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How to update AirPods

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How to update AirPods: You just bought a couple of AirPods, Apple’s hugely popular true wireless earbuds, and you were extremely impressed with their ease of use. By now you can no longer do without them and you are inquiring about all their features, even the most hidden ones. In this regard, browsing the Internet, you discovered that the AirPods have a firmware and that this, from time to time, must be updated to improve the performance of the earphones and solve any problems related to their operation: so you opened Google and searched how to update airpodsending straight on this tutorial of mine.

That’s exactly how it is, isn’t it? Then know that you have come to the right place, at the right time! With today’s guide, in fact, I will explain to you in detail how to check the firmware version currently installed on your AirPods and how to update it to the latest available: this is an extremely simple procedure, which in reality is almost always performed in automatic without the user noticing it, but it is always good to know how it happens, in order to intervene in case of need.

That said, let’s not waste any more time chatting and get to the action right away! Come on, set aside five minutes of free time, carefully read the instructions below and try to put them into practice. I assure you that, in no time at all, you will be able to check the firmware of your AirPods and, if necessary, update it, in order to take advantage of all the functions and improvements introduced by Apple. Happy reading and good luck for everything!

How to update Apple AirPods

As mentioned above, there is no need to even explain how to update airpods, as, usually, the procedure is performed automatically, without the user having to intervene. In any case, it is better to be informed also on this aspect and to put, if necessary, “a patch” to any malfunctions of Apple’s earphones. So here’s how to proceed.

How to check the firmware of the AirPods

Before explaining how to update the firmware of the AirPods, it seems only right to show you the procedure to find out which firmware version is currently installed on your earphones.

Take, therefore, the AirPods and wear them. Alternatively, open the charging case of the earphones, placing the latter close to theiPhone or toiPad with which you made the first association. At this point, access the settings iOS (the gear icon on the home screen), go to General> Info and select the item related to AirPods.

This will open a screen with all the information about your AirPods, including the firmware versionwhich is the firmware version currently installed on the earbuds.

To find out if the one installed on your AirPods is the latest firmware version released by Apple, do a Google search using terms such as “latest AirPods firmware” or “AirPods latest firmware”in English.

At the time of this writing, the most recent version of the first generation AirPods firmware is the 6.3.2while that of the second generation AirPods is the 1A673 (the firmware of the first and second generation AirPods have, in fact, different abbreviations).

How to update AirPods firmware


If your AirPods need a firmware update, store them in the charging case and connect them to one power source (which can be the Lightning cable or a wireless charging cradle, if you bought a wireless charging case for AirPods). Then make sure that theiPhone or theiPad that you used for the first pairing are close to the earphones and connected to the Internet – that way, that’s it.

If there is a new firmware version available for AirPods, it should be downloaded and installed automatically on the earbuds, without you having to lift a finger. My advice is to wait a few minutes and check the menu Settings> General> About> AirPods of iOS, if the software has been updated.

If after a few minutes the firmware of the AirPods should be “immobile”, therefore not updated, try to open the charging case of the earphones, wait for the box with the charge level of the AirPods and close the latter: by doing so, you should be able to “force” the search and installation of the firmware update.

Did this attempt not give the desired result either? If so, try a reset the AirPods and to go through the whole procedure all over again. If you don’t know how to reset Apple’s earphones, press and hold the key present on the charging case (on the back, bottom), until theLED indicator it does not begin to flash intermittently white first, then orange and then white again.

At this point, open the case of the AirPods (if it’s not open yet), bring it close to a iPhone or a iPadwait for the notification regarding the recognition of the earphones to appear on the screen of the device and press the button Connectto pair them with the device again.

If any step is not clear to you and / or you want more information on how to reset the AirPods, read the guide I dedicated to the topic: it will surely come in handy.

How to update AirPods without iPhone


Many people wonder if it is possible update AirPods without an iPhone. The answer is “nì”, in the sense that it is necessary to keep an iOS device connected to the Internet in the vicinity of the AirPods while they are charging (with the device that must have previously been paired with the earphones): the same operation cannot be done. accomplish with a PC or with an Android terminal.

That said, if for any reason you find yourself needing to update your AirPods when you don’t have your iPhone or iPad handy, you can borrow a friend’s iOS device, reset the AirPods, pair them with it, and run L’firmware update as seen above, and then repeat the association with your devices: if you do not remember how to proceed, my guide on how to connect the AirPods may be useful.

In case of problems or doubts

Apple support

Despite my suggestions, were you unable to update your AirPods? The update of the AirPods was successful but are you still having problems with the functioning of the earphones? In that case, my advice is to contact theApple support and ask for clarification on the matter.

There are various channels through which you can contact the Cupertino company’s support: the first, the most immediate one, is to book the call by an operator via the Internet. To do so, connect to Apple’s website and select the icon for AirPods.

Then indicate the topic most relevant to the problem you encountered with your earphones (eg. Physical damage repair, Configuration and use or Pairing and connectivity) and choose how to get in touch with an operator: you can start one chat, speak to an operator by phone, schedule a call for a day / time established by you or book the visit in a Apple center physicist.

Are any steps not clear to you? Need more information on how to contact Apple? Then consult my tutorial dedicated specifically to the topic: I’m sure it will be of great help and will allow you to get in touch correctly with the support of the “bitten apple”.

And if, before contacting Apple support, you want to try to solve your problem on your own, you can consult this web pagewhich collects all support articles related to Apple’s true wireless earbuds.