to use Skype without the other users of the application knowing that you are connected.

To add a contact on Skype , and thus start a conversation with the same, press the Contacts item from the left sidebar, then tap on the New contact item and use the text field located in the box that is proposed to you to type the name of the person you want to add. Have you found it? Very well! Then click on the Add button related to it and that’s it.

Skype is an application that allows, among its most prominent features, to get in touch with the users of the platform through text and multimedia messages. To interact with a person added to the contact list, press his name and then write a message via the text field Write a message .

You can use the buttons with the photo and business card symbol , next to the chat, to send attachments and contacts respectively. In addition, there is also a microphone symbol , which is used to send an audio message to the user. The other options you have available are visible under the (…) button , which allows you to send positions , video messages , surveys , money , OneDrive or Spotify links and more.

Skype also gives the possibility to carry out group conversations: to add a person to an existing conversation, press the button with the symbol of a little man , located in the upper right corner; then from the drop-down menu you see on the screen, locate the contact to add to the conversation, press his name and then click Done .

You can also use Skype to make calls and video calls over the Internet which, as already explained in my paragraph dedicated to the costs of Skype , are free only if made from Skype to Skype .

To call or video call a contact, press his name in the Contacts section , then press the button with the symbol of a video camera or the symbol of a handset , to make, respectively, a video call or a voice call.

During the call, you can interact with the user by pressing the button with the symbol of a camera (to activate or deactivate the webcam of your computer and activate the background blur), on the button with a microphone symbol (to activate or deactivate microphone audio), on the button with the … symbol  (which displays a menu of shortcuts: Start recording , Activate subtitles , Perform background blur , Mute incoming video , Put the call on hold and Audio and video settings ), on the button with the speech bubble(to call up the text chat) and on that of the square , at the bottom left, to create a snapshot.


Do not forget that you can add a person to the voice call or video call you have in active, to carry out a group conversation; to do this, press the button Add people to this conversation . If you have finished the call, press the button with the symbol of a handset to hang up.

How to use Skype on smartphones and tablets

App Skype

To use Skype on Android or iOS / iPadOS, carefully follow the instructions that I will give you in the following lines, as the operation of the software is different from the counterpart for  Windows and macOS .

After downloading the application on your device, as already explained in the dedicated paragraph , press the Start button and then on the item Log in with the Microsoft account, in order to log in with the account data you have. If you haven’t created a Microsoft account yet , read my tutorial where I explain how to do it.

Once logged in, customize the Skype interface by choosing between the light and dark theme , then press the button with the arrow symbol and authorize the application to synchronize contacts. Finally, grant permissions regarding camera , microphone and notifications .

The operation of Skype on mobile devices does not change from Android to iOS / iPadOS : its main features are located in the bar at the bottom. In fact, you can see the symbol of a comic , namely the Chat section , where you can see all the contacts in the application.

If you want to add a person to your Skype contacts , tap the Contacts button (it is located in the bottom bar), then press the symbol of a little man at the top right and, in the text field you see on the screen, in correspondence with the wording Search , type the name of the person you are interested in. To add it, then click on the Add button you see on the screen.

You can interact with added friends by sending text or multimedia messages (the symbol of a camera ) or by sending emojis and stickers (the symbol of a smiley face ). To send voice messages, press the button with the microphone symbol , while to send other content, such as GIFs , press the button with the (+) symbol .

If you wish, you can contact a person on Skype by making a voice call or video call (for free you can only do it from Skype to Skype ). To do this, press respectively on the symbol of a handset or on the symbol of the video camera that you find in correspondence with the conversation. Eventually, press the button with the symbol of a handset from the bar at the bottom, to view all contacts also in this special section.

During a voice call or a video call, the buttons dedicated to the interaction are visible on the screen: the microphone symbol is used to activate or deactivate the audio, the one with a video camera symbol is used to activate or deactivate the camera, if desired. make a video call, while the square located at the bottom left allows you to take a snapshot.

App Skype

Furthermore, you can press the button with the (…) to see other additional options, such as the buttons to add people , start a recording , send a heart (or other emoji) and share the screen and the levers to activate deactivate video in arrival and subtitles .

When you have finished the call, press the button with the handset symbol to hang up.