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How to use Facebook on iPad

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You have just been given a iPad and, not being very familiar with computers and tablets, are you trying to learn how to use it a little at a time? Well, then I bet you’ve already taken a look at my guide on how to surf the Internet with iPad and now you want to take another step forward.

Let me guess, you are here because you want to know how to use Facebook on iPad. I got it right, right? So take a few minutes of free time and try to follow the directions I am about to give you. If you’ve learned how to use social networking on your PC, you won’t find it difficult to do so with your new iPad. I assure you.

Before seeing in detail how to use Facebook on iPad, you must download the official app of the social network on your tablet. Then start theApp Store (by selecting its icon on the iOS home screen) and search Facebook in the bar located at the top right.

At this point, select the Facebook icon in the search results and, in the box that opens, first press the button FREE and then on INSTALL. Then type in your Apple ID password and press OK to start downloading and installing the app.

At the end of the procedure, for use Facebook on iPad all you have to do is select the application icon on the tablet home screen and log in to the social network using your account data. You will thus find yourself in front of the Facebook home screen (the so-called News feed) with your friends’ posts, photos and other status updates.

To interact with your friends, you can act almost identical to what you do on the PC. To comment on a post, press on the item Comment placed under the latter and type your comment in the box that appears. Allow I like it to a photo or a status update press the appropriate button, while to share a content on your diary select the item Share present under each post.

You don’t see the sidebar of the chat to exchange messages in real time with your friends? Don’t panic. Put the iPad in place horizontal and you will see the chat box appear in its standard position (on the right side of the screen). To contact a friend, select their name.

If you see the Facebook chat bar faded, it means that you are disconnected from it. To log in and let your friends “see” you, press the icon of thegear located at the top right and select the item Activate chat from the menu that opens.

Once you start a conversation, you will see “Bubbles” with photos of your friends on the screen, which will allow you to chat from any screen of the app. To remove them, select them with your finger and drag them to the bottom of the screen.


Do you want to send a poke to a friend or block a person? Go to his profile page, selecting his name on the main screen of the app, press the icon arrow located in the upper right part of the screen and select the item Poke or Block from the menu that appears.

For search for people or pages, recalls the menu of Facebook by pressing the icon with the three horizontal lines located at the top left and using the search bar contained within the latter. From the same bar, you can also access the your personal profile (selecting your name), to events, at photo and at applications installed on your account. Very easy, right?


You can also edit your own profile photo and the cover of your diary from iPad. How? Nothing simpler. Access your profile page as explained above, press on one or the other image and select the item Choose from the library or Take a picture to change your profile photo or cover to one of the images in your iPad Camera Roll or to a photo you took on the spot.

Manage one or more Facebook pages? Then in addition to the official Facebook app I recommend you install Facebook Pages Manager. This is another application created by Facebook that allows you to manage your pages within the social network in a comfortable and precise manner.


Too many notifications Facebook on iPad bored you? You want to turn out Invisible in the social network chat? Find out how to close Facebook on iPad thanks to the guide I dedicated to the topic.

With that, I’d say you really know everything. Or rather, you know the right things to start using the Facebook app for iPad without fear and manage your profile and your pages through it. Over time, you will see that you will discover for yourself many other functions and “goodies” that for reasons of length I have not been able to cover in this tutorial.