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How to upload music to Samsung

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How to upload music to Samsung: You can’t help but listen to music when you walk down the street or while on the bus to go to school, and you’re wondering how you can go about having your favorite songs inside your smartphone. Samsung? Did I guess? I imagined it, also because although there are now numerous streaming applications that allow you to listen to the latest songs of the moment, there are many people, like you, who prefer to keep absolute control over their songs and their playlists without submitting to the wishes of the majors. .

In light of what has just been said, let me give you a hand: in today’s guide, you will find the steps to take to upload music to Samsung both via computer (Windows and macOS) and via some apps to download for free directly to your device. A few more minutes and I assure you that, after completing the reading of the guide, you will have all the necessary basics to be able to listen to your favorite music wherever and whenever you want, operating in absolute autonomy from here on out.

Basically, you only need three things: a microUSB cable (you should find it in the box of your smartphone, but you can still use the microUSB cable of any other device), a computer and the software I’m about to tell you about. So, ready to go? Perfect, find all the information you need right below!

Upload music to Samsung from PC

Before proceeding with the upload music to your Samsung smartphone from your PC, you must necessarily connect the phone to the computer. I will explain how to operate in this first phase by talking about the program Smart Switch (the official Samsung software that also contains the drivers to make Windows recognize the Korean giant’s devices), and then show you the steps to take to have the songs on your PC with File Explorer, also clarifying how to speed up the operation through multiple uploading from computer to smartphone. Finally, I’ll show you the steps to take to sync songs using Windows Media Player.

Driver installation

The program Smart Switch, specially made by Samsung, allows you to back up your mobile phone data on your PC, synchronize Outlook and restore a previous backup via your computer. It also contains the drivers necessary to make Windows recognize the phones and tablets of the Korean giant.

To download Smart Switch to your computer, connect to his official website, scroll down until you find the button Download for Windows and click on it. When the download is complete, double-click on the file exe just downloaded and, in the window that opens, click on the button Yup. Then put the check mark next to the item I accept the terms of the license agreement and finish the setup by pressing on first Forward and then on end.

Smart Switch will start automatically, asking you to connect the Samsung to the PC via USB cable. The first time you log in, you might see the message from Error, with which the failure of the procedure is confirmed. No problem: you can always try again, unplugging the USB cable from your mobile phone and inserting it again, observing if the error repeats itself or not. I assure you that on the second attempt, if you have followed the procedure correctly, the program will recognize the phone, asking you if you want to back up your data, restore the data previously backed up or if you are interested, possibly, in Outlook synchronization.

File Explorer

Once you have installed Smart Switch and then the drivers to connect Samsung devices to the PC, you can select your songs saved on the PC and transfer them to your device via File Explorer Windows 10, so you can create your first playlist on your phone with the songs you previously downloaded to your computer. In this regard, I recommend that you read my guides on how to download music to your PC and how to download music from Torrent, which will help you to significantly increase, in quantity, the folder where you keep all your music tracks.

Well, the time has come to transfer the songs to the mobile. Then open theFile Explorer Windows (the yellow folder icon located on the taskbar) and go to the folder where you keep your playlist (eg. Music). Then click with the right mouse button on the songs you want to transfer to the phone and select the item Copy from the menu that opens.

Once that is done, go on Computer / This PC (in the left sidebar) and search for the destination to copy the music to (ex. Galaxy S6 Edge). Then open the folders Phone And Music, right click in an “empty” point of the window and select the item Paste from the menu that opens. Perfect, you just loaded the first music tracks on your Samsung device.

Remember to always check that the song has been downloaded to your phone. To do this, you will simply have to tap on the native app Archive cell phone. The main screen will show you the recent files you have downloaded, including the song. Alternatively, press on the voice Audio, the folder included in the Archive, where all the audio tracks loaded from your computer are stored.

Windows Media Player

If you have a playlist saved in Windows Media Player, you can decide to synchronize the songs in it with your Samsung smartphone. Even if you have never created a playlist before, you can still synchronize the audio files on Windows Media Player with the same procedure that I will now explain.

You open Windows Media Player, then select your playlist, which you find under the heading Playlist. Next to it will open the screen that includes the songs in the playlist, ready to be synchronized on the Samsung phone. Proceed as follows: choose one or more songs you want to synchronize on the mobile device, then click the right mouse button and select the items in quick succession add ae Synchronize list. Once the operation is finished, you will see the window of your mobile phone appear on the right side of the screen and further below theSynchronization list, with the songs just synchronized from PC.

If you have not yet created a playlist in Windows Media Player and you want to find out how to do it, put into practice the instructions you find in my tutorial on how to create a playlist.

Upload music to Samsung from Mac

Do you own a Mac? In this case, you cannot access the memory of your Samsung smartphone from Finder. In order for the phone to be recognized by the computer, you must install a special software: it is Android File Transfer, which also acts as a file manager and therefore allows you to browse the memory of Android smartphones to manage the files in the latter. Here is explained everything in detail.

Android File Transfer

As just mentioned, to make a Samsung device communicate with macOS, you must necessarily download the program Android File Transfer (Android File Transfer, in Italian). Then connect to the official website of the program and click on the button Download Now to download the latter.

When the download is complete, open the file androifiletransfer.dmg, drag the icon Android File Transfer in the folder Applications macOS and start the software by right clicking on it and selecting the item You open from the menu that appears.

At this point, close Android File Transfer, connect the USB cable of the Samsung phone to the Mac and Android File Transfer it should open automatically. You now have everything you need to upload music from one or more folders on your desktop to your Samsung smartphone.

Then select the songs you are interested in and drag them to the folder Music present in the device memory. Time a few seconds and the operation will be completed!


If you have a lot of songs saved on iTunes, you will certainly want to upload them to your Samsung phone but you don’t know how to do it. Don’t worry, I have the solution for you here. To load music from iTunes on your Samsung phone, rely on the program iSyncr, which is available for both Windows and macOS.

On the iSyncr website find the desktop version of the program, which you can use for free to synchronize up to 100 songs and 1 playlist (to remove these limits, you need to purchase the full version for € 5.99): to download it, click on the button Download and then on the button Mac, present under the heading Download iSyncr Mac.

When the download is complete, double-click the file iSyncr Desktop 5.2.0.pkg and the application installation procedure will start automatically. In the window that opens, click the buttons in quick succession Keep it going, Keep it going, Install And Close, remembering to enter the macOS login password when the software installation warning appears on the screen, and that’s it.

Now proceed with the installation on your smartphone of theiSyncr app: iTunes for Android, opening the dedicated page of the Play Store and pressing the button Install. Then start the iSyncr software on the Mac and connect the Samsung phone to the computer via USB cable.

Once connected, tap oniSyncr app and presses on the voice USB Sync. Automatically, the name of the Mac from which to load the iTunes music will appear: by pressing on the desired item, the iTunes folders with all the previously saved songs will appear. Now you just have to select the music to load, by tapping on one or more folders, and touch the button Sync Now to start synchronization.

You can also decide to upload iTunes music to Samsung smartphone from Mac using iSyncr via Wi-Fi, as I explained to you in the guide on how to download music on Android.

App to upload music to Samsung

I remind you that in the mobile field there are numerous app which allow you to upload music to Samsung phone. Among these, the most famous is perhaps Spotify, which boasts numerous downloads from all over the world. To learn more, I share my guide on how Spotify works. As an alternative to the streaming service, there are numerous apps for downloading mp3s. If the topic intrigues you, I recommend reading the article how to download music on Samsung. In the meantime, I wish you good listening and days full of music!