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How to unblock Hotmail accounts

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How to unblock Hotmail accounts: How to unblock Hotmail accounts: You are trying to log into your Hotmail , Live or Outlook account but, trying to do this, you are unable to continue as you are prompted to enter a code. I do not mention the times that you have perhaps tried to log in with your Microsoft account on a particular application that does not support two-step verification and therefore you have not been able in any way to proceed with access using your credentials.

In all these cases (but the situations could also be many), the solution you can put into practice is to use the security information in your possession to be able to log in with your Microsoft account. Therefore, if you are wondering how to unblock Hotmail accounts , you have come to the right place! In the next chapters I will not only tell you about the security methods of the Redmond home account, but I will also explain how to use this information to log into your account!

So if you want to find out what needs to be done to be able to achieve this goal, I invite you to take a few minutes of free time, sit comfortably in front of your computer or grab your smartphone and carefully follow the advice I am about to give you. . Unless bad luck has hit you in a cynical and ruthless way, you will be able to solve the problem and regain possession of your account in no time at all. Let it bet? I just have to wish you a good reading!


How to protect your Hotmail account

Activity on the Web is something that should never be underestimated, considering all the possible cyber threats that can hide behind every corner of this virtual world that you often visit with your device. Therefore, what you need to do is enable the additional security systems that you find in the Microsoft account settings, so as to make it more secure.

Take into consideration that all the solutions that I will propose to you in the next chapters do not necessarily all have to be enabled, but you can decide which features to use on your Microsoft account to “lock it”. Furthermore, consider that any procedure you will find in this tutorial of mine is the same whether you are acting as a PC or a smartphone / tablet, as the actions to be implemented to improve the security of the account are to be activated in the appropriate web panel.

That said, to improve the security of your Microsoft account, what you need to do is reach this website and hit the Sign in button . Then type in your Hotmail , Live or Outlook address and enter the password associated with it, to view the management panel of your Microsoft account.

Then scroll down the page, click on the Security item and click on the Security Dashboard button . At this point, you will be prompted again to enter the password associated with your account: then proceed with this operation and then press the Advanced security options icon to start configuring the security of your account. More details on the individual features you can enable are available in the next chapters.

Verification of identity

Microsoft identity

The first step to keep your Microsoft account secure is to add identity verification methods . Some of these may have been proposed to you during the account creation phase but, in case this did not happen or you skipped this procedure, you can still add new ones or modify the existing ones.

In the account section relating to the security of the Microsoft account, which I told you about in the previous chapter , in the Ways to prove your identity section , click on Add a new login or verification method to view the list of options that you have available, which I list below.

  • Use an app – is a method that allows you to register an authentication app for generating security codes. It is one of the safest methods, as it prevents any advanced hacking activities, such as “sniffing”, which can intercept the GSM traffic of the SIM (method via SMS) or data on the Web (method via email).
  • Email a code – is another authentication method for verifying your identity which consists of sending a code by email. The latter must be, logically, different from the Hotmail, Live or Outlook that you have and that you want to protect with this system.
  • Use your Windows computer – is a solution available on some Windows PCs equipped with a special webcam for facial recognition or fingerprint reader. Using this option, you can easily allow access to your Microsoft account from a specific Windows computer.
  • Use a security key – this is a USB or NFC device designed with a FIDO2 protection system, which allows for easy and immediate unlocking of the Microsoft account during the authentication phase.
  • Send a code via SMS – is another method that allows you to receive an SMS with the unlock code for logging into your Microsoft account. It is believed to be less secure than other systems.

Using the method via email or SMS , you will have to communicate, during the configuration phase, respectively an alternative email address or your telephone number. In this way, you will be sent an identity confirmation code to be entered when appropriately requested during the configuration phase, in order to validate the chosen security method.

As for the method that requires the use of a security key , during the configuration phase you will have to insert the USB device into the USB port of the PC or bring the NFC device close to the reader on the PC. Once this system has been identified, you will be prompted to enter the PIN of the device, in order to complete the pairing.

If you have decided to use your Windows computer as an authentication method instead, you must first set up Windows Hello on your PC: in this case, you will need to use the fingerprint reader or facial recognition via certified webcam to record your identity information. . I told you about it in detail in this tutorial of mine.

Finally, the use of an authentication app requires that the Microsoft Authenticator app ( Android / Android / iOS / iPadOS alternative stores ) or other similar app, such as Google Authenticator ( Android / iOS / iPadOS ), which I told you about in detail in this tutorial of mine.

When you’ve entered a method for securing your Microsoft account, you’ll be shown in the list right under the heading of the Ways to Prove Your Identity section . You can remove an identification method by clicking on it and pressing the Remove button .

I warn you that entering any of these solutions mentioned above ensures the safety of your Hotmail, Live or Outlook account in case of suspicious activity detected by Microsoft itself. If you want your identity to be verified every time you try to log into your account, I recommend that you turn on two-step verification , which I’ll tell you about in the next chapter .

