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How to upload photos to Instagram from PC

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How to upload photos to Instagram from PC: After reading my guide on how Instagram works, you have become an avid user of the famous app. Your shots are also having some success with the public but, every now and then, you would like to share them also from your computer, where you regularly transfer all the shots you take with your digital camera. Well, know that you can!

By resorting to the use of some special tools or some “trick” within everyone’s reach, it is possible to succeed. If you want to know how to upload photos to instagram from pc, know that I’m here to explain in detail how to do it. These are extremely simple procedures to complete, but in any case I advise you to focus above all in relation to the use of the first solution I will talk about, as, being an official Instagram resource, it does not present any risks related to infringement of the terms of use of the service.

Before resorting to the use of third-party solutions, in fact, you must take into account that Instagram wants to keep the ability to upload photos an exclusive function of its apps (and its online services). Users who turn to software or services developed by third parties may face “punishments”, such as the cancellation of hashtags (which reduces the degree of visibility of the images) or even the account suspension. In this regard, know that I do not take any responsibility for any penalties applied to your Instagram account following the use of unofficial programs. Clear? Well, then let’s ban the chatter and take action. Have a good reading!

How to upload photos to Instagram from PC

Let’s get right into the tutorial by seeing how to upload photos to Instagram from PC taking advantage of the various solutions available.

Instagram for Windows

The first solution I want to tell you about is theInstagram application for Windows 10 and laterwhich allows you to upload photos and videos to your profile feed in just a few clicks.

To get the application, visit the link I just provided you, click on the button Getaccepts the opening of the Microsoft Store and press the button again for get the software. Download and installation will then take place automatically.

At the end of the procedure, start the application of Instagram for Windowslog in to your account, press the button [+] located at the top right and load the contents of your interest by dragging them into the application window or by selecting them manually, using the appropriate button.

Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio

Another solution I want to tell you about in this guide is Facebook Creator Studio. This is a tool used to manage corporate Instagram accounts connected to a Facebook page. Furthermore, it is possible to use it for publishing photos and videos on Instagram from a computer, as, to use them, just use a simple browser.

Having said that, to make use of it, connect first of all to the its official website and log in to your account Facebook, if you haven’t already. Now, press the button Start and, on the main screen of Creator Studio, first press on the buttons Forward (twice) e endso as to close the initial tutorial that is shown to you.

Next, click on the icon of Instagram located in the top menu, in order to connect the account relating to the photographic social network: to do so, click on the button Link your account and then on OK. After this preliminary step, you can publish multimedia content within Instagram from a PC. How? Well it’s that easy! First, click the button Create posts which you can see located in the upper left corner. Then, in the menu that is shown to you, press on the item Instagram feed.

Now, upload a photo, choosing from those present in your computer’s media gallery, by clicking on the button From uploaded files.

Alternatively, if the photo you want to upload to Instagram was previously posted on the page Facebook connected to the account, press the button From the Facebook pagein order to select it, taking it from the media library of the Facebook page.

Facebook Creator Studio

Once this is done, all you have to do is customize the publication of the post: use the text field Write your caption, to add a description of the photo to be published. You can also add the geographic tag, through the section add location.

Finally, at the end of the changes, to upload the photo to Instagram from PC, press the button Publish. If, on the other hand, you want to schedule the publication, so that the upload is done at a later time, first press the icon (▾) and then on the voice Programmingin order to select theNow and the day of publication. Finally, press the button again Programming And that’s it.

Instagram Web

Post IG PC

As already mentioned in the opening of the post, another solution for upload photos to Instagram from PC is what concerns the use of Instagram Webthe online version of Instagramwhich officially allows you to perform this operation, through the appropriate native functionality.

In fact, you can upload photos to Instagram from the PC simply by clicking on the icon (+) which is located at the top right of the main screen of the social network, in order to import the image you want to post from your computer.

On the page that opens, use the icon with the two arrows located at the bottom left to activate or deactivate the automatic zoom of the photo and the aspect ratio of the same (for example 16: 9 or 4: 5).

After that, click on the button Forward located at the top right, apply filters if necessary and press the button again Forward. Then, type a caption they hashtag you want to associate with the photo in the appropriate text field and presses on Share (top right) to post the image to your account Instagram.

BlueStacks (Windows / macOS)


As an alternative to using Instagram Web, to upload Instagram photos to PC you can also use BlueStacks. If you have never heard of it, know that it is an emulation software for Android which, available for Windows and macOS, allows you to launch any app for the Google operating system for smartphones, directly from your computer.

Another important thing to underline is that the emulator, as it is free, supports itself with the presence of advertising banners that recommend the download of some sponsored apps. However, the latter can be removed by purchasing a subscription to the service, the price of which is $ 4 / month or $ 40 / year.

Without these necessary premises, if you intend to upload photos to Instagram, using BlueStacks, connected to the official site of the emulator and click on the button Download BlueStacksto download the latest version of the emulator on your PC.

Then wait for the download of the software installation package and, at the end, start it by double clicking on it. Now follow the instructions for step by step Windows And macOS that I am about to show you, to install BlueStacks in the correct way.

On Windowsfirst press on Yup in the window of User Account Controlthen click the button Install now and wait for the automatic download of all the files necessary for the correct functioning of the program. When finished, click on the button Business suit.


If you need to install BlueStacks on macOSinstead, wait for the file to download.dmg previously taken from the official website, then start it by double clicking on it. Once this is done double-click on the BlueStacks icon, in order to start the installer. To confirm the opening and start the installation, press the button You open.

Next, click To continue and then on Install nowtype the password of the Mac administration and press the button Install Assistant. Then wait for the software installation to be automatically completed and, if prompted, press the button Open system preferences.

In the Mac settings panel, first press on Allow and then on the symbol of padlock (it is located in the lower left corner). Now type the again password on the Mac and then press on Unlockin order to finish installing BlueStacks on macOS.

Now that you have installed BlueStacks, you have to configure it with a Google account, following the steps I am about to show you, which are identical on both Windows and macOS.

Click the button Start and, on the next screen, log in with the data of the account you have, typing, in the respective text fields, theemail address and the password. Then press on first Forward and then on I accept and finish the configuration by pressing the button Get started with BlueStacks.

Bluestacks google

Well: at this point you have finished configuring BlueStacks with your Google account and you can start downloading applications from the Play Store.

Open, therefore, the Play Storeby pressing on its icon located on the screen Homesearch for Instagram within the latter and proceed to install the app by first clicking on its icon and then on the buttons Install And I accept.


After installing the Instagram app on BlueStacks, start the latter, log in to your account and use the app just like you would on a smartphone. Hence, he clicks on the icon (+) located at the bottom center and select the photo to post to your account.

Depending on what your needs and preferences are, you can upload photos to Instagram from PC by selecting the images available in the computer memory or those present on the integrated memory of BlueStacks.

To use the images already on your computer, click on the entry Choose from Windows located in the Instagram window from BlueStacks, to use the images stored on the BlueStacks memory, presses the voice instead Tunnel of the app.