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How to update Facebook for Android

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How to update Facebook for Android: All your friends have told you about how Facebook has always introduced new features, including an integrated tool that allows you to make status updates with colored backgrounds and writings. Other people have told you how they managed to post GIFs (short animated images) via Facebook comments. These Facebook news are of great interest to you but unfortunately you are unable to use them as they are not present in your Facebook application for Android.

Can’t understand why? Don’t worry, I can help you. One of the most frequent reasons for the absence of new features in a smartphone application is the failure to perform an update. Applications for Android are constantly updated to deal with bugs (computer errors in the operation of the system) or for the introduction of new features. As a result, if you still don’t find the new Facebook features, it may be because you haven’t updated the application on your Android smartphone.

How do you say? You are not very knowledgeable about it and you don’t know how to update facebook for android? Don’t worry, I can help you. If you want to know how to update Facebook on your device, all you have to do is sit comfortably. Take a few minutes of free time to calmly read this guide of mine. I will explain to you in a very simple and intuitive way how you can do it: follow the steps I have indicated and you will not be wrong. Ready to get started? As usual, I wish you a good read.

How to update Facebook for Android

You have a smartphone or tablet with an Android operating system and would like to find out how to update Facebook for Android to the latest version available, in order to receive the updates and features that everyone is talking about. Very good; to do this, open the Google Play Store (the icon has the shape of a shopping bag with the ▶ symbol ︎ in the center) and now press on button which is located at the top left. At this point select the item My apps and games from the menu that will appear on the side.

Now try to locate the Facebook application, it should be in the list of those that require an update. If the Facebook application is present in this section and the button appears Refresh, it means it is ready to be updated and you can manually update it.

To do this, press on its icon and then on the button Refresh you find on a green background. At this point the download of the application will start and you will only have to wait for the update to be downloaded and executed. The application will then be updating and once this has finished and the button will appear You open, you will have access to the latest functions that have been introduced to you.

This update procedure can be simplified if you wish. If you are reading this guide from your Android smartphone, I recommend that you tap on the link you will find below. I suggest you this possibility because so you will be able to update Facebook for Android in a more immediate way, by updating the application through the link that I will share with you and that refers to the Play Store. Once you have tapped it and you will see the Play Store screen for the Facebook application, you can press the button Refresh and update the app.

  • Facebook – update the app by tapping on this link which refers to the Android PlayStore

Again, once the application is updated, you should be able to have the new features, if these are present in the update release notes.

In fact, these procedures that we have seen together, can be performed automatically on Android devices. You need to know that your smartphone can automatically download and install Android applications as soon as newer versions are available. To take advantage of this feature, and let your Android smartphone update Facebook automatically, you will need to act at the settings level.

Not sure how to proceed? Don’t worry, just follow my instructions, I’m going to tell you how to activate the automatic update feature of Android applications. First open the Google Play Store, and then press on button which is located at the top left. Now you will need to select the item Settings from the menu that appears on the side. Next, locate and tap the entry Automatic app update.

You should now locate the item Automatic app update via Wi-Fi only. If this item is not active, check it to activate it. In this way you will have activated the automatic update which will only take place as soon as you connect your smartphone or tablet to a Wi-Fi network. You will also prevent updates from coming when you are using packet data; so you will not consume Internet traffic for application updates on your Android device.

Alternative method to update Facebook

If you have an Android smartphone but there is no Google Play Store, you can still perform the update procedure for the Facebook application. All you need to do is follow an alternative procedure that will require updating the apk package for Facebook and consequently, the installation of the latest version of the app.

The alternative method that allows you to update Facebook will require you to use your smartphone and download the Apk package in the memory of your device. To do this, open the browser you use to surf the Internet on your smartphone or tablet (for example Chrome or Firefox) and visit the following website:

In the screen that opens, corresponding to the item All Versions, find the latest version of Facebook based on the update date (pay attention to do not download the alpha or beta version of the app) and press the icon of arrow down which is next to the latest version of the Facebook app.

At this point, you will need to proceed to download the Facebook apk package. To do this, scroll down the page that opens until you find the box with the item Download. Now all you have to do is click on the link based on the version of the operating system on your Android device. Once identified, tap on it and proceed to download the application by pressing the button Download Apk which you will find on the next screen.

Keep in mind that, when you are asked which app you want to download the Facebook apk package, you will need to indicate the browser you are using to navigate (for example Chrome) and answer then OK the notice that will appear on your smartphone to confirm the download of the apk package.

If you have performed all the steps I have indicated correctly, you will now have to open the apk package you downloaded through the application Download of Android. Alternatively you can use a file manager that you can download for free through PlayStore (one of the most famous and downloaded is ES File Manager). Then select the Facebook apk package you downloaded on your device and confirm the installation of the same by pressing the button Install.

In case you get an error message, it probably means that you will need to authorize installation for third-party apps, i.e. those downloaded from devices other than the Google Play Store. To do this, follow these steps: go straight to the menu Settings> Security of Android and authorizes the installation of apps from unknown origins putting the check mark next to the homonymous item.

Other Facebook apps for Android to download and update:

In addition to Facebook, the main application of the social network that you have just updated, there are also official applications connected directly and indirectly to Facebook that you can download and update on your Android smartphone. Below I show you the most noteworthy ones that you can download for free on your Android device.

  • Facebook Messenger – It is the official Facebook application that allows you to stay in touch with all your Facebook friends. It can be used to exchange messages, files and chat in real time with your friends on the social network. It is available for free for Android, iOS And Windows Phone.
  • Facebook Business Suite – It is the official app for mobile devices that allows you to create and manage official pages on Facebook and Instagram. It is available for Android but also for iPhone / iPad.
  • Facebook Groups – This is a Facebook application dedicated to the groups present within the social network that allows you to manage, but also to communicate, with the members of Facebook groups, in an easy and fast way. It is available for Android And iOS.
  • Facebook Lite – The social network is also available in a lighter version which consumes less internet traffic and also uses less memory space. The application is only available on Android and is designed to work even with 2G mobile networks or other slow and unstable Internet connections.
  • Whatsapp – Acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp is the application to send messages for free over the Internet. To learn more, I suggest you read my tutorial on how to download WhatsApp.
  • Instagram – Photo social network that became the property of Facebook, following an acquisition. For more information, I suggest you read my guide on how to use Instagram.