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How to tile two photos online

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How to tile two photos online: You would need to tile two photos online to create a collage very simple. You are thinking, for example, of placing two photos side by side on a colored background, and then sharing the small collage made with your friends. The problem is that you are not very familiar with graphics programs and would like to avoid installing software on your computer.

The last thing you want is to waste hours and hours of time figuring out which procedure to follow to succeed: in short, you would like a quick solution to put two photos side by side, through some online service. Of course I understand you, and I also imagine that if you are reading these lines, you probably don’t know where to start for put two photos side by side online. Don’t worry, I’m able to give you the right tip, allowing you to avoid using overly complex photo editing software and explaining how to find your way around an online solution.

On the Internet, there are several services that allow you to create photo collages in just a few clicks, without having the slightest experience on the subject. All you will need is your creativity, nothing else. You will see that, if you follow this tutorial, put two photos side by side online it will be child’s play. In fact, I will talk to you about which tools you can use, explaining to you on a practical level, how you can use them to combine two photos online. That said, let’s ban the cianche and see right away how to tile two photos online. I am sure you will find this guide very useful. As usual, before we begin, I wish you a good read.

Quick Picture Tools

If you want to find out how to tile two photos onlinethe first service I recommend you try is Quick Picture Toolswebsite that offers an extremely easy and fast solution to create image collages composed of a minimum of two up to a maximum of four images side by side.

To place photos online, using Quick Picture Tools, first connect to the main page of the website and start by clicking the buttons Add to select up to four pictures to use for the collage. At this point, help yourself with the preview of the two photos side by side and use the fields Width and Height to adjust the size of the images. Just in case, to get a more complete overview of how the collage is coming up, reduce the zoom level of the preview to 50% or 25%, using the appropriate drop-down menu.

If you wish, you can also choose the background color of the collage by clicking on the white square next to the item Background colorand set the thickness of the spacing between the two photos (Padding), of the edges of the collage (Margin) and the rounding of the latter (Rounded corners) by filling in the appropriate fields under the heading Background color.

You can also use Quick Picture Tools to write on your newly created photo collage: to do this, simply type the text you want to apply in the appropriate text field located at the bottom, and then go to set the font size (Size) and the font of the character itself, through the appropriate drop-down menu. For the writing you can also put the check mark on the item Bold to bold and up Outline for an inscription that has a contour line. The text and the contour line can be colored if you wish.

When you are satisfied with the result you have obtained, you can download the photos side by side on your PC by clicking on the button Generate image located at the bottom right. By default, the image is saved in JPEG but you can export it to PNG selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu located above the save button.


Another good service you can use for put two photos side by side online And Pixlrwhich offers a more traditional approach to image editing, presenting an interface very similar to that of Photoshop or other popular desktop photo editing software.

Pixlr is made up of two tools: Pixlr Editor And Pixlr Express. These are two web apps that you can use for free but which offer different tools. Pixlr Editor is an advanced photo editor that offers tools similar to Photoshop, Pixlr Express is instead a simpler tool that allows you to tile multiple photos online, applying frames and effects.

You can use both Pixrl web apps to tile two photos online, at your discretion. I will explain how in both cases how to go about put two photos side by side online.

Pixlr Editor

To use Pixlr Editor connected to his first page and click on the item Create a new image. Then type the size of the collage you want to create and if you want to set a transparent background, putting the check mark on the homonymous item. Then click the button OK to access the worktop.

At this point, select the item Open image from the menu File and select the two images you want to place side by side, then select them one by one (using the key combination Ctrl + A on Windows or cmd + a on Mac), copy them by pressing Ctrl + C/cmd + c and paste them into the collage box using the key combination Ctrl + V/cmd + v.

Now you will need to resize the photos so that they can be tiled correctly. Then select the level related to the first image from the box located on the right side of the screen and go to the menu Edit> Free Transform to resize and move the photo. Repeat the same operation with the second image and that’s it.

Finally, remove the excess part of the image using the tool cutter and save your collage on your PC by selecting the item Save from the menu File by Pixlr. Easier than that?

Pixlr Express

To use the latter tool to tile two photos online you will need to link to his first page and click on the item Collage. A blank collage template consisting of four images will open by default. You can select the layout of the photo collage you prefer, using the appropriate menu called precisely Layout.

When you are done, click on the button (+) present in each panel of the collage, to load the images to be placed side by side. You can also apply some basic changes to the collage, through the available buttons.

For example, you can apply a spacing between the images to be placed side by side, increasing or decreasing it using the appropriate lever in correspondence with the item Spacing.
The toggle next to it is called Roundness and allows you to customize and round the edges of the collage created; the voice Proportions instead it allows you to set custom proportions, giving a shape to the collage. Finally, through the menu Coloryou can choose whether to color the background, choosing from the palette of colors available.

When you are done, press the button Finished to continue with the customization of the photo collage. You will find several menu items at your complete disposal:

  • Adjustments: allows you to apply advanced changes to the college of photos, through editing tools.
  • Effect: allows you to apply filters to the photo collage created, in a very similar way to Instagram.
  • Overlay: allows you to apply other superimposed special effects.
  • Borders: allows the application and modification of frames with many patterns available.
  • Stickers: allows you to apply stickers to your photo collage
  • Type: allows you to write a sentence and customize it to then apply it overlay.

If none of these advanced tools are of interest to you, you can simply save the collage with the tiled photos you created by pressing the button Save located at the top left. You can choose a name for your creation and save it on your computer at the desired quality (which you can adjust using the appropriate lever). To save the image click on the button Save.

If you want to use an online tool that is even simpler and more immediate than those proposed, then you absolutely have to take a look at the website, which, equipped with a user interface reduced to the essentials, will allow you to combine two photos online in a very short time. time. is in fact an Internet site that provides numerous tools for creating personalized photomontages and collages, with tools free truly within everyone’s reach.

To use it, go to the main page of his website and scroll down the page until you find the tool to tile two or more photos online. Alternatively, you can click directly here to go directly to the tool that will allow you to tile two photos split horizontally and here to create a collage with two photos split vertically.

In both cases, to start placing two photos side by side, you will have to press the red button Click to start. You can choose whether to import the images from your PC or via the Internet (button WWW), loading them by pressing the button Choose Photos. Then click the button The next to proceed. You can make some changes to the uploaded photos by cropping them and pressing the button Finish.

Once you have created your photo collage, tiling the photos vertically or horizontally, you will have several additional buttons available. In particular, to further modify the photos you can add stickers (Button Add Stickers), insert a text above the photo collage (button Write in this photo). If, on the other hand, you are not interested in these additional tools and you simply want to save the photo collage made on your computer, click on the button Image Download. This will open a drop-down menu through which you can save the photo in PDF (Button Download as PDF) or save it as a simple image in .jpg format (Button Download).

The website also applies a watermark to the images created but it is possible to remove it by simply registering on the site