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How to unlock The Lost

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How to unlock The Lost: You have just started playing The Binding of Isaac and everyone is talking about a phantom The Lost but you don’t know how to unlock it? Have you tried in every way to find a seed (code) to unlock this character but you have not succeeded? Then don’t worry: I can help you achieve your goal.

In today’s tutorial, in fact, I will explain how to unlock The Lost , the much-desired secret character of the title of Edmund McMillen. No matter what version of the game you own (Rebirth, Afterbirth or Afterbirth Plus): The Lost can be unlocked in all variations of The Binding of Isaac and I am here to help you extricate yourself in the myriad of possibilities offered by the title of Edmund McMillen.

So, can I know what are you still doing there impaled? Courage: position yourself comfortably and start concentrating on reading the short instructions below. Take all the time you need to put in place the tips I will give you and try to keep them in mind, as they will help you save a lot of time in your search for The Lost. There is nothing left for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and have fun!

How to unlock The Lost Rebirth

Seed The Binding of Isaac

Rebirth is the “basic version” of the game of The Binding of Isaac, that is the one originally released on September 28, 2011. If you have not purchased any DLC (additional content) or if you are a longtime player, you probably have this version of the title of Edmund McMillen. In any case, just make a quick check of the name of the game to dispel any doubt.

The first version of the game has a well-defined procedure for unlocking The Lost. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have unlocked the playable characters Magdalene (unlocks by reaching 7 hearts / heart containers), Judas (unlocks after defeating the boss Satan for the first time) and Azazel (unlocks after doing three pacts with the devil / deals with the devils in a single game / run). To unlock these characters, in short, you just have to  play The Binding of Isaac: dopo svariate ore di gioco, avrai raggiunto sicuramente tutte le condizioni necessarie a sbloccare i personaggi in questione, ovviamente se sarai riuscito ad arrivare agli ultimi livelli del gioco. Allenati e vedrai che riuscirai a ottenere Magdalene, Judas e Azazel senza problemi.

After unlocking these characters, you need to start a game with Isaac . Your initial goal is to find a room that contains one or more Mulliboom , characters that are usually found in the first three chapters of the game. They are easy to recognize because they present a bomb in place of the right eye. Be careful not to confuse them with the Mulligans , who look the same but don’t have the aforementioned bomb. To complete the first step required to unlock The Lost, you must die at the hands of a Mulliboom .

However, since it is a low-level enemy, their damage will consist only in the middle of the heart and therefore it is good to get inside the Mulliboom room with little life , in order to make it more likely that this type of enemy will defeat you. It will almost certainly take multiple games for you to do this.

Next,  start a run (game) with Magdalene (Maggy) and look for a bomb , of any type. Once you find the bomb, keep playing until you get to the caves ( The Caves , second chapter) or the Catacombs ( The Catacombs , a scenario that will replace the caves once all their bosses are beaten). At this point, enter any room and let the enemies lead you to a heart or half a heart of life. After that, use the bombthat you collected and defeat yourself, using it. Again, it may take multiple games to complete this combination, but the important thing is that you don’t go play with other characters while you’re trying to unlock The Lost, otherwise you’ll have to start over.

Once past the Magdalene phase, you will have to start a game with Judas . In this case, you will have to play until you meet the boss Mom in The Depths (a scenario from the third chapter) or Necropolis (scenario that will replace The Depths once all the bosses are beaten). When you find this boss, be defeated by it. I remind you that, as mentioned above, you don’t have to play with other characters while trying to unlock The Lost.

Judas Vs Mom The Binding of Isaac

The last step to getting the aforementioned secret character is to play a game with Azazel and die at the hands of the boss Satan , who is in the secret area called Sheol . There are several ways to get to this place, but what guarantees secure access to the secret area is to unlock and defeat It Lives , an alternative form of the Mom’s Heart boss.

To unlock It Lives, you must “simply” defeat Mom’s Heart 10 times , which is the boss that appears in the fourth chapter of The Womb or Utero scenarios. In some cases, you may be lucky and a door that could lead you to Sheol may appear after defeating Mom’s Heart. You would be even luckier if you find the We Need To Go Deeper object , which can open a door for Sheol, if used in the Womb or Utero scenarios (fourth chapter).

