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How to turn off PS4

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How to turn off PS4: You recently bought one PlayStation 4 and you are really satisfied with the gaming experience offered by the Sony home console. You have already made its first start up and you wasted no time in starting to play your favorite titles. Now, however, you have noticed a “small” problem: you can’t turn off the console completely, without letting it go into sleep mode. Well, it happens. However, you have no reason to worry: if you want to understand how to turn off the PS4know that you have come to the right place at the right time!

In the guide you are reading, in fact, I will show you how to shut down the PS4 using the appropriate button on the console, its user interface or even your smartphone or tablet, using an app made available by Sony. I guarantee you that, if you follow the “tips” that I will give you, you will not have the slightest problem in turning off the PS4: all in all it is a very simple operation to perform.

Just a small recommendation and let’s get to work: before shutting down the PlayStation 4 using the steps I am about to show you, make sure that there are no disks inside the console, that no data is being saved and that the system is not installing software updates.

How to turn off the PS4 from the on / off button

The “classic” method for turn off the PS4is to use the on / off button which is placed on the front of the console: the one located in correspondence with the logos Sony And PS4. To turn off the console using the button in question, all you have to do is keep it pressed until you hear a beep (i.e. for about 6-7 seconds).

If all goes well, the message will appear on the screen connected to the console SP4 shutdown preparation in progress … and the white LED on the “back” of the PlayStation will turn off, indicating that the operation was successful. Did you see that it wasn’t that difficult to turn off the PS4 with the on / off button?

How to turn off the PS4 from the quick menu

If you don’t want to turn off the PS4 from the on / off button, know that you can use other methods, including acting from quick menu of your console. To proceed, press and hold the key PS of the joystick (the button located on the central body of the controller, on which the logo is depicted PlayStation) and, in the menu that appears on the screen connected to the console, select the item Shutdown moving with the directional keys of the DualShock, press the button (x) present on the controller to “click” on the selected item, then select the item Turn off the PS4 from the menu that opens and confirms the operation by pressing the button again (x).

At this point the screen will appear PS4 shutdown preparation in progress … and, in a few moments, the console will be turned off. Simple, right?

How to turn off the PS4 from the function screen

Another way to shut down the PS4 is to act from the function screen. To proceed, press the button PS placed on the DualShock in use, press the button up arrow present on it and then move in the menu with the directional key right arrow to go to the button Shutdown.

After selecting the button Shutdownpresses the button (x) present on the controller and, in the screen that opens, select the item Turn off the PS4: once this option has been selected, press the button again (x) on the pad and wait for the wording to appear PS4 shutdown preparation in progress …. In a few moments, the console will shut down. Easier than that ?!

How to turn off your PS4 by setting it to sleep mode

The PlayStation 4 has a power saving mode, called “sleep mode“, Which allows the console to remain partially active to carry out operations such as downloading games and content from the PlayStation Store (purchased, for example, via computer or smartphone), powering devices connected to the PS4 via USB cable and” freezing ”Of applications and games running before the last console shutdown (in order to resume the game session from where it left off).

To change the behavior of your PS4 in standby mode, you need to go to its settings menu. After turning on the console, it enters its main menu (the so-called dashboard), press the up arrow on the controller, move to the button Settings (the icon of the toolbox located at the bottom right) and press the button (x) on the pad to access the PlayStation settings menu.

In the screen that opens, press the down arrow on the controller until you get to the item Energy saving settings and select the latter by pressing the button (x) of the controller. Then select the item Set time until PS4 turns off and set the idle time after which the PlayStation should automatically enter power saving mode. You can choose the period of inactivity to be counted during the playing multimedia files (e.g. movies or music) or during use general of the console (so, for example, when you are stationary in the dashboard or in the main menu of an application).

After setting your preferences for the period of inactivity after which the PS4 should shut down, you need to check which functions to enable during “rest mode” and how long to allow them to remain active. So back in the menu Settings> Energy Saving Settings on the console (to do this, just press the key once (OR)), select the item Sets the functions available in sleep mode and put the check mark next to the features you want to keep active when your PS4 is on standby.

  • Power to the USB ports – allows you to charge / power all devices connected to the USB ports of the PS4. You can keep this function active forever or only for 3 hours after the console goes into “sleep” mode. If you set the timer to 3 hours, once this period of time has elapsed, the PS4 will automatically switch from stand-by to complete shutdown.
  • Stay connected to the internet – allows the download of games, applications and software updates while the console is in stand-by. If you enable this feature (with or without the Enable power on of PS4 from networkwhich allows you to turn on the console remotely), the PlayStation will always remain in “sleep” mode and will never shut down completely (unless you force it to shut down by following one of the procedures illustrated in the initial part of this tutorial).
  • Keep the application suspended – by activating this function, applications and games will be put into “hibernation” and the console will never shut down completely. When the game session resumes, you will find everything as you left it.

As you have surely guessed, the only ways to completely shut down the PS4 via “sleep mode” are to disable all the above functions or set the 3-hour timer for powering devices via USB. The other available functions, in fact, prevent the console from turning off completely once it has entered stand-by mode. After adjusting all your preferences, return to the PS4 main menu (by pressing the PS controller) and that’s it.

How to turn off your PS4 from your smartphone or tablet

Finally, let me explain how to turn off your PS4 from your smartphone or tablet. To begin with, install the app on your mobile device PS4 Second Screenavailable for Android And iOS, and then start the application by clicking on its icon. At this point, make sure both the PS4 and your mobile device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network (if you don’t know how to connect your PS4 to Wi-Fi or how to connect a mobile device to Wi-Fi, check out the tutorials where I explain how to proceed).

From the console, follow the path Settings> Mobile app connection settings> Add Device and on the screen connected to the PS4 you should see the code with which you will soon pair the device with the console.

To proceed, start the PS4 Second Screen app (if you have not already done so), press the button Forward present in the welcome screen (if it is the first time you start it), presses on Confirm and continue and then on Close. Now, select the PS4 you want to remotely control by pressing its first namewait for the connection in progress to take place, enter the 8-digit numeric code I was talking about a moment ago and then tap on the item Register.

To turn off the PlayStation from the app, all you have to do is press the button Shutdown placed at the bottom right and then up OK. As if by “magic”, the console will be turned off directly from your smartphone / tablet.