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How to tweet a Facebook post

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You have become particularly active in the social field and, since the number of your daily status updates has become rather large, you would like to decrease publication times and transfer, more or less automatically, everything you publish on  Facebook also on  Twitter , avoiding therefore of having to write the posts in “double copy”.

In reality this is not a recommended practice: it is always necessary to differentiate the contents posted on the various platforms, but starting from a “common base” and then posting different contents on one social network or the other, it can still be a valid strategy. That said, if you’ve come to my site to figure out how to tweet a Facebook post , then know that you are in the right place, at the right time!

In the course of this guide, in fact, I will show you some simple (and mostly free) methods that allow you to reach the desired goal, with little effort. So, without waiting a moment longer, make yourself comfortable and carefully read everything I have to explain on the subject: I guarantee you that, at the end of the reading, you will have acquired the skills necessary to obtain more than satisfactory results. Seeing is believing!

Preliminary information

Facebook , until some time ago, allowed to automatically synchronize the publication of content (status updates, photos, links, and so on) from Twitter . This feature, however, was subsequently eliminated and there is no longer an “official” link between the two platforms: in the current state of things, therefore, it is not possible to  tweet a Facebook post automatically, at least not through the internal dynamics of social networks. network.

As you will discover in the course of this guide, this can be remedied in several ways: using systems such as IFTTT , capable of automating operations of this type; through a social sharing platform  , which allows you to create a single post and publish it on multiple social networks at the same time; or manually copying the content from the update from one social network to another.

The theme of this guide will be, in fact, to teach you to use all the aforementioned methods, both from a smartphone and from a computer: I am sure that you will be able without too many problems to choose the system that best suits your needs.

How to tweet a Facebook post automatically

Although, as I explained to you previously, it is no longer possible to automate the publication of Facebook posts on Twitter through the internal mechanisms of the social networks involved, it is still possible to take advantage of alternative solutions that allow you to obtain a fairly similar result. Here are the best.


How to tweet a Facebook post automatically

One of the solutions you can rely on is, without a shadow of a doubt,  IFTTT (or If This Then That which, translated, sounds a bit as if this thing happens, then do that ): if you have never heard of it, it is of an online service, also available in the form of an app for Android and iOS / iPadOS that allows you to automate a large number of online operations through a series of linked conditions, called  applets .

Applets, as you will soon discover, are especially useful for integrating activities performed through social networks and other online services and can be created from scratch or be based on existing flows: in this example, we will rely on the  FB Status Update applet to Twitter which, precisely, allows you to automatically publish a status update included in the first on the second social network.

However, all this happens with some limitations: it is possible to tweet only the textual status updates published on personal profiles (and not on Facebook pages): in other words, you can act on posts that contain only text and that are composed of 280 characters or less (current Twitter limitation). Updates containing other elements (links, tags, moods, etc.) will not be copied.

Finally, I would like to specify that the visibility of the tweets will  comply with the privacy settings specified on Twitter and will not depend on the Facebook settings: to give you an example, if you publish a post with visibility  Only me on Facebook, it will still be copied on Twitter with the default visibility of the latter social network ( public , by default).

With the “limitations” of the service clear, it’s time to take action. To tweet a Facebook post automatically, you must first subscribe to the IFTTT service : if you have chosen to rely on the app for Android or iOS / iPadOS , start it and, using the buttons displayed on the screen, create an account on the platform by logging in with your profile Facebook or  Google .

Alternatively, you can subscribe to the service through your email address, tapping the  Sign in with email item and filling out the form proposed below (in which you will need to indicate your email address, together with a password to access the service). Once the login is complete, tap on the No thanks item  (located at the top) to avoid the activation of the applets proposed by default.

Now, tap the Get more button  located at the bottom of the main screen of the app, tap the  search field at the top, type in it the words  fb status update to twitter and tap the box relating to the applet in question, presumably the first (it is developed by  gon_alroc ).

At this point, touch the Connect button  , to activate the applet and wait for the app to take you to the Twitter permissions page: when this happens, enter the  username / email and password of your account in the appropriate fields and touch the Authorize app button  . If necessary, when requested, carry out the same steps also for  Facebook .

The game is practically done: if everything went smoothly, you should be automatically returned to the IFTTT applet screen which should now show  Connected . From now on, all text-only posts (and less than 280 characters) that you post on Facebook will automatically be copied to Twitter.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to register from  your PC , connected to the home page of the service , click on the Sign up button  located at the top left and use the proposed buttons to log in with  Google or  Facebook . If you prefer to create an account using your email address, click instead on the sign up link , located immediately below the aforementioned buttons.

Once logged in, connected to the FB Status Update to Twitter page , press the Connect button  and follow the same operations already seen for smartphones and tablets.

How to tweet a Facebook post automatically

In case of second thoughts, you can “disconnect” the two social networks at any time: from smartphone and tablet, start the IFTTT app, tap on your  profile picture (top right), tap the items  My services and  Twitter and tap on the  FB Status Update to Twitter box . Finally, touch the Connected button  to deactivate the service (the relative wording, once the operation is completed, should turn into Connect ).

If you prefer to act via computer, connected to the IFTTT home page , log in to your account, if necessary, click on your  profile image (top right) and, after selecting  My Applets from the proposed menu, select the box FB Status Update to Twitter and click Connected to deactivate all.

