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How to thank friends on Facebook

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How to thank friends on Facebook: For your birthday, all your friends wrote to you on Facebook, filling your profile with their enthusiastic greeting messages. You are very happy with this but, from the moment you do not yet fully know the functioning of the social network, you would like to know if there is a method that allows you to send a reply to all your friends.

Well, if that’s actually the case, know that I can help you very easily. If you want to thank friends on Facebook, the simplest method is to reply to their messages directly. In fact, there is no real official method to thank friends who have written to you on Facebook: when it comes to greeting messages, the best thing to do is to write a reply message as a thank you. Unfortunately, there is no way to send an automatic thank you message to everyone who has written to you: you will therefore have to write in your own hand a response to everyone who has written to you.

In any case, you don’t have to worry, you will see that if you carefully follow the instructions contained in this guide, you will be able to thank your friends on the famous social network in the blink of an eye. In the course of this tutorial, I will also tell you about a native tool of the social network that you can use to send special thank you video messages. Are you ready to get started? Yup? Very good! As usual, I wish you a good read (and a happy birthday, given the special occasion).

Reply to comments on your profile

Your friends have wished you a happy birthday with a message on your Facebook profile and you would like to know how to reply and thank them. Doing it is really simple, I’ll explain it to you right away.

If you want to proceed from your Windows or Mac computer, the first thing to do is log in to the social network. Then connect to his main website and log in using your access data: then type E-mail (or phone) and password and press the button Log in.

Then go to the Facebook profile screen by clicking on Your name. Then locate the messages that have been written by your friends on your profile and reply to the comments by typing your message in the text field Write a comment.

Before sending your message, by pressing the button Enter from your computer keyboard, know that you can customize the text of your message through the buttons you can see on the screen. The smiley face symbol allows you to add an emoji, the photo camera symbola allows you to attach a photo or video to the comment, the GIF button instead it allows you to customize the message by inserting an animated image. By clicking on the square button with a smiley face symbol instead, you can thank your friends by sending them a sticker. You can choose from those already present in the screen that opens or press the button (+) to download new stickers free.

To thank your friends on Facebook you can also use the social network application available for Android And iOS. Then tap on it after downloading it from the PlayStore (on Android) or from the App Store (on iOS).

On iOS, after logging in to the social network via the Facebook application, press the button with the menu symbol at the bottom right (three horizontal lines) and tap on yours first name And surname to be able to view your profile screen. Then scroll the screen that you will see until you find the messages written by your friends on Facebook for which you want to write a message of thanks.

To reply to them, tap the button Comment and write your message text as a reply. Always remember that, even in the mobile version of the social network you can personalize the message with stickers, GIFs, photos and videos. To do this, press the button with the respectively smiley face symbol, on the GIF button or on the button with the camera symbol. Then send the message by pressing the button with the symbol of right arrow.

Using the Facebook application from an Android smartphone instead, after logging in to the social network, tap the icon with the menu symbol at the top right (symbol of three horizontal lines) and then tap on yours first name And surname to view your profile screen.

From your profile screen, scroll until you find the posts of the friends you want to reply to and send a thank you message. Then tap the button Comment located in correspondence of the post in question and normally type the text of the reply using the text field Write a comment.

Don’t forget that even on Android you have the option to customize the text of the message: then add emojis, or press the buttons GIF, on the button with the symbol of camera or of the smiley face to add multimedia elements to the text. Then send the message by pressing the button with the symbol of arrow pointing right.

Reply to private messages from friends

Have they written you a private message on Facebook and would you like to know how to reply to thank you? No problem, I’ll explain it to you right away.

To reply to private messages on Facebook (via desktop) you have to tap on the icon with the cartoon symbol that you find in the top bar of the social network. A drop-down menu will then open and you will be able to see all the messages from people who have interacted with you recently.

Then locate the messages that have been sent to you (and to which you want to reply) and tap them. The chat window at the bottom of the screen will open and you can have a private conversation with your friend. In the text field Type a message in fact, you can write the text of the message you want to send.

Also via Facebook chat you can thank your friends and send them a personalized message from multimedia elements such as photos / videos (photo and camera symbol), stickers (square emoticon symbol), GIF (button GIF) and emoji (round symbol with smiley face). Once you have finished writing your message, send it by pressing the key Enter from the keyboard.

If you want to interact with your Facebook friends via chat, you can also log in directly to Facebook Messenger, the version of the social network exclusively dedicated to instant messaging.

To reply to private Facebook messages on Android And iOS, you will have to act through the application instead Facebook Messenger, essential for interacting with your Facebook friends. After installing the app in question on your device, start it by tapping on its icon.

Via the main screen of the app (symbol of a cottage), identify the person (or people) who wrote you a private message and you want to thank. Tap on their name and write a message via the text field that you can find at the bottom of the screen. Don’t forget that you can personalize your thank you message with the multimedia elements I told you about earlier. Finally, to send the message, tap the button with the arrow symbol pointing to the right.

Use the Say Thanks to Someone tool

An original feature that can be used to thank friends on Facebook is the native tool of the social network called Say thanks to someone.

It is possible that you have never heard of it and the reason is due to the fact that this functionality is hidden within the social network and could be highlighted by Facebook only on some special occasions (a long-standing friendship , for example or a particular holiday such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or Grandparents’ Day). This tool, as it is easy to guess from the name, allows you to choose a person among your Facebook friends and to compose a personalized thank you video, using images and phrases.

If you want to use it to thank your friends on Facebook, the first thing you need to do is connect to this web address Then choose the friend for whom you want to make the video by clicking on theirs name and surname. You can also search for the desired person using the search engine that you find next to the wording Look for a friend.

Once you have selected the person of your interest, scroll down the screen and choose the theme of the movie that will be made. Then put the check mark on the items Longtime friends, Friends or Family members and choose the greeting you want to address to the person from the drop-down menu Choose a greeting.

Then locate the photos or videos you want to include in the thank you video by placing a check mark on them. Through the gallery Choose photos and posts you can also upload photos and videos on the spot: to do so, press the button Add Photos. You can include a maximum of 7 elements between photos and videos.

Once you’ve finished customizing your movie, press the button Play to see it before it is published. If you are satisfied with the result, click on the button Share video. The video in question will be published on your Facebook profile (you can choose to customize the privacy of the post) and the person for whom you made the video will be tagged within the post created to accompany the video.

You can also use this feature from smartphones and tablets: just open the browser you use to surf the Internet and go to the specific website of this Facebook feature. Once logged in to the mobile version of the social network, you will be able to use the tool Say thanks to someone in the same way that I have indicated to you in the previous lines.

Then follow the instructions I gave you (and concerning the use of this tool in the destkop version of Facebook) and proceed to create the thank you movie.