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How to update Huawei

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How to update Huawei: You have just purchased a Huawei smartphone, would you like to check for updates for the operating system but you don’t know how to do it? Your smartphone has notified you that a software update is available but you are still undecided whether to install it or not? Are you afraid that your photos, contacts or other important data will be deleted? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place at the right time!

With today’s guide, I will explain to you in fact how to update huawei without compromising any data and without taking unnecessary risks. This way you can enjoy all the benefits of the latest version of Android (or rather, the latest version of Android that Huawei has released for your device) without worries and having a security backup of your data ready. for any problem.

So, what are you doing still standing there? Take five minutes of free time, take a look at the instructions I am about to give you and try to put them into practice to update the software of your smartphone. At the end of the procedure, you will see, your phone will be more complete and safer than ever! Happy reading and have fun!

Preliminary operations

The process of updating a Huawei smartphone (as well as that of any other Android device) does not involve the deletion of any files. However you know, in situations like this it is always better to be cautious and take action make a backup of your data. The backup can be done both online and offline and I, personally, recommend that you take advantage of both solutions at the same time.

For the online backup you can rely on the excellent services offered for free by Google, such as Gmail for contacts and Google Photos for photos and videos, while for offline backup you can use the Huawei suite (HiSuite) or the microSD backup function included in your smartphone. Here are in detail all the steps you need to take before update Huawei.

Online backup

As just mentioned, for online backup you can rely directly on Google and its excellent free services. First, access the settings of your smartphone by pressing the gear icon on the home screen, go up Account> Google and make sure you have the options for online synchronization turned on calendar, contacts, app data and so on. If any option is not active, activate it yourself and wait a few minutes for the synchronization to complete.

For photos, open the app Google Photos, presses the button located at the top left and select the item Settings from the menu that appears. Then go up Backup and synchronization, make sure the option Backup and synchronization is active (otherwise activate it yourself), verify that the function Upload size is set to High quality (so you have unlimited free space for backups) and that’s it. You can follow the progress of the Google Photos backup by going to the tab Assistant of the app.

Finally, if you use Whatsapp or other messaging applications, make sure the backup function is turned on. As for WhatsApp, all you have to do is open the app, press the button (…) located at the top right and select the item Settings from the menu that appears. After that you have to go up Chat> Back up chats and press the button Back up to make a backup both online (on Google Drive) and offline of your conversations. If you want to include the video, put the check mark next to the appropriate option at the bottom. More info on the whole procedure can be found in my tutorial on how to restore WhatsApp backup.

How to update Huawei

In case of problems, you can restore photos, videos, contacts and other data simply by associating your Google account with your smartphone.

Offline backup

The operations of offline backup they can happen in various ways. The more traditional one is to connect the smartphone to the PC (using the supplied USB cable) and activate the mode USB file transfer (MTP). To do this you can answer Yes, allow access to the notice that appears on the phone screen after establishing the connection with the PC, or you can call up the Android notification menu (by swiping your finger from the top of the screen downwards) and press on the item relating to the USB connection.

At this point, open theFile Explorer Windows (the yellow folder located at the bottom left of the taskbar), select Computer / This PC from the left sidebar and double-click on your smartphone name. Then locate the files of your interest and save them on your PC by making a simple copy-and-paste. The photos, for example, are located in the folder DCIM.

How to update Huawei

If you want to create a complete backup of your smartphone and don’t want to save only photos or other files “manually”, you can rely on HiSuite: the official program of Huawei for the management of smartphones and tablets from PCs.

To download HiSuite on your PC, connect to the program’s website and click on the button Download. Once the download is complete, open the zip package that contains the software ( and launch the executable Hi_Suite_xx.exe contained within it.

In the window that opens, put the check mark next to the item l’ve read and agree to HiSuíte’s End User License Agreement and Huawei Privacy Policy, click on the button Install, wait for the installation of the program to be completed (it will take a few seconds) and press on Start to finish the setup.

How to update Huawei

At this point, start HiSuite, wait for the smartphone to be detected by the computer and click on the item Back Up which is located at the bottom left. Then put the check mark next to the items to save: app, messages, contacts and so on (to do it first you can click on the item select all located at the top right and select them all), presses the button Backup Up, choose whether to encrypt the backup with a password by entering the relative protection key and wait for the file copying process to finish.

Subsequently, if necessary, you can restore all your data by opening HiSuite, clicking on the item Restore which is located at the bottom left, selecting the backup of your interest, then the contents to restore and pressing the button Restore present in the window that opens.

How to update Huawei

If the smartphone is not detected by the PC, go to the menu Settings> About phone of Android, presses on the option Build version or Serial number 7 consecutive times and a message will appear warning you that “you are a developer”. At this point, go back to the menu settings of Android, go to Developer options and activate the USB debugging then replying in the affirmative to all the messages that appear on the smartphone and on the PC.

Do you use a Mac? I’m sorry, but HiSuite is not yet available for Apple computers. Also, you can’t access smartphone content using the Finder. To browse the contents of your phone and create a backup, you must use Android File Transfer: a free app for macOS that allows you to access the content of Android devices. I have explained to you in more detail how to use it in my tutorial on how to transfer files from android to mac.

Backup to SD

If you have no way to connect your smartphone to your computer and you have a phone with expandable memory, you can also back up your files to a card microSD. All you have to do is insert a card into the phone, go to the menu Settings> Advanced settings> Backup and reset> Data backup of Android e accept the conditions of use of the backup services offered by Huawei.

At this point, “tap” on the button Backup, put the check mark next to the item SD card, presses the button Forward and proceed following the instructions on the screen. It will take a few seconds, you will see.

How to update Huawei

Update Huawei smartphones via OTA updates

Once your data is secure, you can take action and update Huawei. How? Well, the simplest solution is to rely on the OTA (over the air) updates, i.e. the update system that allows you to download the updates released by Huawei directly from the smartphone without connecting the latter to the computer.

When new updates are available, your smartphone should automatically notify you and invite you to install them with a message displayed in the center of the screen and / or in the notification menu. In this case, just select the message, reply in the affirmative to it and that’s it.

How to update Huawei

If, on the other hand, you want to check the availability of new updates in a “manual” way, go to the menu settings of Android (the gear icon located on the home screen), by pressing on the item Updater (or Update system) and, if necessary, allow the app to access the SD card by pressing the button Allow.

At this point, “tap” the button to start the search for new updates and, if updates are available, proceed to install them by first pressing on their name (eg. New version XX) and then on the button Quick update. If the update file has not yet been downloaded from the internet, you will have to wait a few minutes for the download to complete before you can install it on your smartphone.

How to update Huawei

Once the update has started, the smartphone will restart and will do everything automatically. In a few minutes you will find yourself with the most up-to-date version of the Huawei software directly on your phone.

In some cases, after installing updates for your smartphone, you are also prompted to install updates for i Google Play Services. Then expand the notification menu of your smartphone and, if you notice an item relating to Google Play Services, presses on it to update. It will take a few seconds.

Update Huawei smartphone via PC

If you prefer, you can also update your Huawei smartphone via PC. All you need to do is connect your phone to your computer using the supplied USB cable, launch the program HiSuite on Windows (I told you how to install it before) and click on the button Update located at the bottom right.

How to update Huawei

At this point, click on the button Allow to allow sending the IMEI code of your smartphone to the Huawei servers and wait for the search for new updates to be completed.

If there are new updates available, click on the button Update that appears in the center of the screen and wait patiently for the software to be installed on your phone.