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How to transfer data from iPhone to Huawei

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You have replaced your old iPhone with a new Huawei smartphone and, now, you are looking for a way to transfer its data. You are not familiar with technology and you do not want to risk making some mistakes, which could result in the loss of your files or information to be transferred between the two devices. How do you say? Is this exactly the case? Then don’t worry: I’m here to help you.

In today’s guide, I will show you how to transfer data from iPhone to Huawei through simple procedures, which require the use of various types of tools, both native and third-party: in this way, you can import any type of data onto the new smartphone , such as photos, videos, documents, calendar and contact list, either individually or as a group.

If you are ready to start reading the tips I have prepared for you in this tutorial of mine, sit down comfortably, take a few minutes of free time to learn the method that best suits your needs and transfer the data to your new mobile phone. putting it into practice. All that remains for me is to wish you a good read!

Transfer all data from iPhone to Huawei

If you want to transfer all data from iPhone to Huawei mobile , I would be glad to know that there is a free official Huawei app to do this, called Phone Clone . This application allows you to transfer contacts in the iPhone address book, calendar and multimedia files, such as photos and videos, to the Huawei smartphone.

The app should already be pre-installed on the Huawei phone but, in case, you can download it by connecting directly to the Play Store , by tapping the Install button and finally on Open . On the iPhone , however, you have to download the same application from the App Store , pressing the Get button , then using the TouchID , FaceID or entering the password of the iCloud account, and finally pressing Open .

After starting the app on your Huawei smartphone, press the Accept button to reach the main application screen. Now, press the New phone button , choose the word iPhone 5 or later , in the screen that is shown to you, and wait for a Wi-Fi hotspot to be created, whose access data is indicated on the screen.

At this point, grab the iPhone and open the Phone Clone app , using its icon on the home screen. Then press the Accept button and consent to all the requests you see, by pressing the words OK , three times in a row, in the messages on the screen.

Now, tap on the Connect the new phone button and then press the Connect item , in the screen that is shown to you. Doing this will launch the iOS Settings app. Then press on the word Wi-Fi and choose the name of the network that is displayed on the screen of the Huawei smartphone. On this, there is also the numeric password to type in the Enter the password field , which you see on the iPhone screen. Then confirm access to the hotspot by pressing the Login item .

At this point, on the iPhone, access the Phone Clone app again and press the Connect the new phone button . Then wait for all the data present in the memory of the “iPhone by” to be analyzed and, at the end, you will be able to view those to be exported with a check mark next to them.

If you do not want to import any data on the Huawei smartphone, remove the check mark next to the one you do not want to export. Instead, as far as multimedia files are concerned, you can press on the respective Photos and Videos items , to access their detailed list. In this way, you can deselect the files you do not want to transfer, by removing the check mark from them and then pressing the icon with the √ symbol to confirm.

When done, hit the Transfer button to start importing the data to your Huawei mobile. The operation may take several minutes to complete. When finished, press the OK buttons on the displays of both devices.

Note : as indicated on the main screen of Phone Clone for iOS, the transfer procedure takes place only for the data residing in the iPhone memory. If you also want to transfer data on iCloud, such as photos and videos, you will need to download them to your device first. You can consult this guide of mine on how to download photos from iCloud, to learn more about the subject.

Transfer individual data from iPhone to Samsung

Would you like to  transfer single data from iPhone to Huawei ? Then I advise you to read the next lines, in which I will show you different methods to achieve this goal.

Contacts and calendars

If you want to import iPhone contacts to a Huawei smartphone , the first method I recommend is to use Google sync . To do this, access the iOS Settings , through its icon with the symbol of a gear on the home screen, and press on the Account and password > Add account items .

Now, press on the word Google , which you see in the new screen, and log in with the email and password of your Google account . If you don’t have one yet, you can consult my guide dedicated to the subject.

After logging in, move all the levers you see on the screen to ON and then press the word Save at the top right, to confirm the synchronization operation for emails, contacts, calendar and notes.

