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How to update Windows 10 for free

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How to update Windows 10 for free: You can no longer update Windows 10 through Windows Update, you do not know how to deal with it but would you like to avoid spending money to contact a technician? Would you like to switch from your current OS to Windows 10 without losing your data and without having to put your wallet? Do not worry. Either way, I can help you out. You ask me how? Well, read my guide on how to update windows 10 for free and you will find out.

In the following lines we will first see how to solve the most common problems of Windows Update on Windows 10, so as to be able to download all the various and possible updates available for the operating system, and then we will deal with how to update a previous home OS Microsoft at the most recent edition of the same, all totally free of charge.

So try to identify which of the two solutions in question best meets your needs and put into practice the relative indications to update Windows 10 for free. In both cases, I am sure that in the end you will be able to say that you are happy and satisfied with what you have learned and that, even if necessary, you will be ready to provide any explanations to your friends who want to receive a similar tip. How about we bet?

Update Windows 10 for free via Windows Update

Are you interested in how to update Windows 10 for free in the sense that you would like to find out if there is a way to adjust the settings related to Windows Update updates? Then continue reading the instructions below and you will see that in a few moments you will have perfectly clear ideas about it.

Adjust the update settings

Windows 10 screenshot

If your PC is equipped with Windows 10 and you want to adjust the settings related to Windows updates, the first step you need to take is to click on the search field located on the taskbar, type windows update settings and press on the button Submit present on the keyboard.

In the window that is now shown to you on the desktop, click on the item Advanced options then select the menu under the heading Choose how to install the updates and select one of the two available options.

  • Automatic (recommended choice) – With this option, updates are downloaded automatically and the system restarts automatically when the PC is not in use.
  • Notification for restart schedule – By selecting this option, updates for Windows are downloaded automatically, but in order for the installation to take place, you must plan to restart them.

After selecting the desired option, the changes made will be applied instantly. You can also enable automatic download of updates for other Microsoft products (such as Office) by placing a check mark next to the item Download updates for other Microsoft products during the Windows update.

If you need more information about downloading and installing Windows updates, you can consult mine guide dedicated to the topic.

In case of problems

Windows updates

Are you having difficulties updating Windows 10 for free with Windows Update and would you like to understand how to solve it? If so, you can turn to the troubleshooting tool attached to Control panel. To do this, click on the button Start on the taskbar, type troubleshooting in the search field displayed and then click on the first result in the list.

In the window that opens, click on the item Troubleshoot problems with Windows Update present at the System and security then click on the button Forward and wait for the control procedure to be started and completed. If necessary, click on Try troubleshooting as an administrator.

At the end of the analysis procedure in the open window on the desktop, under the heading Problems found, you will be shown all the various and any problems identified on Windows on the basis of which it was not possible to use Windows Update correctly. If the identified problems have been solved automatically, the writing will appear next to each of them Resolved and a green tick. Then presses on the voice Close troubleshooter.

Subsequently, in the window that opened on the desktop, at the entry Problems found, you will be shown all the problems identified on Windows 10 where it was not possible to properly use Windows Update. At this point, all the problems identified should have been resolved and the procedure by which to restore the correct functioning of Windows Update should have been successful. To verify that things actually went in the right direction, make sure that in correspondence to each of the problems found in the list there is the item Resolved followed by a green tick. Then click on the button Close located at the bottom right to close the window.

Switch to Windows 10 for free

Are you interested in how to update Windows 10 for free in the sense that you want to get and install the latest version of the Microsoft home operating system on your computer without losing data, applications and anything else? Well, then follow the directions below to find out right away. But I warn you, it is a possible operation but, in the current state of things, only and exclusively in a specific circumstance. Read on to find out more!

Useful info

How to update Windows 10 for free

Until July 29, 2016 all users in possession of one genuine copy of Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.x could upgrade the operating system at no cost. After that date, however, things have changed and Microsoft has established that now only those who, in addition to having an original copy of the aforementioned operating systems, use assistive technologies.

So if you answer these features you can connected to dedicated web page on the Microsoft website, click the button Update now and wait a few moments until the appropriate tool is downloaded to the computer to perform the update at no cost.

Anyone else can still upgrade, as also indicated in my article on how to switch to windows 10, but obviously paying. Normally, the price of Windows 10 Home and of 135.00 euros while that of Windows 10 Pro and of 279.00 euros. The purchase of the operating system can be made directly from the official Microsoft store, from online stores like Amazon and at physical electronics stores.

Minimum requirements

How to update Windows 10 for free

If you want to update Windows 10 for free, you must also make sure you have a computer with all the necessary technical requirements. Which ones are they? Those you find below as well as on the appropriate one information web page present on the Microsoft website.

  • At least 2 GB of RAM;
  • 20 GB of free disk space;
  • A processor of at least 1 GHz equipped with PAE, NX and SSE2 support;
  • A graphics card with support for Microsoft DirectX 9 and WDDM drivers.

To install Windows 10 for free, you also need the Microsoft assistant, a simple “program” that can be downloaded directly from the company’s website and must be run on the computer on which you intend to act. To download it, connected to the web page dedicated to assistive technologies that I have pointed out a few lines above and download the assistant for the update simply by clicking on the button Update now.

Once the download is complete, start the assistance by double-clicking on the file Windows10Upgrade24074.exe, click on Yes and, in the window that at this point is shown to you on the desktop, click on the button accept/Refresh to start the upgrade procedure.

Note: Even if with the update you will not lose the data on your computer, I suggest you make a backup of the same so that you can always access it, regardless of the onset of any problems. To find out how, you can consult my tutorial on how to make backups.


How to install Windows 10 from USB

Now wait for the update preparation procedure to be started and completed (in the meantime you can continue working without problems with your computer by clicking on the button Minimize in the software window to perform the update) then presses the button to start the installation of Windows 10.

Now wait for the procedure to switch to Windows 10 to start after which choose the language and keyboard layout and continue with the installation procedure. Then indicate the edition of Windows 10 to be installed on the PC, accept the conditions of use of the software and choose to update the copy of Windows already present on the computer by clicking on the button Update: install Windows or keep files, settings and applications.

At this point, the computer will restart and the initial operating system configuration procedure will start, during which you can adjust various operating system settings. If you prefer to speed everything up, you can also click Use quick settings to use the default settings.

Then specify whether the computer belongs to you and is therefore intended for personal use or if it belongs to the company for which you work or to your educational institution, click on Forward and, if you prefer to take advantage of the cloud features of the operating system, enter your Microsoft email address (Live, Hotmail or Outlook). Keep in mind that once this is done, the username and password for the account on the PC will be the same as the access data of the email address.

If, on the other hand, you do not want to synchronize data and apps between multiple PCs via Microsoft cloud services, you can create a standard local user account by clicking on Skip this step, filling in with the required data the fields that are subsequently shown to you on the screen and then clicking on Forward.

To finish, wait for the Windows 10 desktop to be visible (it should take a few moments) and indicate if you want to allow or n your PC to be discoverable by other computers and devices connected to the same network. At this point you can finally feel satisfied: you managed to complete the whole procedure by which to update Windows 10 for free. Good fun!

Finally, I would like to point out that in case you have to have second thoughts, by going to the menu PC settings Windows 10, by clicking on the icon Update and security and selecting the item Restoration from the left sidebar you can in fact go back to Windows 7 or to Windows 8 by clicking on a simple button. All your data will be preserved. I explained this practice to you in more detail in my tutorial on how to uninstall Windows 10. If you are interested in it, take a look.