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How to update the Postecert email client

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How to update the Postecert email client: You recently purchased a Certified Electronic Mailbox (PEC) from Postecert of Poste Italiane and would like to add the relevant account to the client you normally use to consult e-mails. Or maybe for some time you have been experiencing difficulties in sending and receiving e-mail messages with this service: in all cases, you will need to understand how to update the Postecert e-mail client in order to be able to safely use the service in question.

I have great news for you: you’ve landed on the right tutorial! This guide, in fact, has been specifically designed to illustrate the various steps necessary to configure the Postecert PEC account on the main e-mail management software for PCs, smartphones and tablets, including instructions to update them to the latest version available. if needed.

You will see that it will not be a difficult task at all: if you want to dedicate a few minutes of your precious time to reading the next paragraphs, I am sure that you will identify the solution that best suits your needs and you will learn in no time how to enter the correct, necessary parameters. to be able to use the service on a channel other than Webmail, or how to update your favorite client. Happy reading and good luck for everything!


Preliminary information

Postecert , as you probably already know, is the Certified Electronic Mail service provided by Poste Italiane, one of the officially recognized PEC providers in Italy. This is an extremely useful and convenient service, as the e-mails sent and received on a PEC account have the same legal value as the registered letter with return receipt .

Its operation is completely similar to that of traditional electronic mail: the perception of use by the user, in fact, does not change at all, except for the fact that each message sent will correspond to the generation by the security systems of the provider of two notifications : one relating to the acceptance of the email by the manager and one for the delivery of the message to the recipient .

Registering with Postecert is also very simple to perform. The service allows you to take advantage of an e-mail box with a domain and a basic storage space of 100 MB (which can be extended up to 1 GB), guaranteeing security in sending electronic documents and attributing to them, as mentioned above, also legal value. Prices vary according to the duration of the subscription, with packages of € 5 + VAT for one year , € 9 + VAT for two years and € 10.50 + VAT for three years .

You should also know that the security levels implemented by Postecert follow very high standards: in particular, since August 2019 the communication protocols TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 have been discontinued, in line with the requirements of the Agency for Digital Italy for all. PEC managers, in order to increase security through the use of the TLS 1.2 protocol .

For you to know, TLS (Transport Layer Security) are advanced encryption protocols which, through special algorithms and the implementation of key exchange, authentication and data encryption methods, make telematic communications more secure.

If you are experiencing problems in using the PEC service in question, it is possible that the introduction of these additional security levels is at the origin, which is why it is essential to update the e-mail client . You may also need to check the IMAP parameters entered in your client. Furthermore, in many cases, any difficulties can also be overcome by performing a new account configuration, during which these settings are loaded automatically .

As regards in particular the parameters of incoming mail, I strongly suggest you use the IMAP protocol which, unlike the now outdated POP , keeps the messages downloaded from the client on remote servers, allowing the synchronization of all communications on multiple devices. . Below you will find the recommended settings for Postecert’s IMAP (incoming mail) and SMTP servers, to be used in your favorite client.


  • Server
  • IMAP protocol :
  • SSL / TSL security
  • Port 993


  • Server
  • SMTP protocol
  • SSL / TSL security
  • Port 465

If, however, you need to set up the POP protocol for incoming mail (which deletes messages from the server once downloaded from the client, so it is designed for use on only one device at a time), on the Postecert website you can find its parameters.

How to update the Postecert client on PC and Mac

pc windows e mac

Do you usually connect to your e-mail boxes, including PEC, from your computer? So let ‘s see how to update the Postecert client on PC and Mac . In the next paragraphs I will show you how to configure and update the main email management software on these platforms.

Windows 10 Mail

windows 10 mail client new account

Did your client choice fall on Mail , the default Windows 10 application ? Well, if you need to add a new account, once the application is started (to do so, type Mail in the search bar and click on the first result shown) and press the gear icon in the left panel, at the bottom. A further menu will open on the right side of the screen: click on the first item Manage account and then on the Add Account option .

In the box that is proposed to you, click on the item Other Account (POP, IMAP) and enter the e-mail address , name and password of your Postecert account. Then click on the Login button : the recognition of the settings takes place automatically for the domain in question.