At this point, you need to set the Google account as the default for the Contacts and Calendar app . Then start the iOS Settings and reach the items Contacts > Default account and presses on the Google account added previously. The same thing you have to do for calendars, reaching the voices Calendar > Calendar of default in the  settings of iOS.

On the Huawei smartphone you do not need to perform any operation, if you have already associated the Google account to the device (I told you about it in this guide of mine). Check, however, if the synchronization options are active, by opening the Android Settings and tapping on the items Users and accounts > Google > [your gmail] . Make sure that the levers next to the words Synchronize Calendar and Synchronize Contacts are turned to ON .

In addition to the above method, you can use vCards , i.e. files that integrate contact information, and import them to devices that support them. To do this, I recommend that you use your computer: first, start the browser you usually use to browse the Web and log in to the official iCloud site with the same credentials entered on the iPhone and press the Contacts button to log in to the list of all the names in the phone book.

Now, click on the first contact and then press the key combinations Ctrl + A on Windows or cmd + a on Mac, to select all items in the list. Then press the icon with the symbol of a gear at the bottom left and choose the Export vCard item in the context menu. By doing this, you will have downloaded the entire address book in VCF format .

At this point, go to the Contacts section of the Google website and log in with the same credentials as the Gmail account associated with the Huawei smartphone. Then click on the More > Import items in the left sidebar. Now, click on CSV or vCard file , then on  Select file , open the VCF file you downloaded earlier and click on the Import button  to start the transfer process.

When the operation is completed (which takes a few seconds), reload the page to find all the contacts under the heading Personal contacts , in the left bar, with the label Imported (dd / mm / yyyy) .

With active synchronization of the Google account associated with the Huawei smartphone, the newly imported address book will be available in the Contacts app .

Using the vCard method , you can also use third-party apps, such as My Contacts Backup for iPhone , available in a free (maximum 500 contacts) or paid version . I told you in detail about this app in my guide on how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, in case you want to learn more.

Photo and video

If you want to transfer photos and videos from your iPhone to a Huawei smartphone , I recommend using the Google Photos app , which can be downloaded for free from the  Android Play Store and the iOS App Store . This app allows you to backup all multimedia elements for free and unlimited with a maximum resolution of  16MP  for photos and  1080p  for videos.

Otherwise, if you want to keep the original resolution, you have to use the limited space of Google Drive , equal to 15GB and expandable starting from 1.99 euros per month  for  100GB  of space. If you want to know more about this Google app, I suggest you read my guide on how Google Photos works.

First of all, download it on the iPhone, via the link I provided, and press the Get button , use the TouchID , FaceID or enter the password of the iCloud account, and finally presses on Open .

Now, start Google Photos on the iPhone, via its icon on the home screen, and tap the icon at the top left. Press the icon with the gear symbol , go to the Backup and synchronization section and make sure that the lever next to the  Backup and synchronization item is set to ON . Scroll the screen and press on the word Upload size , choosing the High quality option , to take advantage of the free and unlimited space, as I mentioned before.

Connect the iPhone to Wi-Fi (I explained how to do it in this guide) and wait for the backup process to complete, which can take several minutes, depending on the amount of files in the device memory.

After the backup process is complete, install the Google Photos app on the Huawei smartphone, using the link I provided and pressing the Install button and then click Open . On the main screen of the app, tap the icon at the top left and tap the Settings > Backup and synchronization items . Move to ON the lever next to the words Backup and Synchronization , and enable high quality , under load size.

All the multimedia files will be shown to you on the main Google Photos screen , to be viewed at any time by tapping on each of them.

You can also use alternative methods for transferring media files from iPhone to a Huawei smartphone. For example, you can use iTunes to import them to your computer and then transfer them to your Huawei mobile or you can rely on cloud storage services. In such cases, I recommend that you read my guides on how to download photos from iPhone to PC, how to transfer Android files and the best cloud storage for smartphones.