Two-step verification

Two-step verification

Microsoft account security options include two-step verification , also referred to as 2FA in English . This particular feature allows you to have additional protection on your account, as it becomes more difficult for any attacker to access it.

In fact, in order to log in to the Microsoft account, two pieces of information are required: the password (which can be discovered if your device is spied on) and a disposable code that is generated from time to time based on the service that has been enabled ( SMS , email or authentication app ).

This means that if a person somehow gets to know your Microsoft account password, they will not be able to log in anyway, as they do not have this additional code. In this case, be careful about who uses your smartphone, tablet or PC, so that he cannot have this additional information available.

Before enabling this feature, it is good to add the methods of identity verification via app (recommended), email or SMS authentication (not recommended, as it is more easily attacked), which I told you about in the previous chapter . Once this is done, in the section on the security of the Microsoft account , locate the wording Additional security and press on the item Activate that you find under the two-step verification method . Then click the Next button two consecutive times and then click Finish .

In the Microsoft Additional Security section there is also the Account without password method . It is a system that completely removes the password from the Hotmail, Live or Outlook account by replacing it with a disposable code that is sent to you from time to time via authentication app, email or SMS (not recommended) .

Although it is a new method and for which the security of your Microsoft account is guaranteed, I do not recommend its use: instead, prefer a combination of multiple security systems, taking care to enable two-step verification.

Password dell’app

Password dell'app

Some apps may not support 2-Step Verification, and as a result, you may get stuck logging in with your Microsoft account. For this reason, you can create an app-specific password from the account security section .

To do this, therefore, locate the wording App password and click on the item just below called Create a new password for the app . At this point, in the new screen, you will be shown an alphanumeric password that you can use to log into your Microsoft account with the app with which you are having access problems.

I remind you that this password can only be used for that login and does not generally replace the password set on your Microsoft account or any other security methods configured.

Recovery code

Recovery code

Are you afraid that you will no longer be able to log into your Microsoft account? This generally cannot happen if you have set up additional methods for verifying your identity. However, in case you are so unfortunate that you no longer have access to any method you have previously configured, the recovery code will come up to you .

This is an alphanumeric code that must be kept carefully and is the only way to unlock a Microsoft account in case you have serious difficulties accessing it, as you no longer have access to additional security information (e.g. you have lost your smartphone or you no longer remember access to the alternative email).

To generate this code, in the Microsoft account security section , scroll down to the bottom and locate the wording Recovery code . Then press on the item Generate a new code and take a photo, a screenshot, print or write down the code that is shown to you somewhere.

How to unblock Hotmail account

Login Microsoft

Now that you are aware of all the methods you can use to improve the security of your Microsoft account, let’s see how to unlock it in case the situation arises in which you cannot proceed with signing in. First, no matter what service, app, or software you’re using to log into your Microsoft account, you’ll be shown an identical login screen in all of these cases.

If you have configured a USB or NFC key for authentication, click on the word Login with a security key (note that this login method is only available on devices that can support this authentication method). Then follow the on-screen procedure to log in immediately. If you’ve set up Windows Hello on your Windows PC and your Microsoft account, you’ll be signed in immediately.

If you do not have such an authentication device, type your Hotmail , Live or Outlook address in the appropriate box and press the Next button . At this point, enter the password associated with your Microsoft account. If it’s an app that doesn’t support two-step verification, first generate an app-specific password and then type it in the Password field during the login phase.

At this point, you are presented with several login options, if you have configured to send a code via the authentication app , email or SMS . Therefore, choose one of the methods indicated above to continue with the account unlocking procedure. In the case of the method via SMS or email, you will first have to confirm this information: therefore enter your phone number or the alternative email address respectively that you have configured as security methods.

If the information you just entered matches what you previously configured on your Microsoft account, you will receive the disposable access code via SMS or email . As for the method via authentication app , open the latter to view the disposable code. Then type the aforementioned code in the appropriate field on the screen and click on the Verify button to access your Microsoft account.

If you have difficulty logging in as you do not remember the password, but you can still generate a disposable code through the systems configured on your Microsoft account, you can simply proceed with the password reset , which I told you about in detail in this tutorial of mine.

If, on the other hand, you no longer have access to any of the security information, including your password, on the login screen, type your Hotmail, Live or Outlook address, press the Next button and then click on the word Forgotten password . Then click on Show other verification methods and then on I don’t have any of this info . At this point, type in the recovery code that you have jealously kept and that I told you about in this chapter .

If all the information in the previous paragraphs were not useful to you, then you can proceed with filling out the Microsoft form for unlocking the account, which you can find at this link . This takes a long time as the support team will ask you a series of questions that can vouch for your identity. Only if successful, will you be sent instructions to regain access to your Microsoft accou