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How to update GTA 5 PS4

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How to update GTA 5 PS4: You are a huge fan of GTA and, in particular, of the fifth chapter of the saga. You often play on it PS4 and you always have a lot of fun. But now you have a small problem: you have heard that recently there was an update to the game that introduced some interesting news but you have not been able to download it. You then carried out an online search, to find a solution, and in the end you came to this guide of mine. That’s the way it is, isn’t it? Well then I would say that you are in the right place at the right time!

In today’s guide, in fact, I will explain you in detail how to update GTA 5 on PS4 analyzing everything step by step: from the method to connect the console to the Internet, to the PSN registration, up to the update of both the “base” game and GTA Online. In short, I can assure you that, once you have finished reading this tutorial, you will have obtained all the information you need to keep the game up to date.

What do you say? Are you ready to play the latest version of GTA 5 for PlayStation 4? I would say yes, since you’ve come this far and are reading this guide with interest. Come on then, you just have to take a few minutes of free time and follow the quick instructions below. I wish you a good reading and a lot of fun!

Preliminary operations

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to update GTA 5 on PS4I want to remind you that, in order to update any game on the Sony console, you have to respect some requirements: it is necessary that the PlayStation 4 is connected to the Internet and that it has an associated PSN account.

First, you need to start with Internet connection: to connect your PS4 to the Network, you need to go to the toolbar (at the top, in the main console screen) and press the button X of the controller on the voice Settings. After that, in case you have a Wi-Fi network, you need to reach the path Network> Configure Internet Connection> Use Wi-Fi> Typicalselect the network name and insert the appropriate one access key. In this way, the PlayStation 4 will perform test to check that everything is correct and that’s it.

As for the connection via Ethernet cable, the option on which you have to press is Use a network (LAN) cable. Again, gods will be performed test to verify that the console is actually connected. For more details, I recommend that you check out my tutorial on how to connect the PS4 to the Internet.

Once that’s done, it’s time to set up a PlayStation Network account. In case you don’t know, the latter is necessary in order to use all the online features of the console, downloading the updates of titles such as GTA 5 included. In any case, don’t worry – you can create your PSN profile for free.

To do this, go to the path Settings> Account Management> Sign in to PlayStation Network and select options New to PlayStation Network? Create an account And Subscribe now. You will be offered a module, which you will need to fill in to create your account. Usually, the fields to complete are Country or region, language, date of birth, City, State / Province And Postal code.

The system will then prompt you to enter theLogin ID (email address), the passwordthe password confirmation, first name And last name. You will also have to choose theavatar and press several times on keys such as Forward And Accept. Finally, you will need to verify yours email addressacross the link contained in a message that will be sent to you by Sony. I can assure you that the procedure is guided and it is not difficult to follow. However, if you want more precise details, I recommend that you take a look at my guide on how to access PlayStation Network.

Sign in PSN PS4

I want to remind you of one thing: how probably the PS4 will have already “let you know”, in case you have less than 18 years, to use the console’s online features, you will need to ask your parents for permission. For more information, I invite you to carefully consult the official PlayStation guidelines.

How to update GTA 5 on PS4


Once you’ve set up your PlayStation 4 correctly, downloading GTA 5 updates is very easy. You must know, in fact, that the console manages the updates, essentially, in automatic mode.

Probably, if you are following this guide, you have the physical copy of GTA 5. Well, in this case, all you have to do is insert the disc into the player of the PlayStation 4 and press the button X controller on game box, located on the main screen. In this way, a check will be carried out related to the actual availability of updates. If any update is detected, the PS4 will download it automatically.

In case you have thedigital edition of GTA 5you don’t have to worry: all games downloaded from the PlayStation Store are already updated (or the download starts as soon as you try to start them).

Grand Theft Auto V

In this regard, if you want to check how the update is being downloaded, just go to the toolbar top (the icons at the top of the PS4 main screen) and press on Notifications. In this way, all the relevant information on console activities will appear on the screen, download included. To manage one of the latter, you simply have to press the button X of the pad above it and choose whether pause it or make it resume.

Perfect, now you have all the necessary information to update the Rockstar Games title on PlayStation. The procedure is not very complex and therefore you shouldn’t have too many problems.

How to update GTA 5 PS4 online

How to update GTA 5 PS4 Online

If you are wondering instead how to update GTA Onlinewhich is the mode included in GTA 5, you must know that it does not change much.

In fact, the updates of the online mode are downloaded together with the others and are accessible from the PS4 system just as I explained to you in previous chapter. In short, you will see single updates, valid for both GTA 5 and GTA Online.

Also, I remind you that some changes, such as the appearance of snow in the Christmas period, they could happen directly server side, so without even having to download any updates. You shouldn’t have any particular problems with the game’s online mode. Just remember that you need an active PS Plus membership to play GTA Online.

How to update GTA 5 for PS4 from other devices

Power on PS4 network

How do you say? Would you like to update GTA 5, installed on your PS4, remotely? No problem: I’ll tell you how to do it right away.

Well, you should know that Sony’s console implements a native feature that allows you to do remote download. The latter is accessible from both smartphone / tablet that gives computerbut requires that you have the digital edition of the Rockstar Games title.

In case you were wondering, yes – this feature is capable of using the rest mode of the PS4 (standby, the one that can be activated by pressing and holding the key PlayStation of the controller and pressing on Enter sleep mode), in order to receive the order to download from other devices.

A fundamental requirement, to take advantage of this feature, is to activate it from the console settings. All you have to do is, therefore, go to the path Settings> Power Saving Settings> Set the functions available in sleep mode and enable the boxes Stay connected to the internet And Enable power on of PS4 from network.

After that, go to the path Settings> System> Automatic Downloads and check the box Application update file. Perfect, you have now configured your console correctly. However, I remind you that to use this feature in rest mode you need to have a PlayStation Plus subscription active, otherwise you will have to keep the PS4 turned on.

PS4 automatic downloads

For the rest, if you want to take advantage of this possibility from PCyou just need to connect to the PlayStation Store official site and press the key Log in which is located at the top right (obviously by completing the login).

Now, search “Gta 5”presses ongame icon and select Download to your PS4 (or Add to Cart, then completing the purchase). After that, just press on Show download queueto see the status of the operation.

It is possible to do a similar thing through the application PlayStation App for smartphones and tablets. To do this, simply open the Play Store (if you have an Android device) or theApp Store (if you have an iPhone or iPad), search “Playstation app” and press onapp icon (the PlayStation logo on a blue background). Next, tap on Install / Get and, if you use iOS / iPadOS, verify yours identity via Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password.

Once the application is open, press successively on Go on And Confirm and continuethen carrying out the login to your PlayStation Network account. Now, hit the blue button PlayStationpresent at the bottom center, and tap on PS Store.

Great, now you just have to search “Gta 5” and first press ongame icon and then on the button Download to your PS4. In this way, the download will start and you just need to press on the option In the download queue to manage it.

If you need more guidance, you might find it by taking a look at my guide on how to update games on PS4. I also recommend that you consult the page on my site dedicated to PlayStation 4, where you can find countless guides that may interest you.