In addition to the data I told you about in the previous lines, you may also want to transfer music from iPhone to Huawei . In this case, you can use the Apple Music app , which can be downloaded for free on the Play Store . This allows you to listen, through a monthly subscription, to the millions of music tracks available on this streaming platform from Apple. Subscriptions cost € 4.99 per month (if a student), € 9.99 per month (the standard plan) or € 14.99 per month (for a family account of up to 6 people).

First, start the Apple Music app on the Huawei smartphone and press the icon located at the top left. Then tap on the Login item and enter the same credentials as your Apple ID associated with the iPhone. Then press on the word Sign in and type the verification code of the Apple ID that is shown to you on the iPhone screen.

In this way, all your playlists will also be available on the new Huawei smartphone, ready to listen.

You can do the same with other streaming music services, such as Spotify , which can be downloaded for free on the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store . If you want more information on how to use this application, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to the subject.

If, on the other hand, you want to transfer the music files on the iPhone memory, you can export them first to your computer, and then load them on the Huawei smartphone. I therefore suggest that you first read my guide on how to switch music from iPhone to PC and then consult my tutorial on how to upload music to Android, to complete the transfer process.


Transferring documents from iPhone to Huawei smartphone is a simple procedure, which only takes a few minutes of your time. You can decide to proceed through cloud storage services or solutions that take advantage of the wireless network. Let’s go in order.

If you want to take advantage of the wireless connection of your smartphones, you can use the excellent service provided by the Send Anywhere app , available for free on both Android and iOS . Then download the app on both devices by pressing the Install button (Android) and Get (iOS).

Now, start the app on the iPhone , tap on the Send icon at the bottom and then on the File tab at the top right. From the files in the list, choose the ones to transfer by placing a check mark in the boxes alongside. Then press the Send button to view a numeric code  and a  QR code .

On the Huawei smartphone, start the Send Anywhere app  and press the Receive tab  . Now, type in the  numeric code  that was first shown on the iPhone or press the button with the  square symbol , at the top right, to perform the QR code reading  . The transfer will then be made within a few moments. Easy isn’t it?

Alternatively, you can use cloud storage, which are online storage spaces on which to save all your files, through the free space that is offered to you. Obviously, in case that is not enough, you can upgrade your free profile, the costs of which vary according to the service you use.

For example, if you use Google Drive , available on both Android and iOS , you can store your files on the 15GB online space for free . If you want to increase this space, you can upgrade at a cost of € 1.99 per month  for  100GB . If you want to know how to use this cloud storage service, I recommend that you read my guide on how to sync Google Drive.

Another service I want to tell you about, a little more limited than the one I told you about in the previous lines, is Dropbox which allows you to store files for free in a storage space of 2GB . You can upload files through the applications available for both Android and iOS . For more space, you need to upgrade at a cost of € 9.99 per month for 1TB ( 1000GB ). You can consult my guide on how to share files on Dropbox, in which I show you the procedure for uploading files online.


Most messaging applications save all conversations to the cloud. It will therefore not be at all difficult for you to find your chats, if you use, for example , Facebook Messenger ( Android / iOS ) or Telegram ( Android / iOS ).

The situation is, however, different for WhatsApp, available on both Android and iOS . By installing and configuring WhatsApp on the new Huawei smartphone, you will no longer find previous conversations, as WhatsApp can transfer the backup of the chats only if the operating system of the old device is the same as the new one.

However, there are unofficial solutions, such as the one offered by Wazzapp Migrator , available for a fee on the Android Play Store , at a cost of 4.99 euros . To transfer a backup, you must perform a procedure which is not complex in itself, but which requires the utmost attention.

In fact, you must first perform an unencrypted backup on the iPhone (you can take this guide as a reference, taking care not to activate the backup encryption) and then use a third-party software, called iBackup Viewer , available on Windows and Mac , to read the files inside the backup.

You will therefore have to extract specific files located in the WhatsApp folders to be transferred within the Wazzap Migrator app , installed on the Huawei smartphone, in order to restore all iPhone conversations. For more details on the procedure to be performed, I refer you to the official website , through which you can contact the assistance service, in case you encounter any problems.