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How to uninstall Fortnite

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How to uninstall Fortnite: All your friends do nothing but talk about Fortnite and so, driven by the desire to play with them, you downloaded this famous multiplayer title. Unfortunately, however, you realized that it is not as you imagined it: the gameplay is not for you and the “cartoon” style graphics do not reflect your tastes. In short, you really don’t like this video game and that’s why you’re wondering how to uninstall Fortnite .

If things are just like this, you have nothing to worry about: uninstalling this video game is a real walk; just a couple of clicks (or tap, since Fortnite is also available on smartphones and tablets), and you will have deleted all its traces. In this regard, during this tutorial, I will provide you with all the information to do it.

How do you say? If you are already sitting in front of your computer, console or holding your mobile device, why can’t you wait to get started? I imagine! All right, take a few minutes of free time and read carefully what I am about to illustrate. You will be able to do everything in a matter of seconds, promise!

Uninstall Fortnite on computer

If, after having played a few games of Fortnite on your computer, you have understood that this famous video game is not for you, here is the procedure that you must follow to uninstall it.


To uninstall Fortnite of Windows , you first thing in action via the Launcher of Epic Games . Then start the program by double clicking on the icon located on the desktop (it is called Epic Game Launcher ), then, in the displayed screen, press the button with the symbol of a gear that you see in correspondence of the Start button (in the center).

At this point, in the drop-down menu displayed, click on the Uninstall item and confirm the operation by pressing the next Uninstall button . Alternatively, to uninstall Fortnite , press the icon with a gear symbol that you find on the main screen of the launcher, then click on the Options item .

Through the following menu,  Fortnite installation options , you can in fact choose whether to uninstall the additional client Fortnite saves the world , removing the check mark on its entry and pressing the Apply button .

Once this is done, click on Yes , in correspondence with the confirmation notice. Do you really want to remove the following components of your system? : in this way, if you do not play PVE Save the world mode , you can uninstall it and avoid taking up too much space on your computer’s memory.

If you don’t want to act through the Epic Games Launcher, you can uninstall Fortnite through the Windows 10 Settings panel . To do this, access the panel in question by looking for it through the Cortana bar, then scroll the displayed tab, until you find the list of installed apps. At this point, press on the Epic Games Launcher item and click on the Uninstall button . Finally, confirm the operation by pressing on Uninstall .

If you use a older version of Windows or prefer the old control panel of the Microsoft operating system, you can  also uninstall Fortnite through the Programs and Features panel . To find it, type the term Control Panel in the search bar of the Start menu and, once opened, by clicking on the corresponding search result.

In the window that opens, click on the menu item Uninstall a program . Then locate the Epic Game Launcher icon , right-click on it, press on Uninstall in the drop-down menu displayed and, finally, confirm the operation by pressing the Yes button .


The first procedure you can perform to uninstall Fortnite on Mac is identical to the one I indicated in the previous chapter dedicated to Windows. Once the launcher of Epic Games , in fact, you can click on any lot ‘ gear and then on the entry Uninstall  to delete the game.

Alternatively, if you want to act through the macOS Applications folder , start the Finder ( the icon in the shape of a smiley face you find in the Dock bar ), click on the word Applications that you find in the left bar, find the Epic icon Games and right click on it. Now, in the displayed menu, press on the word Move to trash , to uninstall the game.

Once this is done, to complete the operation, type the password of your account (the one you use to access the computer), press the OK button and  empty the macOS recycle bin  by right-clicking on its icon and selecting the appropriate item from the menu that appears.

Uninstall Fortnite on smartphones and tablets

Have you installed Fortnite on your smartphone or tablet and now would you like to understand how to uninstall it, as this title is not for you? Don’t worry it’s very simple. Grab your Android or iOS smartphone and follow the instructions I’m going to give you step by step.


If you are in possession of a smartphone or a tablet Android you can easily uninstall Fortnite through the home screen. To do this, locate the game icon and also the one called Fortnite installation program , make a long tap on one of them, until you see the icon with the symbol of a trash can (it could be accompanied by the item Uninstall ).

Then drag the selected icon to the trash can symbol and confirm the operation by pressing the OK button . Repeat the operation with the other icon and the Fortnite removal procedure will be completed.

Alternatively, you can uninstall the two Fortnite apps through the Android Settings menu . To do this, press the icon with the gear symbol located on the home screen, go to the App section and, in the next screen, press the Fortnite icon on the list.

At this point, press the Uninstall button and confirm your choice by tapping OK . Also repeat the process to uninstall the Fortnite Installer app .

In case of doubts or problems, refer to the tutorial in which I speak to you in detail about how to uninstall an Android application .


Uninstalling an application on iOS is a very simple procedure to complete because, to uninstall Fortnite, you must act directly via the home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

To do this, locate the Fortnite icon and hold your finger on it until you see the symbol (X) appear in the upper left corner. Then tap on it and confirm the uninstallation of the app by pressing on the Delete item .

Alternatively, if you want to uninstall an application you can act via the Settings menu. To do this, press on the icon with the symbol of a gear that you find on the home screen, then tap on the item General , then press on the word Free space iPhone / iPad in order to see the list of all the installed apps on the screen.

Then tap on Fortnite and choose whether to press the Uninstall app button or the one called Delete app . In the first case, confirm the operation by pressing on Uninstall app in order to free up the storage space but keep the related documents and data (so you can recover them in case of a subsequent reinstallation).

If, on the other hand, you intend to permanently delete the Fortnite app , also deleting all the data from the device memory, press the Delete app item and confirm the operation, pressing the Delete app button that you see in the menu displayed.

Uninstall Fortnite on console

On the advice of some friends, you started playing Fortnite on consoles, but after a few games did you realize that this title is not for you? Would you like to uninstall it, to avoid taking up space in the console memory? No problem, below you can find the procedures that concern PlayStation 4  and  Xbox One .

PlayStation 4

On  PlayStation 4 , once a game is installed, it appears on the console’s home screen; the procedure used to uninstall Fortnite therefore requires acting on this screen.

Once you find the game icon, select it, press the Options button on the controller, to display a side drop-down menu, and scroll down this menu until you reach the Delete item . Now press the ( X ) button on the controller and confirm the uninstallation of the game, selecting the OK item and pressing the ( X ) button on the controller.

Xbox One

If you’ve installed Fortnite on  Xbox One , you’ll find the game icon on the console home screen. To uninstall it, then, moved with directional arrows at its icon and hold down the button ( ) on the controller, until you see a drop-down menu.

Now, under the Manage game and add-on item that you see, press the button (A) on the controller to select it, so as to go to the appropriate menu. Then, on the Installed tab , locate the Fortnite icon , move to the Uninstall all item and select it, by pressing the button (A) on the controller.

To confirm the operation, press button (A) again next to the words Uninstall all in the dialogue menu that appears on the TV.