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How to upload music to iPod

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How to upload music to iPod: Have you just purchased an iPod to be able to listen to your favorite music directly and comfortably on the move? You did really well, I can’t tell you more. However, if you are reading this guide right now, it is most likely because you are having some trouble figuring out how to load music onto iPod . If things are actually this way and therefore if you need a valid help to succeed in the business, know that you can count on me.

In fact, in the following lines I will explain what operations you need to perform in order to upload music to iPod. How do you say? Does it seem complicated to you? This is absolutely not the case, you have to believe me! Contrary to appearances, uploading music to iPod is a very simple operation to perform. You only need a Mac or a Windows PC, the cable supplied with your iPod and a few minutes of free time, nothing else.

So if you are actually willing to find out what you need to do to be able to load music on iPod I suggest you get comfortable and concentrate on the indications that I am about to give you, Surely in the end you will be ready to give me reason that it was a real game as kids. Let it bet?

Before explaining what you need to do to load music on iPod, it is good that you know one thing. Regardless of the iPod model you have, the procedure you need to load music is always the same, in all cases.

In order to upload music to iPod, it is essential that iTunes is present on your computer . iTunes is included “standard” on all Macs while it must be downloaded and installed separately on Windows computers. So if you use a computer equipped with Microsoft’s operating system and you have not yet downloaded iTunes,  click here  to connect to Apple’s official website and download the program by clicking on the Download button  . Then open the iTunesSetup.exe installation  package  that has been downloaded to your PC and click sequentially on  NextInstall  and  Yes  for two consecutive times. To conclude presses on End . If you need more details about the procedure to follow for downloading and installing iTunes, I suggest you read my guide on how to download iTunes for free .

Download iTunes for Windows screenshot

Also know that in order to upload music to iPod it is essential that the songs of your interest have been added to the iTunes music library . If you have not already done so and if you do not know where to get your hands you can read my guide on how to add songs on iTunes where you can find extremely detailed information on what to do.

Screenshot of the iTunes Music section

Aware of the fact that the procedure for uploading music to iPod is always the same regardless of the model of the media player in your possession and acknowledging the fact that in order to carry out this operation it is essential to resort to the use of iTunes the first operation you need it is therefore necessary to connect the device to the PC or Mac using the cable supplied. Then wait for iTunes to start and for the device icon to appear at the top of the main software screen.

At this point, click on the icon depicting your iPod and select the Music section  from the left sidebar to access the control panel from which to manage the music on the player.

ITunes screenshot with iPod

Depending on what your needs are and based on the space on your device, you can choose whether to copy the entire music library you have on your computer to iPod or to synchronize only certain albums, playlists or artists selected “manually”. In the first case, just put the check mark next to the items Synchronize music and All music library and then click on the Apply and Synchronize buttons. In the second case, however, you must put a check mark next to the item Playlists, artists, albums and selected genres and use the boxes below to select the playlists, albums, music genres or artists you want to transfer to iPod. To conclude presses the Synchronize button located at the bottom right.

ITunes screenshot with iPod

In both cases, if you want, in addition to uploading music to iPod, you can include any video clips on your computer and you can enable a special option that allows you to fill any empty space left on the device with songs of sufficient capacity. To also synchronize the video clips on your iPod, check the box located next to the Include video clips item that is attached to the iTunes Music section before pressing the Synchronize button while regarding the other functionality, make sure you have ticked the box located next to the item P laylists, artists, albums and genres selected in the Music sectionof the iTunes window and then put a check mark on the box located next to the item Automatically fill the free space with songs , always before clicking the Synchronize button .

ITunes screenshot with iPod

Once you have made your choice, every time you synchronize iTunes with iPod on the Apple player, all the new songs added to the computer’s music library will be automatically copied according to the selected criteria (any song if you have chosen to synchronize the entire library iTunes or just the new songs of the artists / genres you have selected).

Once the procedure for uploading music to iPod has been completed, you will see a special notice appear in the upper center of the iTunes window. Then you can then disconnect your iPod from the computer. To do this, press the Eject button which is located in the left part of the iTunes window next to the name of your iPod and then disconnect the device cable from both the latter and the computer.