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How to turn off OPPO

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How to turn off OPPO: OPPO is a company that has “carved out” an important space in the mobile device market. In January 2021 it became the first smartphone manufacturer in China (Counterpoint Research data) and in the same year it merged with OnePlus, another important name in the sector. The great success of OPPO finally convinced you too, since you bought a device of this brand. However, you have some doubts about its use, also because it is the first smartphone of this type you buy.

More precisely, you are wondering how to turn off OPPO, as the system menus are different from that of your old phone or perhaps because your device has some problem (e.g. a key not working at 100% or some occasional freeze that you fear may force you, sooner or later, to restart forced terminal). Don’t worry – this is a straightforward procedure in any case.

Whether you are struggling with your first smartphone or simply with a device other than the one you used to use, within this tutorial you will find quick directions that will surely help you reach your goal. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading!

How to turn off OPPO: standard procedure

If you’ve just bought your first OPPO smartphone and haven’t quite figured out how to turn it off completely, you can just put it into practice standard procedure to turn off the device.

The latter consists in passing through the physical power button placed on one of the sides of the smartphone. The placement clearly depends on the model you have, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble identifying it (sometimes it even has colored inserts). For example, if you are wondering how to turn off OPPO A52 or how to turn off OPPO Find X3 Lite, the power button is located on the right side of the device.

So, how to turn off an OPPO once the power button? It’s simple: that’s enough press and hold the button in question for about 3 seconds. By doing so, a overlay menu. The latter is very simple to use: see the white dot present in the center? It is enough for you drag it downward, making it “match” with the voice Switch off, And that’s it.

Alternatively, you can drag it up, which is above the option Restart, to carry out this last operation.

In short, the standard procedure is very simple. Just keep in mind that, sometimes, if you press the power button for too short a time, the Google voice assistant may appear on the screen and not the shutdown menu.

How to turn off OPPO A52

In this case, you simply have to press the button a little more (do not release it when the assistant screen appears). For the rest, the system in some models allows you to disable the activation of Google Assistant simply by pressing on the item Deactivate (or similar).

For the rest, if the assistant continues to give you “headaches”, you might think about trying to go along the path Settings> Practical tools and deactivate the option relating to the activation of the Google assistant by pressing the power key. For more details that go beyond OPPO devices, you can refer to my tutorial on how to disable the voice assistant.

Clearly, the procedure may vary depending on the model of OPPO smartphones in your possession and therefore you may encounter some slight variations than indicated in this guide. However, following the directions I gave you earlier you shouldn’t have any problems: you just need to understand how long to press the power button and then drag the white dot in the correct way.

In any case, for turn the device back on just hold it down again for a short time the power button. Perfect, you have now correctly learned how to use the standard procedure.

How to turn off OPPO with broken button

OPPO ColorOS Secondary Features

How do you say? You already know the standard procedure but unfortunately the power button of your OPPO smartphone no longer works how should it be? No problem, I’ll explain immediately what you can do!

In this case, you need to know that it is actually possible to turn off the device without using the physical power button, but you need to be very careful. In fact, since the key doesn’t work, I’ll remind you then you will no longer be able to turn on the device with the classic method.

The best advice I can give you in these cases is therefore to try to solve the problem, carrying the smartphone in assistance or simply buying another model (if the time has come, the choice is obviously yours).

In any case, if you are looking for one temporary solution, I can direct you to one accessibility features which actually allows you to switch off compatible OPPO smartphone models without going through the power button.

To proceed, just follow the path Settings> Additional Settings> Accessibility> Accessibility Menu, move on ON the lever linked to the option Quick choice and press the button OK, in order to provide the right ones authorizations.

OPPO ColorOS shortcut

In this way, thelittle man icon: you just have to tap on it to access a menu which has several features. At this point, click on the box POWER ON and the classic will appear on the screen off slider. You can then drag the white dot central downwards, for switch off the smartphone, or upwards, for restart it.

In short, now you also know a method to turn off or restart the OPPO device even if the power button does not work. Clearly, this functionality may not be available on all models (or there may be some slight variation), but you shouldn’t have any problems using it following the directions I just gave you.

In any case, if you accidentally turned off the OPPO smartphone, “Forgetting” that the power button does not work, you may want to try booting in another way. On the other hand, sometimes this situation can be solved “simply”.

In fact, for some models it is enough connect the smartphone to a power outlet (via its charger) e keep pressed for a long time the button Volume Down. By doing so, in certain cases it is possible to access the Recovery mode.

From here you can select the options menu via the touch screen. Typically you are initially asked to select the language (eg, English), but then you can press the button Reboot, in order to restart the smartphone and return to use it.

Recovery ColorOS OPPO

For the rest, for “Wake screen” without physical key, I remind you that you can plug in and unplug from the power outlet the device (maybe you should set the screen activation via double tap or lift, the options are usually found in the section linked to gestures, or set a display switch-off time as high as possible, usually the option is in the section dedicated to the screen).

In any case, it is clearly one temporary solution (if the button is broken, you should have the device repaired or upgrade to a new model), but at least now you know what you can do to try to get back to using your smartphone (next time, think twice before turning it off) and maybe save the data you care about before bring it in for assistance.

How to turn off OPPO stuck

Select language Recovery ColorOS OPPO

Your OPPO smartphone has crashed and does not want to know about turning off with the classic procedure? Here is what operations you should try.

Well, some models allow you to force a restart holding down for about 10 seconds (in some cases you may have to do it for longer) simultaneously the power button and the key Volume Up. If this works, perhaps because the problem was caused by the software, you can go back to using the device without too many problems. This procedure could also be useful in the event of problems with the touch-screen, to understand if simply the “non” response is temporary.

If, on the other hand, there is something more “serious” behind the block and the OPPO device does not really want to “load” the operating system once it has restarted, you could try to go through the Recovery mode. I have already referred to the latter in the previous chapter: it’s about a method used to solve any problems with your smartphone.

To access it, once turned off the device, just press and hold the simultaneously power button and that Volume Down, until the smartphone enters the so-called recovery mode. Generally, the “welcome” screen asks you to select the language.

Press, therefore, on the item English (generally not too many options are available, navigation can usually take place or through touch screen or by using i volume keys and confirming with the power button) to continue. From here you can try a simple one restarting the smartphone selecting the item Reboot. Now you know how to get out of Recovery mode, in case you got there “by mistake”.

OPPO ColorOS recovery recovery

If this does not work, because maybe the operating system files are “damaged, you may want to think about running a reset the smartphone. However, by doing so you will lose all data present inside your device (or a good part of them). If you don’t have anything important you can proceed, but if not you may want to bring the device in assistance to understand what can be done in your specific case.

In any case, if you intend to carry out the same operation, just select the option Wipe data and confirm your intention. By doing so, the smartphone will perform a restoration. At the end of the latter, if it was such a problem, you can go back to using your OPPO device.

In short, now you know a little everything there is to know about the possibilities offered by the well-known smartphone manufacturer to turn off its devices. Unfortunately, in some procedures I have not been able to go into further detail due to the quantity of different models available on the market, but generally the methods used are these.