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How to transfer a game from one phone to another

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How to transfer a game from one phone to another: After a long time, you have finally managed to buy that phone you so much desired and you can’t wait to be able to take full advantage of it in all its features. There is something, however, that keeps you from doing it: your old smartphone, trusted companion of moments of relaxation, contains all the saves related to the games you care so much and you are somewhat reluctant to send him into retirement so as not to lose all your progress.

This is the reason why, hopefully, you opened Google in search of a guide that would explain  how to play checkers on the Internet , so as not to throw whole afternoons of “carefree commitment” to the wind. Well, I am very happy to tell you that you are in the right place, at a time that could not be better: below, in fact, I intend to explain by wire and by sign how to move games from one phone to another, so as to keep safe progress and bailouts.

Do not worry if you are not particularly skilled in terms of technology, there is no reason: the steps that I am going to illustrate are simple to apply and do not require specific skills, therefore I am sure that, after reading this guide carefully, you will be perfectly able to act in complete autonomy and to move your favorite games to the new smartphone. Having said that, I just have to wish you happy reading and have fun!

How to transfer a game from Android to Android

How to transfer a game from one phone to another

Transferring a game from one phone to another , when it comes to Android , is a rather simple operation: in fact, there are applications that can “extrapolate” the game data saved on the old terminal, including them in an APK file to be installed later on the new device.

Before going on, however, I have to make a clarification to say the least fundamental: the illustrated procedures are effective only if the game to be transferred saves the data in the memory of the device . If the game to be transferred saves data on the Internet (e.g. in the  Google Play Games account  or on  Facebook , just to mention a couple of possibilities), you will have to install the app on the new terminal directly from the Google Play Store and carry out the access through the same credentials used previously, in order to synchronize all the saves and any in-app purchases made.

Having made this necessary premise, it’s time to get down to work: below I will explain how to use two of the best apps designed for the purpose. Since these are applications that act via the Internet (or, if you wish, via Bluetooth), you will not need a computer or connection cables to complete the operation.


How to transfer a game from one phone to another - CLONEit

The first app I want to tell you about is CLONEit : in this case, this software allows you to clone apps and games between two Android phones in a matter of seconds, without the need to use cables or difficult installation procedures. All you need to do to  transfer a game from one phone to another , in this case, is to install the app on both devices, start it and follow the simple instructions on the screen.

The first thing you need to do, therefore, is to download the CLONEit app on both Android phones involved in the transfer, by connecting to the appropriate section of the Google Play Store (which you can quickly reach by tapping this link , if you are reading the guide from one of the your Android devices). After completing this operation, carefully follow the instructions that I am going to provide you below.

  • Old phone  (the one from which to transfer the game) – launch the CLONEit app and press the Sender button  shown on the screen. If necessary, grant the permissions by pressing  Allow in the proposed dialog boxes.
  • New phone (the one that must receive the game) – first activate the installation of apps by  unknown sources : to do this, go  to the Android Settings (using the gear icon resident in the device drawer), select the Security item  and move the lever relative to the item  Unknown sources located inside it to  ON . On some Android models, the same item may be in  Settings> Other settings> Security & Privacy , or in  Settings> Apps and notifications> Advanced> Special access to apps> Install unknown apps (in the latter case, you must activate the lever corresponding to CLONEit). In any case, after completing this operation, start the CLONEit app  , press the Receiver button  and connect to the hotspot created by the “sending” phone by entering the appropriate key or scanning the QR code found on the display of the other smartphone. Then press  OK , in order to confirm the connection between the two devices, and touch the icon relating to the old phone configured previously, which appears shortly after on the screen.

At this point, take the old phone again and press the OK button  to accept the incoming connection. Now, to copy the required data, move to the  new phone , touch the item  Click here and select the data carefully , touch the icon relating to the game you would like to transfer data to (e.g.  Scopa Free ) and press the buttons  Start  and OK  to start the transfer immediately.

Once this procedure is completed, the game (with related data stored on the old phone), if the receiving device has root permissions , will be automatically installed on the new smartphone. If not, you will have to manually install the APK package .

APK Extractor

If the previous solution failed to meet your expectations, you could give APK Extractor a chance . This software, quite similar to what we saw previously, allows you to create an APK (i.e. an installation file for the Android app) of the game in question, containing all the data relating to it. Once the APK is generated, simply share it with the new Android device and proceed with the installation as usual.

To use APK Extractor immediately, grab the  old phone and proceed to install the app directly from Google Play (you can alternatively tap this link if you are reading my guide from the terminal in question). Once this is done, launch the newly installed app, identify the game to be transferred from the proposed list, touch the button (⋮) corresponding to its name and select the Share item  from the menu that appears on the screen.

At this point, all you have to do is choose one of the available sharing options (eg  Gmail ) to move the file to the new phone: in this regard, make sure that the chosen method is easily accessible through the latter.

To install the resulting APK file on the new phone, you must first enable the installation from  Unknown sources : to do so, you can follow the instructions I provided in the previous section or consult my specific study on how to install APK .

Anyway, from the new phone, access the game’s APK file through the app used previously to share it (eg Gmail ), touch its icon and proceed with the installation as usual: after a few seconds, the game and the your data will be available again on the brand new device. Simple, isn’t it?

How to transfer a game from iPhone to iPhone

How to transfer a game from one phone to another

Are you not interested in exchanging data between Android terminals because you need to make the transfer in question between two iPhones ? In this case, I have good news for you: to move a game from one iPhone to another there is no need to rely on third-party programs, since iTunes has in itself a feature that allows you to transfer the backup of an “old” IPhone on a new one in a couple of clicks.

