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How to unblock Facebook

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How to unblock Facebook: Even if officially it could not be, every now and then you would like to give yourself a few minutes to relax and consult Facebook even from school or work. Quite understandable, but more and more office managers and administrators of school computer systems are blocking access to Facebook, so what do we do?

Let’s say now I’m trying to give you a hand and I suggest a couple of methods on how to unblock facebook on pc school or office, one via a free program called OperaTor and one via an Internet site that has a name that is all a program: UnblockFacebook. Make good use of it and don’t get too distracted from work!

If you use Windows and want to find out how to unblock facebook on pc using a transportable browser on any USB pen that automatically disguises your identity on the Internet and bypasses all the blocks imposed by the administration, connected to the OperaTor website and click on the item download from PBwiki (located in the middle of the page) to download the program on your PC.

When the download is complete, double-click on it to open the archive you just downloaded ( and extract its contents to any folder. Then start the program OperaTor.exe and wait for the home page of your new portable navigator to load.

At this point, all you have to do is connect normally to Facebook using OperaTor which, as already mentioned, by disguising your identity (ie your IP) on the Net also manages to bypass the blocks imposed by the system administrators. Then type in the address in the browser address bar, press the key Enter on your PC keyboard and log into Facebook as usual using your username and password.

In some cases, before accessing a site, OperaTor may request the insertion of a confirmation code (captcha): to proceed with navigation, simply copy the code displayed in the appropriate text field and press the Enter key on the PC keyboard. The only downside to using OperaTor is that browsing is much slower than with standard browsers.

If you don’t use Windows, or much more simply you want unblock Facebook on PC without downloading additional programs to your computer, contact the UnblockFacebook website. How to use? Connected to its main page, click on the green button Browse (bottom right) and surf Facebook normally. Simple, isn’t it?