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How to unlock The Forgotten

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How to unlock The Forgotten: In a context in which most video game enthusiasts are constantly looking for a high-caliber technical sector, an independent title created by two people, Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl, has been managing to keep “glued” to the screen for several years now. a good number of players. I refer clearly to The Binding of Isaac.

Originally released in 2011, it is a 2D roguelike title that focuses heavily on fast-paced and dynamic gameplay. The community that has been created around the title is so close that in 2021, ten years after the original launch, a full-bodied DLC called Repentance was launched. In any case, among the main challenges that players have been facing for years now is the one related to how to unlock The Forgotten.

The latter character, who arrived over the years through an update, has in fact managed to attract the attention of the community of enthusiasts due to his characteristics and the “intricate” method of obtaining. If you’re here, that means you’re looking for information too, right? Then don’t worry – you can find them below. Just follow what you find below and you will easily reach your goal. Happy reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to unlock The ForgottenI think you might be interested in learning more about this “secret” character.

Well, The Forgotten arrived inside The Binding of Isaac in the context of the Booster Pack # 5an update package released in 2018 for Afterbirth +. It is an interesting character, also because of the question relating to hearts of bones: The Forgotten, in fact, transforms the classic hearts into the latter.

Anime And black hearts they are instead “provided” to The Soul, the other form of the character. The latter therefore has a sort of dualism: among other things, The Forgotten and The Soul have the same health bar. This means that each character shape has 6 heartsinstead of the classics 12.

For the rest, The Forgotten has one mace made of bones which can be used as melee or ranged weapon (can be launched). In any case, it can go from The Forgotten to The Soul simply by pressing a button: I do not want to give you further information also to not make you too many spoilers related to the gameplay, but I understand why you have come this far and want to get the aforementioned character.

However, as you probably already know, carrying out this operation may not be easy, as the developers have decided to include obtaining The Forgotten in a somewhat “intricate” procedure. During the tutorial, you will therefore find information that could be useful for you to reach your goal without complicating your life too much (as much as possible).

The Forgotten unlocked

Before leaving: I just want to clarify that, since this character arrived in 2018 in the context of an update, in some cases it may not be possible to access it. Indeed, if you have an older version of the game, The Forgotten will not appear within The Binding of Isaac.

In reality there shouldn’t be too many problems, as the update linked to The Forgotten has now been out for several years, but I wanted to make this clarification, because, if you are a long-time player of The Binding of Isaac who maybe wants go back to picking up the title by following this guide, you may not be aware of the many innovations that have arrived over the years.

In short, I advise you to make one checking the version of The Binding of Isaac at your disposal before following the instructions below.

How to unlock The Forgotten Isaac

Azazel Primo Boss The Binding of Isaac

Having explained the general situation to you, I would say that it is time to take action and show you in detail the way to get The Forgotten on The Binding of Isaac. I will make use of Afterbirth + to give you a concrete example.

In any case, obviously, as for all the procedures related to this game, for example that relating to The Lost, the number of actions to be performed and the precautions to keep in mind are many. For this reason, in some places the indications could be a bit “confusing”, due to the very nature of the game.

However, I’m sure that if you know the title made by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl well, you will be able to understand without too much trouble what you need to do. For the rest, in case of any doubts regarding the many characters and objects that I will mention, as well as a any steps where you might “get stuck”do not worry: later in the guide I will show you a source that will help you eventually to fill some “gaps”.

That said, before you can get to The Forgotten it’s necessary win at least 5 times against Satanwhich is located in the level Sheol. Remember that the latter can be unlocked by defeating the boss It Lives. In any case, once you have done these operations, you can enter the Dark Room.

Be careful though: initially you won’t be able to find The Forgotten, you will The Lamb. In fact, you have to defeat at least once the latter to finally succeed in have the requirements to be able to implement the procedure to achieve your goal.

Mom The Forgotten Azazel The Binding of Isaac

If you think the latter is simple, you are wrong: you will probably have to try several times to reach The Forgotten. To get started, you have to defeat the Basement 1 boss in under a minute. No, I don’t mean that the boss fight has to last less than a minute, but just that the timer must be less than one minute once the first boss is defeated.

It is therefore important the choosing the right character: if you want advice, the community generally thinks that Azazel can be useful for this task (also due to its speed of movement).

In any case, after quickly defeating the first boss, you must return to the departure room (where the initial “spawn” took place). Therefore, place one bomb in the center of the room (yes, you’ll have to go find the bomb if you don’t have one), in order to “unearth” one broken shovel and pick it up. From now on, you will need to pay special attention to enemies: this phase may not be easy, as Mom won’t stop attacking for a long time.

Broken Shovel The Binding of Isaac

In any case, the next step is to carry out the Boss Rush. It probably won’t be easy, but this way you will be able to get the second part of the shovel, which you need to get to The Forgotten. Also remember to take theThe Negative objectwhich is a drop from Mom.

Shovel of Mom The Binding of Isaac

Now you have to reach the Dark Room. To do this, defeat Satan (yes, the one you have already beaten several times to get to be able to perform this procedure) with the object The Negative equipped and enters the trunk which is released as a drop.

Chest Satan The Binding of Isaac

At this point, you have to look for a room without enemieswhich features a ground with some cracks. You just have to use the shovel you got earlier on the mound of earth that you notice in the center of the area and you will see appear a ghost: congratulations, you have correctly unlocked The Forgotten!

Dark Room The Forgotten The Binding of Isaac

In short, now you know the intricate method to be able to unlock the coveted “secret” character of The Binding of Isaac. Clearly, as usual for this game, the procedure is a bit complex and can therefore also take a long time to be completed (depending on your skills).

Moreover, in some steps you may “get stuck” or the developers may have added new features, perhaps due to new ones game versions. For this reason, net of the information I have provided you, you may also be interested in referring to The Binding of The Binding of Isaac wiki (in English), an inexhaustible and constantly updated source of information relating to the title created by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl.

For the rest, I remind you that the world of the Web is always your “friend” in these cases: generally a search on YouTube, perhaps using the keywords “Unlock the forgotten” or “Unlock the forgotten”they can allow you to find several video about. You might think about choosing the most recent ones, to potentially dispel any doubts.

How to unlock The Forgotten Repentance

The Binding of Isaac Repentance

How do you say? You have decided to bet on The Binding of Isaac: Repentance, DLC of the game released in 2021, but you are not sure how to get The Forgotten in this expansion? No problem, I’ll show you what you need to know right away!

We assume that The Binding of Isaac: Repentance is an expansion that, however substantial (including, for example, new bosses, enemies and environments), still retains some of the characteristics of Rebirth, Afterbirth And Afterbirth + (which among other things are necessary to access the DLC).

Of course, the news is certainly not lacking and someone has defined the expansion as a sort of “sequel”, given the mammoth work carried out by the developers, but this does not mean that the game has changed in its entirety (also to maintain a line of continuity).

However, in a context of this type, the doubt can actually arise, given that a certain part of the community has even deactivated the expansion due to the objects and enemies added to the base game (many have instead appreciated the DLC): Does Repentance change the procedure to unlock The Forgotten? The answer is no.

In fact, following the directions I gave you in previous chapterbased on Afterbirth +you will be able without too many problems, obviously net of your skills, to reach your goal even if you have decided to buy the Repentance expansion.

In short, now you know a little bit of everything there is to know about character The Forgotten from The Binding of Isaac. I just have to wish you a lot of fun once again, also because I am sure that you intend to continue playing the Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl title after doing this!