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How to unban PSN accounts

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How to unban PSN accounts: Turning on your PlayStation, you noticed the appearance of a message indicating the temporary or permanent suspension of yours PSN account due to violations of the service policies? Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but in all likelihood your PSN account was banned from Sony. Typically, this occurs when harmful behavior to the detriment of other users, improper behavior during the game or other improper techniques aimed at obtaining advantages that users should not otherwise be entitled to are carried out.

As you will discover in the course of this guide, unban PSN accounts it is not an immediate thing, and the chances of succeeding are closely related to the type of violation encountered. Among other things, the suspension of your account is not always definitive: if it is a temporary ban, in fact, it will be possible to access the profile again (and the digital contents associated with it, including games) at the end of the period of Suspension.

If you have fallen victim to a ban that you consider unmotivated, or you want concrete information on how to prevent this from happening, all you have to do is take a few minutes of free time and carefully read everything I have to explain on the subject: I’m sure that, at the end of the reading, you will have a clear idea of ​​what to (not) do. That said, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you a good read!

Preliminary information

Before getting to the heart of this guide and explaining, concretely, how to try to gain access to a banned PSN account again, let me give you some more information about the reasons that could lead Sony to limit an account and the direct consequences. that this entails.

Said in one sentence, Sony reserves the right to ban users who are manifestly in breach of the terms of use of the PlayStation Network service. In the event of serious events or repeated violations originating from the same console (albeit from different accounts), Sony may decide to ban the serial number of the console and prevent the console from accessing the PSNregardless of the account used.

Specifically, within the PlayStation Network Terms of Service a precise code of conduct is specified (chapter 13), which requires to have an inclusive, correct, polite and respectful attitude towards other users, of do not cheatOf do not carry out operations on the account that violate its terms and, in general, of do nothing that may harm PSN, its products or the reputation of the PlayStation service and brand.

As an example, below I show you a series of behaviors that should be avoided, in order not to incur the ban of the account or the entire console. The complete list can be found in Chapter 13 of the PlayStation Network Terms of Service which I linked to you earlier

  • Don’t use language inciting hatred, vulgar, offensive or discriminatory by age, sex, religion or other aspects closely related to the person.
  • Avoid attitudes violent, threatening, harassing or persecutors against other users.
  • Avoid actions and attitudes illegal.
  • Do not share an image of a violent, erotic nature or pornographic with other users.
  • Avoid impersonate someone else or of harm the privacy or intellectual property of other users.
  • Do not to cheatdeceiving other users or exploiting bugs, glitches, vulnerabilities or unintended mechanisms present in Sony products or PSN, in order to obtain benefits that otherwise would not be yours.
  • Do not share, rent, sell, sub-license or transfer your account to others.
  • Do not buy or exchange your account with others.
  • Do not make cancellation requests (e.g. on PayPal) following targeted purchases, without legitimately enjoying the right of reimbursement.
  • Do not use phishing techniques or similar systems to gain access to other accounts.
  • Do not send spam messages of any kind to other users.
  • Do not forward offers or purchase advice to other users, without having their consent.
  • Do not use or associate thePSN account or its products to business.

It’s important do not think to get away with it in case of violations: as I explained to you in my guide on how to ban on PS4, users harmed by improper behavior towards their person, their gaming experience or other, can report PSN profiles to Sony potentially guilty, providing any type of test under load.

Furthermore, Sony itself reserves the right to access the information and / or activity of each PSN profile, at any time, in order to verify the veracity of the reports or to carry out checks in the event of activity deemed suspicious.

If Sony decides – following a report of incorrect behavior by users or automatic systems (with related in-depth investigation) – to sanction the removal of the user or the console from the PSN, the profile in question will always receive a e-mail message in the e-mail box associated with the PlayStation Network account, containing the notification of the ban, the nature of the ban (whether to user or console) and the duration (if temporary, with expiration date, or permanent and therefore definitive).

At the same time, the PSN account will be suspended and cannot be used from the web, console, smartphone, tablet, computer or other device; will also come denied access to digital games purchased through the profile in questionaccess to digital content and those created by the user on the network.

If you try to access PSN and you receive an error message relating to the suspension of your account, therefore, I invite you to consult your e-mail box and identify, within it, the notification message from Sony; take a look at the folder Spamif you can’t find the email in your inbox.

How to unban a locked PSN account

How to unban a locked PSN account

Generally, the bans applied by Sony on PSN, whether they are temporary, permanent, limited to the account or extended to the entire console, cannot be contested and are issued outright: the only exception involves the ban for account debit.

If so, that’s enough to pay the debt and contact Sony to request the reactivation of the PSN profile. So, to get started, buy one PSN Card of an amount equal to or greater than the debt to be paid: you will have to dictate the code, in the future, to the operator who will handle your request.


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Also, make sure you have the information listed below.

  • The serial number of the PlayStation, printed on the retail box or on the back of the console.
  • THE PSN account data.
  • The game or service for which it is necessary to pay off the debt.
  • There approximate date of the reversal transaction.

To request assistance from the Sony staff, dial the number 02.36009081 and follow the instructions of the automatic voice, to access the area dedicated to your problem: when I write, you have to press the key 1to get assistance for PlayStation Network and then the key 2for the inherent assistance systems and accessories.

Once you have made your choice, you will be asked whether to authorize the recording of the call by pressing the key 1or deny it by pressing the key 2; once this step is complete, you should be put in contact with a support person, to whom you can expose your problem.

I advise you to always listen to the instructions of the guide voice, in order to avoid wasting time, as the combination of keys to press is frequently subject to variations. If you’re having trouble getting in touch with Sony, take a look at my guide on how to contact PSN – it might come in handy.

In any case, during the phone call, you will be asked to indicate your account information, the payment method and, of course, the code of the PS Card previously purchased (any remaining amount will be credited to your PlayStation wallet. ).

At the end of the call, the operator will take care of forwarding the request to the competent bodies; Reactivation of your account may take several days or weeks and you will be notified by email.

If you have received a notification of temporary ban or definitive against your PSN account or your PlayStation for other reasons, the chances of regaining access (or having the ban lifted before it expires) are very rare: if you believe, however, that you have been banned by mistake, you can always try to expose your problem to Sony by contacting the company in the same way as previously. Once again: remember I can’t promise you anything!