Furthermore, if you do not have a Lightning cable available to complete the procedure, you can obtain a completely similar result by relying on the iCloud cloud service  , which requires no additional cables or computers.

Before starting, however, I want to point out an important detail on this: the illustrated procedures allow you to move entire backups, including apps and games, from iPhone to iPhone, without the possibility of individually choosing the data to be transferred. Furthermore, for the procedure to be successful, the new iPhone will have to be re-initialised – except, of course, in the event that the terminal in question had just been purchased or at least not yet activated.

Finally, also in this situation, what has already been said for Android is valid: game data are successfully transferred only if they are not saved on game servers that work via the Internet (eg iCloud or other similar services). If so, you can restore the game progress on the new iPhone by downloading it through the App Store and logging in with the same credentials used on the old phone.

With these necessary premises, it’s time to take action: below I am going to illustrate how to transfer a game from one phone to another both using iTunes and through iCloud. Before proceeding, you must  update  both devices to the latest version of iOS (I explained how to do it in my dedicated tutorial ), otherwise the transfer of the backup will not be successful; also remember that, in order for the procedure to be carried out, you will need to associate the same Apple ID to both iPhones.


Do you have the iPhone Lightning cable and have you decided to proceed using  iTunes ? Perfect: first of all, if you didn’t already have it, install iTunes  on Windows following the instructions that I have provided you with in my dedicated tutorial ; this operation, on Mac , is not necessary, since iTunes is already pre-installed within the operating system.

Either way, start the program by calling it from the  Start menu in Windows or toolbar  Dock Mac (via the icon in the form of musical note ) and, once the software is loaded, connect your old iPhone  (that is it will transfer games ) to your computer using the supplied Lightning cable . If you are asked to  update iOS to the latest version available, accept, since as already mentioned the version of the operating system must be the same on both iPhones.

Once this is done, access the iTunes File  menu  , click on the Devices item  and then press the Transfer purchases from “iPhone of [your name]” item to move the data relating to the games and apps purchased to the computer. At this point, click on the iPhone icon  located at the top of iTunes, choose the Summary item  attached to the left sidebar, affix the check mark next to the item  This computer and then click on  Back up now to immediately create a backup of the source iPhone to the computer.

Once the backup procedure is complete (you can realize it by checking the progress bar located at the top), disconnect the original iPhone, close iTunes completely, connect the  new iPhone (i.e. the one to copy the games on) and open the software again Apple

If the device has already been activated, first of all transfer the purchases already made on the computer (otherwise they will be lost) by going once again to the menu File> Devices> Transfer purchases from “iPhone of [your name]” , then click on the icon of the ‘ iPhone located at the top left, select the Summary item again  and click on the Reset iPhone button  to restore the device to the factory state, remembering to deactivate the Find my iPhone feature before proceeding.

During the recovery procedure, choose  not to backup the new iPhone; on the contrary, if you were asked to  update the operating system to the latest version,  accept without hesitation (as I have already explained, the versions of iOS on the two iPhones must coincide).

Once the restore procedure has been completed, or after connecting the iPhone that has not yet been initialized, click again on the iPhone- shaped button  located at the top left of the iTunes window, affix the check mark next to the item  Restore from this backup , choose from the drop-down menu immediately adjacent to the backup to restore (the one previously created by the other iPhone), click on the Continue button  and wait patiently for the process to be completed.

Completed everything, the new iPhone will have the same data, the same settings and, above all, the same apps and the same games present on the old one. Easy, right?


Can’t you (or don’t you want to) connect  apple phones to your computer? You have nothing to fear, since you can transfer games from one terminal to another using the iCloud service . Even in this case, if the “target” iPhone has already been activated, there will be a need to restore it in advance: I illustrated the details of this operation in my guide on how to restore iPhone .

So, without delay, grab the  old iPhone (ie the “original” one), make sure that it is connected to a Wi-Fi network , access the Settings menu  > [your name]> iCloud> iCloud Backup and press the Run button  backup now to instantly create a backup of your phone and send it to the cloud.

Once the backup is complete, take the new iPhone instead  and, if it has already been activated, restore it to the factory state by going to the  Settings> General> Restore  iOS section, press on the  Initialize content and settings item and press twice on the Initialize button  iPhone  to start the procedure immediately. As already mentioned, you must not carry out this step on a new or, at least, not yet activated iPhone.

In any case, after restarting the iPhone (or the first power on),  activate it following the instructions shown on the screen: first select a  Wi-Fi network to connect to (essential step for the posthumous recovery of the iCloud backup ), choose whether to activate  location services , configure  Touch ID or  Face ID , set an  unlock code .

Once you come to the recovery options, choose the  Restore from iCloud backup , access your  Apple ID , accept the iOS conditions of use and, finally, choose the  backup to restore  (the one previously created with the old iPhone) from the list proposal.

How to transfer a game from Android to iPhone (or vice versa)

How do you say? Have you not found what you need yet, since you are interested in understanding how to transfer a game from Android to iPhone and / or vice versa ? Unfortunately, this time, I think I have no good news for you: being phones equipped with different operating systems, capable of processing data structured in a way that is profoundly different from each other, this operation  is not officially possible .

To be more precise, there are programs on the net that promise to achieve a similar result, however these solutions may not be effective due to the differences between file formats and conversion difficulties.

What I advise you to do, as a last resort, is to check if within the game you are interested in there is an option to synchronize progress and purchases directly on the cloud (e.g. via Google Play Games, iCloud, Facebook and so on): if so, you just have to log in from inside the game installed in the old phone, wait for the data to be synchronized, download the same game on the new phone and access it using the same credentials previously adopted .