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How to tame a fox on Minecraft

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How to tame a fox on Minecraft: Are you a fan of Minecraft and dedicate some of your free time to always face new adventures in this famous video game. After building a shelter, your next goal is to tame several animals. Among them, you thought that one fox it could be a good company but, unfortunately, your every attempt to “catch” one has failed.

Don’t worry, because it’s normal that you can’t do this: foxes are animals that require specific procedures to make sure they can trust you, without running far and wide across the map every time you approach. In this regard, in today’s guide I will illustrate you how to tame a fox on minecraft through a simple technique that you can easily put into practice only if you carefully read the suggestions that I will provide you.

All you have to do is sit comfortably and consult the advice you will find in the next chapters, so that you can quickly tame this animal in Minecraft and then take it safely to your shelter. If you are ready to start, all I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

What you need to know about Minecraft foxes

Foxes on Minecraft

In Minecraft, foxes are animals that can be spotted while exploring the game world. They are of the classic color of a real fox, therefore from the coat in shades of red, specifically tending to orange. Some, however, may have a white coat.

Foxes, being wild animals, are not sociable and have a shy behavior towards the player when approaching them. In fact, as soon as a fox identifies the player who is approaching it, it will start to run away quickly, trying to keep its distance.

Because of this characteristic and also considering the fact that foxes do not increase their level of trust towards the player when feeding them, any attempt at domestication becomes almost impossible.

Although it is possible to put a fox on a leash and take her to the refuge, she will always try to escape, in case you decide not to keep her tied. Taking into account all these behavioral characteristics with which a fox is equipped, in the next chapters I will explain how to manage to tame one that does not run away every time you approach it.

Taming a fox on Minecraft

If you want to know how to tame a fox on minecraft, in the next few paragraphs I will show you a procedure that you can put into practice to make it easy for you to do this. The method in question will consist in making sure that you can mate foxes to generate a cub, which will not run away when you get close to it.

Preliminary operations

Berry bushes

Before getting to the heart of this guide, it is important to tell you what you will need to bring with you during your search for foxes, so that you can manage to tame one of them.

First of all, as I have already told you, the main objective is to have foxes mated, as their cub will be the one you will have to bring with you to the refuge. This, in fact, will not run away when you get close, because it will trust you.

In this regard, you can mate two foxes only by bringing them with you Berries Desserts: two units would be enough, but I advise you to bring just a few more. You can collect this food come on Bushes of Berries that you find in some specific biomes: in the Taiga and in the Snow-covered Taiga. To get there, you will simply have to interact on the bushes.

In addition to this, you will need a Leash. This object is essential in order for the fox cub to follow you to your refuge without running away: although the cub trusts you, this will try to follow its parents.

To create a Leash, you will have to place on a workbench 4 units of string is 1 unit of Slime Ball. You can find the string by defeating the spiders or as a treasure inside the trunks scattered around the world. The Slime Ball can be obtained from Slime, creatures that live in swamps and underground.

Finally, I recommend that you get at least one 20 units of blocks of any material (no matter which) you will need to trap foxes and prevent them from escaping.

Find the foxes

Taiga on Minecraft

If you have all the material and tools I have indicated with you, it’s time to start looking for foxes. As already mentioned, these animals can be found in the world of Minecraft only in some specific biomes: in the Taiga and in the Snow-covered Taiga.

My advice is, however, to face research during the day, as foxes prefer to sleep during the daytime, while they are active during the night. Therefore, spotting a fox at night could be difficult, as it is constantly moving.

Having said that, moving in these biomes, what you will have to do is look carefully under the trees or in the shaded areas, which turn out to be the favorite places for foxes to rest: you will find them curled up on themselves and will not notice you , if you approach it correctly.

Foxes in the Taiga

In fact, foxes will immediately sense your presence as soon as you walk or run against them. This will cause them to get scared and start running across the map, trying to keep their distance from your avatar.

That said, you can easily guess that the method to get close to them is to crouch, so as not to make noise. You will simply have to hold down the button Shift as you walk, to slowly get closer and move on to the next step.

Mate the foxes

Fence of foxes

After you’ve stealthily approached the foxes (you must find at least two of them), the next step is to create a review around them, which is at least two blocks high, so that they cannot escape when they notice your presence.

You will, therefore, simply have to place the blocks around the foxes (remaining crouched), placing a first row formed by a block and, subsequently, placing the remaining blocks on the second row. Typically, a two-block fence should be more than enough, even if foxes are able to jump up to 5 blocks high.

Once this is done, you can also stop pressing the button Shift, so as to reveal your presence. The foxes will start running frightened inside the fence and, if you have followed my instructions correctly, they will not be able to escape.

Generate a fox cub

Now, use the Sweet Berries to feed both foxes: equip the berries in a quick inventory slot and interact with these animals. If the operation was successful, you will see little hearts appearing on the head of each of the two foxes.

When you have fed both foxes, they will come close to each other and a cub will be generated next to them. As I already told you, the puppy will not run away from you, unlike what happens for his parents, because he will trust you.

Raising a fox cub

Fox cub on Minecraft

Now that you’ve spawned a fox cub, your next step is to take it with you to your shelter. Unfortunately, although the puppy trusts you, he will try to follow his parents as soon as you open the fence and they run away.

What you need to do is equip the Leash and interact on the fox cub to keep him tied to you. As soon as you open the fence and the adult foxes have fled, you can safely head to your refuge with the puppy tied up.

If you have to free him by mistake, know that the puppy will not run away and you can easily recover it, interacting with him again using the Leash.

Now, all you have to do is feed the puppy with berries, in order to grow it and make it adult. When a fox is an adult, it will be able to spawn other cubs. You will have to repeat, therefore, all the operations that I have provided you with in this guide of mine to catch at least two puppies to become adults and to generate other puppies, all domesticated.