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How to unsubscribe from Nirvam

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How to unsubscribe from Nirvam: Eager to shake up your love life but, at the same time, disheartened by the acquaintances made in person in recent times, you have decided to follow the advice of your most trusted friend and try to find your soul mate on the Net, using Nirvamone of the most popular dating sites of the moment.

After testing it for some time, however, you realized that this is not for you and now, therefore, you would like to delete your account from the site. Too bad you don’t have the slightest idea what the procedure to implement for unsubscribe from Nirvam. How do you say? Things are exactly like this and would you like to know if I can give you a hand on what to do? Of course yes, God forbid!

Spend a few minutes of your precious time reading this guide, which focuses precisely on canceling an account from Nirvam, and you will see that in the end you will know perfectly well how to move. I anticipate immediately that, contrary to what you may think, you will not have to do anything particularly complex or that is out of your reach. Are you ready? Yup? Very good. So let’s ban the chatter and proceed. I wish you, as usual, happy reading and I wish you a big good luck for everything!

Preliminary information

Before going to explain what are the operations to be performed for unsubscribe from Nirvamit seems to me necessary to make some clarifications regarding what the procedure in question entails.

Firstly, keep in mind that you are free, at any time, to delete your account on Nirvam and that the procedure in question can be carried out in total autonomytaking advantage of a special feature attached to the site, accessible from both computers and smartphones and tablets.

The other factor you need to consider, though, is what profile deletion is irreversible: which means that if you have second thoughts, you won’t be able to restore your account. The only thing that, in these circumstances, you will be able to do is to create a new account, possibly using the same nickname as the previous one and the same email address.

It should be noted, then, that for subscribers the cancellation of the nickname from the site inevitably also involves the loss of subscription and that, as also reported on page relating to the conditions of useNirvam will not perform no refunds for the missing days to the expiration of the same and not used. In such circumstances, users who have second thoughts and who decide to re-subscribe immediately after cancellation will necessarily have to purchase a new subscription.

How to unsubscribe from Nirvam from a computer

How to unsubscribe from Nirvam

Let’s now come to the real heart of the matter and let’s find out what are the steps that must be taken to cancel yourself from Niram by acting from computer. It’s very simple, you don’t have to worry.

First, open the browser that you usually use to surf the Net (eg. Chrome), go to the home page of the service and, if necessary, log in to the latter by filling in the fields with your login data Nickname And Password at the top right and clicking the button Walk in adjacent.

Once logged in, click on the item My account located at the top right and, in the new page displayed, presses the link delete account that you find in correspondence with the wording Nickname. Then fill in the field Password on the page that opens by typing the password you used to access the service and confirm your intention to cancel the account by clicking on the button Confirm cancellation.

In case you have second thoughts, you can, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, access Nirvam again by creating a new account on the service. To do this, fill out the registration form on the right side of the home page by typing the nickname you want to use in chat in the field next to the item Nicknamethe password you want to associate with the new profile you are about to create in the field Password and your email address in the field E-mail.

Then provide the other information relating to you using the drop-down menus next to the items Date of birth, I’m, Country, region And Location and presses the button Confirmation.

Afterwards, a new web page will open indicating that the registration was successful. Then click on the button Complete Profile and add (if you want) the other details relating to your person that are requested by filling in the various fields on the screen, as I indicated in detail in my tutorial dedicated specifically to the operation of Nirvam.

How to unsubscribe from Nirvam from smartphones and tablets

How to unsubscribe from Nirvam

You don’t have your computer handy and would like to know how to unsubscribe from Nirvam by going to act from smartphone or tablet? I’ll settle you immediately, you will find everything explained in the following lines. However, keep in mind that this must be done, even in this case, by connecting to the website of the service and not through the app, as it is not available, neither for Android nor for iOS.

That said, to succeed in your intent, the first fundamental step you must take is to take your device, unlock it, access the screen where the icons of all the applications are grouped and tap on that of the browser that you usually use to browse the Internet from mobile (eg. Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS).

Next, connect to the home page of the service and, if necessary, log in to your account by pressing the button Already registered? Log infilling in the fields Nickname And Password with your login details and then tapping on the button Log in.

Once logged in, press the button Menu located at the top left and, from the menu that opens, tap on the item My account. In the new screen that is shown to you at this point, presses on the wording Delete accounttype the password for your profile in the field below the item Password and confirm what your intentions are by tapping on the button Confirm Cancellation.

Should you have second thoughts, you can create a new account on the site by connecting to its home page, selecting your type of membership and the one of your interest from the drop-down menu I am a / ayour country from the drop-down menu My country of residenceyour region from the drop-down menu region and your city from the drop-down menu City which you will later see appear.

Press the button Go onindicate your date of birth using the appropriate menus below the item My date of birth (dd / mm / yyy) and your e-mail address in the field under the heading My email. Then, press the button again Go ontype the nickname with which you want to register on the site and the password that you intend to associate with the account you are about to create in the dedicated fields and press the button Log in.

Finally, complete your profile by pressing the button Complete profile and providing the additional information that is requested of you, as I explained in detail in my tutorial dedicated specifically to the use of Nirvam.

In case of doubts or problems

Have you followed the instructions contained in this guide, but you still have doubts about the procedure to be performed to unsubscribe from Nirvam? In the course of construction, did you encounter any other problems that you were unable to cope with on your own? Then I can not help but suggest you get in touch with thecustomer service of the service. To do this, just write one e-mail at the address

In title of the message briefly describe the reason that is prompting you to contact customer service, while in the body explains the situation in a detailed and courteous manner, also indicating the email address you used to register on the site and the reference nickname, in order to allow the dating site team to locate your account quickly and resolve the your doubts and / or your problems as quickly as possible.

Afterwards, send the e-mail message and wait patiently for the response from the Nirvam staff, which should not be long in coming. If too much time goes by and you don’t get any “sign of life”, I suggest you resend the email.