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How to upload videos to Facebook from iPhone

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You made some videos with yours iPhone, you would like to post them on Facebook without copying them first on your computer but you don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, it’s a very simple operation and today I’m here to show you step by step.

If you want to learn how to upload videos to facebook from iphone all you have to do is read the guide I am about to propose and put it into practice. So you can post on the social network not only the videos you have already saved on your “iPhone by” but also shoot new ones and publish them directly online.

All you need to do to find out how to upload videos to facebook from iphone is to start the social network app on your “iPhone by” and press the button Photo which is located at the top center. At this point, you have to decide whether to upload a video that you have already saved on your phone memory online or to create one “on the fly” and post it to your diary.

In the first case, you have to select the thumbnail of the video you want to publish on Facebook and press the icon of pencil located at the bottom right. Then type a message to post along with the movie, set the level of privacy of the video through the appropriate drop-down menu and press the button Publish to upload the movie.

To film a new video and post it directly on Facebook, first press the button Photo located on the main screen of the app and then on the icon of camera which is located at the bottom left. Then, move the lever located at the bottom right towards the icon of camera and press REC to start recording your movie.

When the operation is completed, press again REC, select the thumbnail of the video that appears at the bottom right and places the video as seen previously, selecting the icon of pencil. The duration of the upload will depend on the length of the video and the speed of the connection in use.

After succeeding in upload videos to Facebook from iPhone did you notice that the videos posted on your diary are not in HD but in standard definition? No problem. If you want to change this setting and publish HD movies online, just activate a single option in the Facebook app settings.

Then go to the Settings of iOS (by selecting the appropriate icon on the iPhone home screen), scroll down the screen that opens and first press the icon of Facebook and then on the voice Settings. At this point, move up ON the switch for the option Record HD video And that’s it. The videos you upload to your profile will be in high definition (this will greatly increase upload times, be careful).

If before posting a movie on Facebook you want to improve it and edit it properly, I invite you to read my guide on how to edit a video on iPhone, in which I explained how to perform various editing operations directly from the iPhone. It is much easier than you imagine.