Other solutions to tweet a Facebook post automatically

Other solutions to tweet a Facebook post automatically

If you did not find the solution I have just indicated useful because, for example, you would prefer to tweet Facebook posts “in full” (including all the contents included in the latter) and / or have more control over the settings of publication, so-called social media sharing platforms may be useful  .

If you had never heard of it, these are special portals (often also available in the form of apps) that allow you to publish the same post on multiple social networks at the same time, using a personalized content composition interface. Here are some of them.

  • HootSuite – it is a complete sharing platform, compatible with a large number of social networks (including, of course, Facebook and Twitter). The free plan allows you to set up a maximum of 3 profiles / social pages for a single user and to post no more than 30 scheduled messages. The limitations can be bypassed by purchasing a paid plan (with prices starting at € 25 / month and, in some cases, the possibility of a free 30-day trial).
  • Buffer – this is a platform that follows the HootSuite mechanism and which, in its free version, allows you to associate a maximum of 3 profiles / social pages per account and to publish up to 10 scheduled posts. These limitations can be overcome by purchasing one of theavailable paid plans , with prices starting at $ 15 / month and the possibility of a free 14-day trial.
  • Social Pilot – is a professional platform dedicated to Social Media Marketing, which allows the automatic publication of contents on multiple social networks, with the possibility of planning them. Social Pilot does not provide free usage plans, however it is possible to try the available subscriptions for free , for 14 days: the cheapest, which costs $ 25 / month (with annual payment), allows you to combine up to 30 social accounts with a single account. and to schedule an unlimited number of posts.

How to tweet a Facebook post manually

Another solution you can consider is to  tweet a Facebook post manually. In this case, you can act in two different ways: copy the content of the post written on Facebook also on Twitter (it will be necessary, however, to manually add the additional elements, such as images), or publish a direct link to the Facebook post on Twitter. . Below I will explain how to act in both cases.

Copy the entire post

How to tweet a Facebook post manually

If you prefer to copy the same post on both Facebook and Twitter, thus avoiding rewriting it more than once, all you have to do is start composing it on the first social network, copy the text and paste it on the second.

This approach, however, has two important limitations: first, the contents of the Facebook post other than text and links (eg images) must be  manually entered on Twitter; secondly, the text must follow the publication restrictions of the “chirping” social network (not be longer than 280 characters ).

Having clarified this fundamental aspect, here’s how to copy the text of a Facebook post and paste it on Twitter.

  • Smartphones and tablets – open the Facebook app , start composing a new post and type in the content you want to publish, as you usually would. Before even proceeding with the publication, make a long tap on any point of the text box, choose the item Select all from the menu displayed on the screen (if you do not find it, first press the […] button  ) and then tap , the item  Copy . After that, publish the post on Facebook, then launch the Twitter app and tap on the button to  create a new tweet . Finally, make a long tap in the text box and select the Paste item  from the menu that is proposed to you.
  • PC – connected to the Facebook website and, after logging in, start composing a new post and type it in the appropriate text box. When you are finished, use the mouse to  select all the text , right-click on the selection made and then on the Copy item  attached to the proposed context menu. After publishing the post on Facebook, connected to Twitter , enter your profile and click on the button to  write a new tweet . Finally, right-click on the text area displayed on the screen and then on the Paste item  located in the menu displayed on the screen.

Finally, if necessary, complete the tweet with additional content (e.g. images) and, when you are done, publish it as you usually would. If you need more details on how to copy-and-paste, read my tutorial on the subject.

Publish the direct link

How to tweet a Facebook post manually

Alternatively, you can tweet the direct link to the Facebook post you made: in this way, your Twitter followers will see a link which, if followed, leads to the Facebook page containing the post in question.

But know that, unless the privacy of the Facebook post is set to Everyone (here I explained how to do it), potential viewers will necessarily have to log in to their Facebook profile and will be able to see the post only if the privacy settings defined during creation will allow this.

Having made this necessary clarification, let me explain how to tweet the direct link to the Facebook post of your interest.

  • Android smartphone and tablet – after creating and publishing the post in the Facebook app, view it, tap on the icon (…) located at the top right and select the item  Copy the link from the menu shown on the display. Now, open the Twitter app , touch the button to compose a new tweet , make a long tap in the text field displayed on the screen and select the Paste item from the menu displayed on the screen. Finally, tweet the link you just pasted.
  • IOS / iPadOS smartphones and tablets – at the time of writing this guide, the Facebook app for iPhone and iPad does not allow you to copy the direct link of a specific post. However, you can work around the problem through the Facebook mobile site : using the browser you usually use (eg Safari), connected to the social network (if you want to type it manually, the link is ) and, after completing access, follow the same steps seen for Android.
  • PC – after having published your post on Facebook, identify it, right-click on the item that identifies its date and time (eg.  X h or  Yesterday at XX: YY ) and select the  Copy link address item from the menu that is proposed to you . Finally, connected to Twitter , click on the button to  publish a new tweet , right click on the text field that appears on the screen and select the Paste item  from the contextual menu displayed and tweet the post thus composed.

To find out more, feel free to check out my guides on how to copy a link from your mobile and how to copy a link from your PC.