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How to turn off Samsung

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How to turn off Samsung: You just bought a new phone Samsung which, in fact, is also your first smartphone ever! After using it for a while, you have begun to understand the dynamics behind how your new device works but, given your inexperience, you still haven’t been able to figure out how to turn it off completely. You know, of course, how to turn off its screen, but you still haven’t figured out how to turn it off completely and how to forcibly reset it in case of freezes (which, alas, can always happen).

Since it seems a rather trivial matter to you, you would not want to ask for help from those who know more than you and would prefer to understand how to proceed in complete autonomy. How do you say? Did I fully hit your need? Well, you don’t have to be ashamed at all: no one is born already an expert in technology and, moreover, there are no stupid questions but only questions that need to be answered!

Precisely for this reason, in the following bars of this tutorial, I will explain to you in detail how to turn off samsung either by following the standard procedure, or by putting into practice some slightly more complex steps, to deal with particular scenarios that could occur. Take all the time you need and keep reading: everything is explained below!

How to turn off Samsung: standard procedure

The standard method for turn off a Samsung completely it’s really simple to put into practice: it’s all about identifying the side button switch on / unlock the device and hold it down for a few seconds.

I anticipate right away that the procedure is valid for all devices produced by the Korean big: so, if you are interested in knowing how to turn off samsung s20 or how to intervene on any other model of smartphone or tablet from the same manufacturer, the steps you need to take are always the same.

To begin with, therefore, identify the power or unlock key device: depending on the model of smartphone or tablet in your possession, it can be located on the long right or left side of the screen, often near the volume keys.

Once you have located the button in question, press it for about two seconds: following this operation, you should see the shutdown menu of the device. It consists of two virtual buttons: Switch off, which is used to completely turn off the device, e Restart, which instead allows you to restart Android.

To achieve your intent, therefore, all you have to do is press the button Switch off twice consecutively: by doing so, the shutdown sequence of the smartphone (or tablet) will be initiated, at the end of which the device screen will become completely black and the device will be completely off.

To turn it back on, press and hold the side button again for a few seconds, until you see the writing appear Samsung on the display.

How to turn off Samsung with broken button

How to turn off Samsung with broken button

The side button power / lock of your device no longer working? No problem: you can turn off – or rather, restart – the device at set times, using the functionality of automatic restart integrated on the latest versions of the operating system customized by Samsung.

To do this, open the Settings of Android, by tapping on thegear located on the Home screen or in the app drawer, tap on the item Device and battery assistance, tap the button (⋮) located at the top right and choose the item Automation, from the menu that appears.

Now, tap on the item Automatic restart at set times, move up ON the lever corresponding to the wording Activated and indicates the day (or the days) of the week in which to automatically turn off the smartphone or tablet, together with theNow shutdown.

Following this operation, the device will be turned off on the indicated day and time, if the following conditions occur: the screen it’s off, the device it is not in use, the battery charge is greater than 30% and the SIM card lock is disabled.

If you prefer to opt for “manual” shutdown, you should know that there are applications that allow you to add a virtual shutdown button to the screen. However, these apps require advanced permissions in order to function and for this reason they could put your privacy at risk: therefore, I invite you to follow this path only if you have no other choice.

One of the applications you might consider, initially free of banner ads or privacy risks (check online reviews anyway, as this may change in the future), is Shutdown: Since the app in question is compatible with all models of Android smartphones and tablets, you can use this procedure to turn off Samsung A51 or any other smartphone or tablet equipped with the Google operating system and with a damaged power button.

In order to get Shutdown, open the Play Store, near the app using the dedicated function (or use the link I provided you a little while ago, to directly open the appropriate page) and press the button Install, to download the app to your device.

Once the app has been installed, open it and, if necessary, provide the necessary permissions for it to work: therefore, press the button OK, locate the entry for Shutdown from the screen that appears later and, after selecting it, moves up ON the app lever. Finally, click on the button OK And that’s it.

From now on, every time you open the app, you will see the shutdown screen typical of Samsung devices, through which you can switch off the device or restart it.

Note: Some Samsung devices allow you to turn the screen off or on even with a double tap, without using the side button. This option is available in the menu Settings> Advanced features> Movements and gestures. Check if it is present on your model.

How to turn off Samsung stuck

How to turn off Samsung stuck

You don’t know how turn off Samsung locked from a password or from an app that does not allow the system to respond correctly to commands? In most cases, the problem is very easy to solve.

First, from the lock screen, try pressing and holding the side button of the device for approx 3 seconds: At best, you should see the shutdown menu appear. When this happens, tap the button Switch off twice in a row and that’s it.

If nothing happens, keep pressing and holding the above button for about 20 seconds, or until the screen turns black, in order to “force” the smartphone (or tablet) to switch off forcibly. Then, wait about 10 seconds and try to turn the device back on, which should now behave as usual.

If, on the other hand, your smartphone or tablet is locked in Recovery mode (i.e. in software that acts outside of Android and allows you to perform various emergency operations), you can turn it off and bring it back to normal using the volume keys he was born in side button.

So, use the keys Volume Up And Volume Down to highlight the item Power off, press the side button to confirm and, in the same way, select the item Yes and press the again side button, in order to turn off the device.

Then wait about 10 seconds and turn the device back on: if everything went smoothly, at the next start, you should be able to use Android regularly.

How to turn off Samsung without touch

How to turn off Samsung without touch

You’ve really tried them all, but the touch screen of your smartphone (or tablet) Samsung just doesn’t want to respond to your commands anymore? In this case, you can try to do a soft-reset of the device, which is a kind of temporary memory restoration that could bring things back to normal. I anticipate right away that this operation does not involve the loss of personal documents, settings or other data on the device.

To do this, with the device turned on, press and hold the button at the same time side button and the Volume Down key for about 30 seconds, or until the device restarts automatically. If the procedure was successful, the touch screen should return to normal operation, starting from the next start.

If the problem is not resolved, the possibility that the cause is attributable to hardware damage is unfortunately concrete: in this case, I recommend that you go to a Samsung authorized service center and to expose your case to the person “in charge”, who will surely be able to provide you with precise indications on what to do.