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How to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung

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You have just switched to a Samsung smartphone, would you like to transfer the data from your old iPhone to it but you don’t know how to do it? Do you have a family member at home who wants to send you a document from their iPhone but neither of you can figure out the right procedure to follow? Don’t worry: transferring data from iPhone to Samsung  is a very simple procedure and today I will tell you how.

You will find that it is really easy to have photos stored on iPhone on a Samsung smartphone, as well as videos, music and documents. Among the many data that you can transfer to your new device, there are also the address book and calendar commitments. In short: there is not a single data that you cannot successfully send to the new mobile phone.

If I have managed to convince you of how easy it is to have data previously stored on iPhone on your Samsung smartphone, please take a few minutes to read this guide and let me show you the programs and apps to use for transferring files from iPhone to Samsung. . You will be spoiled for choice!

Transfer all data from iPhone to Samsung

You must know that there is an app that can transfer all data from iPhone to Samsung phone without going through the computer: it is called Smart Switch , it is produced by the same South Korean company and, above all, it is free to download. If you like, you can read my guide on how Samsung Smart Switch works as an integration to this post.

Now that you know the existence of Smart Switch, what are you waiting for to download it? With your Samsung smartphone, connected to the official Smart Switch page on the Google Play Store (you can also find it on Galaxy Apps, the official Samsung store) and tap Install , thus starting the download of the application.

Once the download is complete, press the Open button and wait for the opening of the screen where the app asks you to select the way to transfer the contents to the new Samsung smartphone. On the home screen displays three items: microUSB cable , wireless and external memory .

Choose the method you want (I recommend without cables , which is faster and more immediate) and select the role of the smartphone in use: if you touch the Send item , the Samsung phone will send the data to the iPhone; on the contrary, if you tap on Receive , your new Samsung mobile will receive the files from the “iPhone by”. In this specific case, you must select the Receive option  .

The following items are displayed on the next screen: iOS , Android , BlackBerry , Windows Phone . Again, your choice is mandatory: tap on the icon (a round one) located next to the iOS item and wait for the Log in to iCloud window to load , in which you must enter your Apple ID and its  Password .

You can make sure you are typing the correct password by tapping on the circular icon  located next to the Show password item . Once this is done, press the Login item : at the same time a screen will be displayed on the iPhone that warns you of the Apple ID access request . Then press the Allow button and write the Apple ID verification code that you will receive a few seconds later on the Two-Factor Authentication screen that appears on the Samsung smartphone.

You are now ready to import iPhone data from iCloud to your Samsung smartphone. By default, all iCloud entries are selected: address book , calendar , notes , call log / blocked list , favorites , clock , Wi-Fi and wallpaper .

However, you can choose which data you want to transfer to the new mobile phone. If you want to have all the data previously saved on iCloud, you simply have to tap on the Import item . If, for example, you do not want to transfer data related to Wi-Fi or clock , remove the check mark from the icon of each item that you would like to exclude. When you’re done, tap the Import item and wait for the data to finish loading.

The process can take up to a few minutes, so you can sit back and wait. Once the transfer is complete, you will receive the Basic Content Imported notice . If you choose to import other files from iPhone to Samsung, tap on Continue , to repeat the same process. Otherwise, if you are satisfied, touch the Done item .

Note:  as can be easily understood, for the whole procedure to be successful, you must have made a backup of the iPhone data on iCloud. If you haven’t done so yet and you need help completing the task, check out my tutorial on how to backup iPhone.

Transfer individual data from iPhone to Samsung

If you are interested in transferring individual data from iPhone to Samsung , you should know that there are numerous apps that can help you. Do not you believe it? Then let me amaze you, explaining how to synchronize data between iPhone and Samsung smartphone in a simple and free way.

Contacts and calendars

The first thing you need to do is synchronize the Google account on the iPhone , setting it as the default account, and then repeat the same operation on the Samsung smartphone. Then take your “iPhone by”, access the Settings menu  by tapping on the gear icon located on the home screen and presses first on the item Account and password  and then on the item Add account .

On the screen that appears, press on the word Google  and log in to your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account yet, press the option to create one and follow the instructions in my tutorial on this. Once logged in, make sure that the levers relating to the synchronization of mailcontacts and  calendars are active and presses the Save button  located at the top right.

Now you need to set the Google account as the default account for contacts and calendars on iPhone. Back then in the menu settings , go to  Contacts and set the ‘ default account on  Gmail . After that go to  Settings> Calendars and set the  Gmail calendar as  the default calendar .

The same procedure must be done on the Samsung phone, provided that during the first start-up of the smartphone you have not already set the Google account by default. Then go to the Settings item , by tapping on the gear icon, select the Cloud and account  tab and go to  Account . Finally, select the Google entry and, if necessary, activate the  Synchronize Calendar and Synchronize Contacts options .

If you have not yet set up a Google account on your Samsung smartphone, go to the Settings> Accounts menu  and proceed accordingly. You can log in with an existing account or create a new one, all in a few taps.

Another way to have the old contacts from the iPhone address book on the Samsung smartphone is to manually transfer them by creating a VCF file . To do this, download the My Contacts Backup app for iPhone , which is available in both free and paid versions on the App Store. This latest version eliminates the backup limit up to a maximum of 500 contacts present in the free version and has no advertising banners. Once the app has downloaded, start it and press the OK button in the app’s request window to access your contacts.