When you get to the boss Satan , be careful: you must first defeat his henchmen and then let yourself be killed by Satan (the “goat-like demon” who appears high up in the room). In fact, otherwise the game will not count this step. Using the The Bible item also doesn’t unlock the secret character. Once you have done this, if everything has been done correctly, a message will appear on the screen warning you that you  have unlocked The Lost . Perfect, now you can use this powerful secret character to play in your games.

Azizel vs Satan The Binding of Isaac

For further details on all the levels, characters and objects mentioned, I suggest you consult the encyclopedia of The Binding of Isaac Rebirth (in English), an inexhaustible source of information about the game. I want to clarify that this method also works in the Afterbirth DLC , but not in the Afterbirth Plus one. However, you can consult the chapter below for all the details related to the latter.

How to unlock The Lost Afterbirth Plus

Sacrifice Room The Binding of Isaac

The Afterbirth DLC and the Afterbirth Plus DLC have totally revised the procedure to unlock the character The Lost, making it in fact much simpler. Many players have therefore decided to purchase one of these additional contents (usually sold at a price of around 10 euros), also just to skip the long procedure necessary in Rebirth.

To unlock The Lost in Afterbirth / Afterbirth Plus version of The Binding of Isaac, just let it defeat in any of the sacrifices room (room sacrifice, that you see in this above) while your character possesses the ‘ object Missing Posters (missing poster). The easiest way to take the latter is to go with one of the shop rooms with Isaac and buy, if available, a Mom’s Box (a box with a purple ribbon) for a few dollars. It contains mysterious objects, including the Missing Poster.

Moms Box The Binding of Isaac

The Missing Poster can also be obtained by choosing Isaac and defeating The Lamb , the final boss of the Dark Room chapter , which is obtained by annihilating the enemy Satan five times . I already explained how to reach Satan in the chapter on how to unlock The Lost Rebirth .

How to unlock Holy Mantle for The Lost

Holy Mantle The Binding of Isaac

After unlocking The Lost, you may rightly want to upgrade your character. In this case, one of the best chances you have of yours is to get a Holy Mantle .

This object protects The Lost from the first hit in every room and can therefore be quite useful in practice. If you have the Rebirth version of the game, Holy Mantle can only be found in the Treasure Rooms or in the Angel Rooms  and you must therefore have a lot of luck.

However, there is a safer way to get Holy Mantle in Afterbirth and Afterbirth Plus . In fact, just play in Greed Mode or Greedier Mode and defeat the Ultra Greed boss . In this way, the Greed Machine will appear on the screen . The latter is nothing more than a machine that accepts your character’s coins: each time you touch it, a coin is inserted into the machine and the count on its screen goes up.

Well, you have to donate 879 coins to unlock the object in question. Once you have done this, The Lost will start the games directly with the Holy Mantle. I advise you to consult the encyclopedia of The Binding of Isaac (in English) for further details on the names mentioned.

Seed to unlock The Lost

Seed PS4 The Lost

As you may have noticed in previous chapters, in some cases it may take several hours of gameplay to learn how to unlock The Lost . For this reason, the developers of The Binding of Isaac and the community have made every effort to allow the use of seeds , or codes that can help the user to accomplish various objectives in a simpler way.

These can be entered directly on the screen where the game starts and only entail the impossibility of unlocking the trophies and objectives , but otherwise the title is easily playable. The seeds are also used by some experienced players to become familiar with the game before embarking on the real challenge.

In the case of the procedure to unlock The Lost , they are quite useful, since it is possible to obtain the secret character even if you have made use of seeds. Below I list the best codes I have found.

  • Seed to find Mulliboom : GPE3-2T1H (normal difficulty, PC), DMTM-NRD9 (Hard, PlayStation 4), 6Z2L-AZ6J (Nintendo 3DS), GQHN-NMKN (PlayStation Vita);
  • Seed to find bombs for Magdalene (Maggy) : ALFA-0NTS (normal difficulty, PC), FDRG-0CTE (PlayStation 4), DXVW-MQCF (PS Vita), YGDC-T8SL (Nintendo 3DS);

I want to clarify that the seeds may not work depending on the type of platform you are playing The Binding of Isaac on or due to changes over which I have no control. For this reason, I invite you to search online for other seeds in case those listed do not work.

If, on the other hand, you want seeds to unlock the Holy Mantle , I suggest you try the following: LTSX-JHNG (left room), NK6X-NABK and LF1Y-W9YW. On PC, you can find the Holy Mantle on the first floor using the HNA6-WEK7 seed. Note the fact that they may not work on some platforms and I advise you to search online in case you need others.