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How to underline words on Facebook

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How to underline words on Facebook: Unlike many of your friends, you love to use Facebook to post articulate and long enough thoughts on your wall. This means that you need to underline words or passages of your posts, in order to make them more visible, but unfortunately, as is now known, Facebook does not allow you to format the text of your status updates by adding underlines, bolds or any other form of text customization.

Until a few months ago, with a few little tricks it was possible to format the text in the chats, but now, after one of the latest updates suffered by the social network, this possibility has also been removed. Fortune that exists Social Plus! It is an add-on for Chrome and Firefox browsers which, when installed, adds many new functions to Facebook, how to underline words on Facebook, format texts, but not only. Let’s find out in detail.

If you want to find out how to underline words on Facebook, you need to install Social Plus in your trusted browser. Then connect to the program’s website and click on the item Download and Install placed under the heading Firefox if you use Mozilla Firefox or under the heading Google Chrome if you use Google Chrome to start the installation of the Social Plus plug-in.

The installation of the add-on starts like that of any other extension. If you use Chrome you have to click on the button first + ADD TO CHROME of the Chrome Web Store and then on Install, if you use Firefox you have to click on the button first Allow located at the top left (to authorize the Social Plus site to install the extension in your browser) and then on Install now And Restart now to complete the installation of the add-on and restart the browser.

Once the installation is complete, you can underline words on Facebook in the most natural way: starting the typing of a new status update, selecting with the mouse the word or phrase to underline and pressing the key U present in the small toolbar that Social Plus adds to Facebook.

The texts published with special formatting (underlining, but also bold or italics) will be displayed correctly only by Facebook users who will in turn have installed Social Plus, so warn your friends and make sure they too can fully enjoy the thoughts you post on your wall.