In the following screen, press the gear icon , tap the Type item and choose to export the contacts in vCard (VCF) format  . Then go back to the previous screen, by pressing on the End item , and press the Backup  button to start the backup of the contacts on the iPhone.

When the operation is complete, tap the Email button  and send the backup of the contacts just made to the Google email address used as the default account on the Samsung smartphone.

All you have to do now is check the mail received on the phone of the South Korean house, opening the email with the subject MCBackup – My Contacts [vCard] , downloading the attachment in VCF format   and waiting for the download of the latter. The MyContacts.vcf file will be saved in the Download Manager folder .

Then go to the Download folder  of your device by tapping on the Archive app , then go to  Download , open the MyContacts.vcf file  with the  Address Book and press the Save and OK buttons  to import the iPhone contacts on Android.

To verify that the procedure was successful, go to the Address Book app and check if there are any contacts you previously had in the iPhone memory. If you have any problems or further doubts, please try to follow my tutorial on how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.

Photo and video

Having so many photos stored in your phone’s memory can be pleasant on the one hand, but also a nuisance on the other, especially if you don’t know how to transfer them to a new mobile phone. How do you say? Do you also have this problem? But no, rest assured because there is a solution to everything, and in this case it’s called Google Photos .

If you have never heard of it, Google Photos is a service that Google has created to store photos and videos online at no cost and without space limits (as long as you accept a limit in the resolution of photos equal to 16MP and in the resolution of the videos. equal to 1080p). It is available as an app for Android and iOS and therefore allows you to synchronize photos and videos on both platforms (as well as on the PC, via the Google Drive client ).

If you want to transfer photos and videos from your iPhone to your Samsung smartphone, first you need to download the Google Photos app on your iPhone  and activate the backup of photos and videos in the latter. Then start the Google Photos application on iOS, give your consent to access the photos and view notifications and authenticate with your Google account. Then tap the ☰ button located at the top left, press the gear icon , go to  Backup and synchronization , make sure that the Backup and synchronization  function  is active and set the  Upload size  to High quality (in order to take advantage of the backup free photos and videos).

Once the process of synchronizing the photos and videos on the iPhone is finished (for the operation to be successful in a relatively short time, you will need to connect the “iPhone by” to a power source, connect it to a fast Wi-Fi network and leave the Google Photos app open), open the Google Photos app for Android on your Samsung smartphone  and activate the photo backup and sync function.

To enable the backup and sync features in Google Photos for Android, first make sure the app is linked to the same Google account as the app on the iPhone. Then tap the ☰ button located at the top left, go to  Settings , then to Backup and synchronization  and make sure that the  Backup and synchronization function  is active. Then tap on the item relating to the  upload size and make sure that these are set to  High quality  (in order to take advantage of the free backup).

If you prefer the more “traditional” solutions to cloud systems, you can connect the iPhone to the computer, transfer photos and videos on the latter to the PC and then copy them back to the Samsung smartphone, also connecting the latter to the computer. If you need a hand in completing these operations, read my tutorials on how to download photos from iPhone to PC and how to connect Samsung mobile phone to PC.


After synchronizing contacts, calendar, photos and videos, do you want to do the same with music? No problem, now I’ll explain how you need to proceed. If you had an Apple Music account on iPhone , with a rich library of songs, take your Samsung smartphone and install the Apple Music app from the Google Play Store .

Once the download is complete, tap Open and wait for the application welcome window to load. Press the drop-down menu icon at the top left and tap on the Login item . The Sign in with your Apple ID screen will open, prompting you to enter your Apple ID and Password . Once you have completed entering your data, tap on the Login item .

You should receive the Apple ID Login Request on iPhone alert within seconds . Then tap on the item Allow and dial the Apple ID verification code you just received on the Samsung smartphone through the virtual keyboard, then tapping Continue . Wait a few seconds and you can finally say that you made it. Very good, it’s all about you!

I remind you that you can get the same result by downloading the Spotify app on the Google Play Store and logging into your account, with which you also logged in on the iPhone. If you need more information on how Spotify works, feel free to consult my tutorial dedicated to the famous streaming service.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to act the “old” way and your music collection is completely offline, you can transfer it from the iPhone to the Samsung smartphone by doing this: connect the iPhone to the computer and copy the music to the latter following the instructions provided in my tutorial on how to pass music from iPhone to PC, then connect the Samsung smartphone to the computer and pass the music you had on iPhone to it following my guide on how to upload music to Samsung. I assure you that it is really a breeze!


As for documents, know that there are solutions that allow you to transfer files from iPhone to Samsung in a surprisingly fast way and to keep documents synchronized on all devices. I am clearly referring to cloud storage services, such as Dropbox  (which is available for both  iOS  and  Android ) and Google Drive (also available for  iOS  and Android ), which offer a sort of online hard disk on which to store any file type.

By installing these apps on iPhone and Android and using them to store your documents, you will find them on both devices having the ability to always keep them synchronized. For more information on how Dropbox works and how Google Drive works, see my tutorials dedicated to these services.

And if you need to transfer specific documents from iPhone to Android, you can take advantage of apps such as  Send Anywhere , which allows you to wirelessly transfer any type of file from one device to another (by typing a code) . You can install it from the official Google Play Store and App Store page  to easily switch files from one device to another. To learn more, I recommend reading my guide on how to transfer files to Android.