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How to use Skype on iPhone

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How to use Skype on iPhone: When you have a Wi-Fi network and a latest generation mobile phone, such as theiPhone, it is certainly a good idea to take advantage of the Internet connection to make calls. On the other hand, you know, calling friends using VoIP technology instead of the classic telephone line can help you save some money every month… so why not take advantage of it?

Take ten minutes of free time and find out how to use Skype on iPhone, the very popular VoIP application that is available not only on PCs but also on tablets and smartphones, such as the one from Apple. In this way, you can call your friends who are subscribed to the service totally free, video call them and easily exchange messages with them, reducing your telephone costs. Better than this?!

If you want to learn how to use Skype on iPhoneit goes without saying that you must first open theApp Storelook for theSkype application inside and install it on your “iPhone by”. When the operation is complete, launch Skype and log in using the username and password you usually use on your PC (or press Sign in with your Microsoft account to login with your Hotmail / Outlook account details).

If you are not yet registered to Skype, you can quickly create a free account by clicking on the wording New Skype user? Create account (located at the bottom of the screen) by pressing the button Agree – Next and filling out the form that is proposed to you with your personal data.

Once you’ve created your account or signed in to the service, you can use Skype on iPhone to call, video call or text for free with people who use Skype on their smartphone, PC or tablet (it makes no difference). Then go to the area People of the app, by pressing the appropriate button located at the bottom left, and select the name of the friend you want to contact from the contact list.

In the screen that opens, press the button Who loves to start a voice call with the selected user, on the button Video to invite him to a video call or on the button Instant message to chat in a textual way. If the friend you have selected is not currently connected to Skype, you can still send him a message (which he will read once connected to the service) by pressing the button Instant message or a video message pressing the appropriate button.

Calls can be made both in Wifi that in 3G / 4Gbut as regards the cellular data network, it must be emphasized that you pay for the consumption and, above all, that some telephone operators inhibit the use of VoIP technology in their offers, making it practically impossible to use Skype and other similar products.

To make calls to standard telephone accounts – which are not free unlike those made to other Skype users – just go to the section Who loves and use the application keypad to dial the number to contact. Of course, to complete the operation you must first top up your credit by going to My info> Skype Credit and pressing the button Buy credit.

To add a new contact to the list of your Skype friends on iPhone, go to the section People of the app and presses the icon oflittle man located at the top right. In the screen that opens, type the name, Skype username or email address of the person to find and press the button Search for to start searching.

Then select the name of the person to add to your contacts from the search results and press the button add contact which is at the bottom of the screen to send your friend request. Easier than that?

You want to set your Skype status on Do not disturb or Invisible via the iPhone? This can also be done. Just go to the section My info application and select it State in the way you prefer.

As for receiving messages and calls, know that there is no need to keep the Skype application in the foreground. Once started, you can continue to use your “iPhone by” normally (using other apps, surfing the Internet, etc.) and in case of incoming calls you will be notified by a notification both sound and visual. By pressing on the notification, you can answer the call or message received.