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How to talk on Fortnite Nintendo Switch

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How to talk on Fortnite Nintendo Switch: Your friends play Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch and have invited you to join their games. After some defeats, you realized that the game experience could be significantly improved if you could communicate vocally with your teammates, so as to warn them about the location of the opponents.

How do you say? This is exactly how things are and therefore you wonder how to talk on Fortnite for Nintendo Switch ? In this case, you will be happy to know that the popular Epic Games video game has an integrated voice chat and therefore you do not have to use third-party tools to succeed. All you need to do is follow my tutorial, in which I will explain, step by step, how to be able to activate Fortnite’s voice chat on Switch through the settings menu.

Having said that, if you are now curious to learn more and can’t wait to get started, just sit comfortably and take just a few minutes of free time. Turn on your console and carefully read the instructions I am about to give you, in order to succeed in the intent you have proposed. At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Preliminary information

Nintendo Switch

Before I explain how to talk on Fortnite for Nintendo Switch , I need to get you acquainted with some preliminary information. First of all, you must know that, in order to play this famous video game on the Nintendo home console, you need to have a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online : a service with prices starting from € 3.99 per month, which guarantees the possibility to play online in compatible video games.

Furthermore, in order to play Fortnite you must have previously created an Epic Games account and connected the latter, during registration or, subsequently, through the Settings menu of your account, to the Nintendo console. In order to perform this step it is clearly necessary to have also created a Nintendo Account.

Furthermore, the creation of a Nintendo Account is a necessary prerequisite also to be able to access the Nintendo eShop : on Nintendo Switch, in fact, the Epic Games video game is downloaded for free , by pressing the Free Download button , through the company’s virtual shop Japanese.

Fortnite Switch

Of course, in order to perform this operation, it is also necessary to have connected the console to the Internet, via the System Settings> Internet Settings menu .

In addition, if you have problems installing Fortnite on your Nintendo home console, I recommend checking the free space in the memory by going to the System Settings> Data Management> Software menu .

Switch settings

In this regard, given the storage space limited to 32 GB, you could consider buying a micro SD card , like the ones I recommended in my dedicated buying guide .

Finally, I inform you of the fact that, in order to speak on Fortnite  via  Nintendo Switch , you need to connect a headset with microphone to the audio jack on the top of the console, as the latter does not have an integrated microphone.

In case of doubts or problems regarding the prerequisites necessary to install Fortnite on Nintendo Switch , I suggest you refer to my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

How to talk on Fortnite Nintendo Switch

Talk on fortnite switch

Now that I have explained to you what all the requirements are to be able to play Fortnite on  Nintendo Switch , the time has come to move on to the practical part of this tutorial. To start, then turn on the console and press the same button three consecutive times, to access its main menu.

Now, if you have already downloaded Fortnite from Nintendo eShop , following the instructions that I have given you in the previous chapter , start the video game, pressing on its icon located in the main menu.

Once this is done, in order to speak on Fortnite , you must first adjust the settings of the voice chat, in order to activate it. To do this, access the Play menu , then press the (+) button on the console to open the Menu . Now, in the box that is shown to you, select the Settings item and confirm your choice by pressing the A button .

At this point, go to the Audio menu ( the speaker symbol ) and make sure that the wording corresponding to the Voice Chat item is set to Yes .

In addition, under the wording Voice chat method , choose whether to select the Open microphone or Press and speak option . In the latter case, choosing to activate Push to Talk, go to the Controller menu ( the controller icon ), to configure the key to be used to speak.

In this screen, then, select the Custom configuration and go to the Edit commands menu . After that, assign a key to the command called PTT , which will be shown to you in the Actions panel .

Push to talk switch

Once this is done, you just have to start the game, via the Play menu , to be able to communicate vocally with your teammates on Fortnite, using the headphones with microphone previously connected to the Nintendo console. Comfortable, right?