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How to unpair a device from iTunes

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How to unpair a device from iTunes: The Apple ID they can have a maximum number of 10 devices connected to them. This means that if you have used more than ten computers and portable devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods, over time, by linking them to your Apple account, you need to remove some before adding more. Do you know how to do it? No? Then let’s fix it right away.

With today’s guide, we’ll find out together how to unpair a device from iTunes in order to free up “space” on the Apple ID and have the ability to register new devices. The procedure is extremely simple to complete and takes no more than two minutes. Here it is in detail.

If you want to find out how to unpair a device from iTunesthe first step you need to take is to start the program and select the item View Apple ID from the menu Store. Then type your Apple ID password in the window that opens and click on the button View account to access the account management page.

In the screen that opens, click on the item Manage devices (placed under the heading iTunes in the cloud) and select the item Remove located next to the name of the computer or mobile device that you want to unpair from iTunes to complete the operation.

Once all the (in) desired devices have been removed, click on the button end to save the changes. Remember, though, that you’ll have to wait a 90-day period to associate deleted devices with other Apple IDs.

If you want unpair a device from iTunes (for example an iPhone or an iPad) because you have decided to sell it, in addition to the above operation you must also delete the traces of your Apple account from the device by restoring it via iTunes. This is a very simple procedure that only takes some time for the latest version of iOS to be downloaded from the internet.

To learn more, see my guides on how to reset iPhone and how to reset iPad, in which you will find all the instructions on how to restore your iDevice to factory settings and remove all traces of your Apple account from it. Remember to select the item Set up as a new iPad / iPhone at the end of the procedure.

As for computers (Windows PC and Mac), you can instead consult my guide dedicated to how to authorize iTunes computers, which explains step by step how to connect a PC to an Apple ID. It will be useful for you to associate a computer to a new Apple account after having dissociated it with the procedure seen at the beginning of the guide.