To correct or change the settings saved on an existing account, always press on Manage account and then click on the one with the Postecert domain. In the central pane that will open, click on the Change mailbox synchronization settings option .

In the next screen, at the bottom, you will find the Advanced mailbox settings button : click on it and the window will be expanded with the fields relating to the incoming and outgoing mail servers . The information presented here must be separated by a colon ( 🙂 , therefore, for example, for the IMAP protocol on the incoming mail it will be necessary to report the words (domain: port). Therefore, I recommend that you check the subsequent synchronization options.

Finally, I inform you that the Mail client is integrated on Windows 10 , so any software updates are performed with periodic updates of the operating system itself.

Outlook (Windows/macOS)

Outlook account added screen

Outlook , the famous program of Microsoft’s Office suite, is certainly one of the most used clients for managing e-mail on Windows and macOS. Its configuration is extremely simple to perform: just follow a few steps and the domain will be automatically recognized with the new security levels.

If you need to add a new account, start the program as before, click on the File button (top left), then, in the next window, click on Add account that you find above the heading Account settings .

In the new screen displayed, type the address of your PEC account with domain in the E-mail address field and press the Connect button . Now, choose the IMAP protocol (to continue managing mail leaving messages on the remote folders of the Poste server) by clicking on the aforementioned option.

At the next step, type the password defined during the account registration and press the Connect button . In a few seconds, the software will fill in the default settings for both incoming and outgoing mail: all you have to do is click on the Done button in the last screen and the client will be ready to manage your Postecert mailbox. .

Did something go wrong with automatic recognition? Don’t worry: in the first step, the one in which you entered the e-mail address, click on the button allow manual configuration of the account , then click on the Connect button . In the following steps you will be able to fill in the Server and Port fields under the Inbox and Outbox sections with the correct data and select the SSL / TSL option in the Encryption Method menu . When finished, click the Next button to complete the setup.

If, on the other hand, you want to verify the correctness of the settings you can proceed as follows: click on the File menu , then click on the Account Settings box and, from the new menu that is contextually opened, press on the Account Settings item . In the window that is proposed to you you can find the list of accounts present: double-click on the Postecert account , to access the relevant information sheet with the parameters entered, such as mail servers and security protocols, which you can also possibly modify. Press the Next button as soon as the editing of the settings is finished.

configuration placed on windows

On Windows you can also follow this procedure: type control panel in the search bar of the taskbar and click on the first result provided, in order to access the classic Windows control panel. Next, click on the User Accounts icon, then click on the Mail option on the next screen.

In the next box, click on Email Accounts and a screen will open with the list of active accounts. Then double-click on the Postecert one and a special configuration window will open with the login information and the set servers. Once you have made the necessary changes, click on the Next button to validate them.

As for the software update of the client in question, you can proceed as follows: click on the File menu , at the top left, and in the next screen locate the item Office Account in the left menu . By clicking on it, all information relating to the software will appear in the central box.

In particular, there is the appropriate Office Update item : click on the box next to it, the one with the wording Update Options , and click on the drop-down menu on the Update Now item . For the complete installation of the program, I suggest you to read my dedicated guide.

Thunderbird (Windows/macOS/Linux)

thunderbird new account

Thunderbird is a free and open source email management application that is easy to configure and customize and compatible with all major computer operating systems. If you have chosen this as your default client, you will first have to start it and press the button with the three lines horizontally located at the top right, then choosing the items New> Existing email account from the menu that appears.

Then fill in the fields Name , E-mail address and Password with the relative required data and click on the Continue button . As you will see the servers are recognized automatically, as in the case of Outlook. You will only have to choose whether to use IMAP (recommended) or POP3 and click on the Done button .

In the remote hypothesis that the recognition has not occurred automatically, go back to the previous step (the one relating to the insertion of the Name , Email address and Password fields ), where at the bottom left there is also the option Configure manually : click on this last and, in the panel that will appear below, enter the additional parameters specified at the end of the preliminary information chapter , then click on the Done button .

outlook account settings

If, on the other hand, you want to change the settings of an already configured Postecert account, as you have realized that there is probably an error in the parameters, after starting the application, click with the right mouse button on the account name in the left menu and select Settings from the context menu . In the next window, click on the item Server settings and a special screen will be loaded in which to enter the mail server parameters.

