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How to update

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How to update: Technology is not really your forte and every day you are faced with new problems related to the use of the computer. On the contrary, your friends are happy to take an interest in technology and modern devices, it is just a pity that they are not willing to help you and provide you with advice regarding your computer difficulties. In this regard, you are aware that you should update your operating system but, not knowing how to do it and not having anyone willing to help you, you are a bit worried.

Don’t worry, I’m here and I can help you: luckily you came across this tutorial of mine so you are about to solve all your problems with technology. Updating for a device’s operating system can often be a cause for concern but the procedures are frequently performed and are not particularly difficult.

How do you say? You wonder if I can help you out because you really want to know how to upgrade? Of course, I do it willingly, I can explain step by step how to do it. How about taking a few minutes of free time? If you promise to pay me your full attention I can explain how to do the procedure in a flash. How do you say? Are you already all ears and can’t wait to get started? All right then let’s get to work right away. Have a good reading.

How to update Android

The procedures to be carried out in relation to updating the operating system for your Android mobile device are very simple to carry out as it will be enough to go to the appropriate settings section to check for system updates.

So if you have an Android smartphone and want to know how to check for an update to your operating system, you have to tap on the app of the Settings which presents the symbol of a gear then locate and tap on the wording About the phone and then locate and tap on the item System updates which will allow you to check if there are any updates to download for the operating system you are using.

By tapping on this wording, your device should automatically scan the server for new versions for the operating system but, if the scan does not take place automatically, press the button Check for updates.

In the event that there are any updates to be made, the availability of the same will be displayed on the screen so that you can download them to update the operating system of your mobile phone. In the event that the wording appears instead Updated system it will mean that your device is already updated to the latest version and that, for the moment, there are no updates to download and install. In this specific case, you will therefore not have to perform any operation.

Aside from updating the operating system, what would you be interested in knowing also concerns how to update the applications and games you have installed in the memory of your Android mobile device? Very well, in this case you can easily proceed by following the instructions that I will give you.

To update games and applications on your smartphone you must use the Play Store or the virtual store of your Android device through which you download, install and update games and applications on Google terminals.

To carry out the update procedure you must first start the Play Store which has the icon of a colored triangle and is present as an application on the main screen of your device.

Once you have tapped the Play Store and you have started it you will have to tap the button with the menu symbol which presents the classic hamburger icon, namely the three horizontal lines. You will then be able to see a side section on the screen and then you will have to tap on the item My apps and games in such a way as to display the section relating to updates for the installed apps on the screen.

At this point you can choose whether to press the button Refresh to individually update the apps that need to be updated or, in case you need to perform multiple updates for the apps you have installed, you can directly press the button Update All to queue all app updates.

In the event that all the applications have already been updated previously and there is no need to update them, the wording will appear on the screen No updates available.

For further questions related to the Android update and to learn more about the subject, I recommend reading the my guide exclusively dedicated to the operating system developed by Google.

How to update iOS

On iOS mobile devices, updating your operating system and even downloaded and installed applications is very simple.

In the first case you will have to tap on the app of Settings namely the one that presents the gear symbol then you have to identify the wording General and by tapping on it, then also tap on the voice Software update.

At this point your iOS mobile device will scan the server to search for updates. In the event that a new version of the operating system needs to be downloaded, the wording will appear on the screen Download and install. Otherwise you will see the wording on the screen Your operating system is up to date.

As for the update of the apps downloaded on iOS mobile devices, you will have to use the iOS App Store to download the update of the apps you have installed. To do this you have to tap on the iOS App Store icon which shows a blue color and is characterized by symbol of a stylized A. Once you have started the iOS App Store you will have to tap on the item Updates which you can view below.

Through the section relating to app updates, if there are any updates to be made, the wording will be shown Refresh.

Are you having trouble updating your mobile device? Don’t worry, I’m sure in my tutorial on how to update iOS you can find a solution to your problem.

How to update Windows

Would you like to update your Windows operating system to make sure you always get the latest features but you don’t know how? Don’t worry it’s not a problem I can tell you how to check for updates on your computer with the operating system developed by Microsoft.

The procedure to be carried out is very simple as it only requires you to act through the Windows settings to display the screen relating to the availability of updates and their installation.

To update your computer with the Windows operating system, you must first start the app Settings which you can locate by typing the term Settings in the Cortana search bar which is located at the bottom.

Then type in the term Settings and then click on the corresponding search result to launch the Windows app. At this point click on the item Update and security which is the one that presents the two circular arrows symbol.

So make sure you are in the section Windows Update and then at this point you will have to click on the wording Check for updates to scan servers for updates for your computer.

If there are any updates to install, they will be downloaded automatically and, once the download is complete, you may be prompted to restart your computer to install them. If, on the other hand, you have already downloaded all the updates available for your computer and there are no others, you will be able to view the wording on the screen Your device is up to date.

Have you downloaded games and applications through your computer’s Microsoft Store and now would like to know how to update them in order to receive the latest features for them? No problem, I’ll help you right away.

Using Cortana’s search bar, type Microsoft Store and click on the corresponding result to start the Microsoft virtual store.

Now you will have to tap on the button with the symbol of the three dots located at the top and then press on the item Downloads and updates from the drop-down menu that will appear to you. At this point, once you are in the section Downloads and updates you will need to click the button Retrieve updates which is located in the upper right corner. If there are any updates to download, they will be shown on the screen and you will be given the opportunity to download them.

If, on the other hand, the scan displays the wording on the screen All trusted Microsoft Store games and apps have the latest updates then it means that there are no updates to download for the apps you have installed on your device and therefore you will not have to carry out any type of procedure.

In case you encounter any problems related to updating Windows, I recommend that you read the my tutorial dedicated to the topic, in which I explained to you in more detail how to act and what to do in case of further difficulties.

How to update macOS

Generally speaking, in the event of major updates for your macOS operating system, your Apple computer is able to notify you of its presence via an on-screen notification. However, in the event that you have not activated the automatic update feature, you can act to manually check for updates.

To carry out the operation relating to updating the operating system and to check for updates relating to the applications you have installed, you must act in both cases via the App Store. Then click on your device’s virtual store icon (it’s that light blue icon with the symbol of the stylized A) which is present in the LaunchPad.

Now, once the App Store has launched, click on the section Updates which you can see located at the top right. At this point you will only have to wait for your computer to scan for any updates that may be available. If there are any, you can choose whether to carry out the updates individually by pressing the button Refresh or whether to press the button Update everything to automatically queue the download of updates which will all be downloaded, one after the other.

In this section you can then check for updates for applications but also for your operating system: if this needs an update, it will be indicated by the wording Software update.

Also note that in the case of software updates, you may be prompted to restart your computer after the download is complete. In case of problems, do not hesitate to consult the my dedicated guide to the advanced update procedures for your Mac computer.