If your need is to update the Thunderbird software to the latest version , I suggest you follow these steps: from the main screen click on the ☰ button and then click on the Help item . On the next screen, click on the About Thunderbird option and the program will automatically start searching and downloading any updates (you can check the status of the updates right under the Thunderbird entry in the aforementioned box). If, on the other hand, you want to install the program from scratch , here you will find the complete procedure.

Mail (macOS)

Mail client

If you have a Mac , you have most likely chosen to use the default Mail client . Once you have started it, to configure a new Postecert account, click on the Mail menu , at the top left, then click on Add account .

In the new window that opens, select the Other Mail account option and press the Continue button : a box will open for entering your name , e-mail address and password . Once you have entered the above information, press the Login button and you will be redirected to a new screen for defining the parameters listed in the preliminary information chapter .

Then choose the type of account , selecting from the drop-down menu IMAP and enter the information as incoming mail server and outgoing mail server , then click on the Login button . In the last screen you will simply have to select the applications you want to use for the newly added account and press the Finish button .

If, on the other hand, your need is to change any incorrect settings on an already configured account, go to the Mail> Preferences menu and, in the box that opens, press the Account icon at the top . Then select your Postecert account in the list on the left, locate the Server settings tab and press on it to access the fields containing the configuration parameters, where you can correct any discrepancies with those indicated in the preliminary information chapter .

The Mail client is an integral part of the operating system itself: it follows that any software updates are performed at the same time as those provided for macOS . In this tutorial you can find all the procedures useful for updating the Apple operating system.

How to update the Postecert client on Android

android account mail screen

If you are used to managing the PEC on your mobile device, I will show you below how to update the Postecert client on Android . In case you want to set up an account from scratch, first press the Settings icon on your device and press the Account option , then press the Add account item . You will be shown a screen with different options: tap on Personal (IMAP) , then in the next step enter the e-mail address and press the Next button .

On the next screen, type your e-mail address and tap the Next button , then enter the password and press the Next button again . In the new Inbox settings screen , enter the server and tap the Next button . Then repeat the operation in the following screen, relating to the Outbox settings , and wait for the information to be processed.

In the last phase, some additional options relating to the mail synchronization frequency will be shown : choose according to your needs, then press the Next button and, in the last summary screen, press the Next button again .

To check the settings of a pre-existing account, after pressing on Settings> Account , as seen above, tap on the account name you want to update and, at the bottom, you will find the Server Settings section . By pressing on Inbox settings or Outbox settings you can check and edit the related information previously entered.

This information is valid for the default mail client present in many Android devices (which automatically updates with updates for Android). If you use a third-party client, you have to act from the settings menu of the latter and, unfortunately, I cannot give you precise information as each app has a menu of its own. To update individual apps, you can follow the classic procedure for updating Android apps.

How to update Postecert client on iPhone

new iphone account

If you want to know how to update the Postecert client on iPhone or iPad , in the next paragraphs you will find all the necessary instructions to perform this simple operation. If your need is to set up the account from scratch, tap the Settings icon on your device and swipe your finger until you find the Mail item .

Then press on the item in question and, in the new screen, go to Account> Add account : you will be sent back to a new screen where you need to press on the last option, called Other , to enter the Postecert account data .

Now presses on the first item Add Mail Account and you will be redirected to a form where you need to enter your username , e-mail address and password . Tap Next (top right) and fill in the blank fields under the Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server sections : on the host name , in particular, type and press the Next button . Wait for verification with the remote server and, when finished, tap Save on the final screen.

By following the same path just described, or Settings> Mail> Accounts , you can check the information previously entered. For example, if you need to change the password or other incorrect parameters, select from the list that you will see the account in question with a tap, then press on the Account item and you will be shown a fillable screen with all the parameters previously set, which you can then change on the basis of those indicated by the manager .

These guidelines apply to Mail, the default iOS client (which updates with iOS). If you use a third-party client you must act from the settings of the same (and possibly update it following the classic procedure to update the apps on the iPhone).