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How to take screenshots on Windows 10

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How to take screenshots on Windows 10: For one reason or another you need to “immortalize” the screen of your PC with Windows 10 installed but you don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, it’s a pretty simple thing. Just use a special combination of keys and you’re done. Alternatively, you can turn to special programs through which you can not only capture the current screen but also edit it at will. In short, as you can see for yourself take screenshots on Windows 10 it is far from impossible.

How do you say? Are you not very expert in information technology and new technologies and are you afraid that the steps you need to take to succeed in the business are out of your reach? Come on, don’t be a coward! I can assure you that taking a screenshot of what appears on the PC screen is not difficult at all … even a child could do it! Then what do you worry about if I’m here, ready and willing to give you my help?

Come on then, take a few minutes of free time all for yourself, make yourself comfortable and immediately begin to focus on reading this article entirely dedicated to the topic. It will be my concern to explain how to be able to capture the entire desktop of your PC, individual windows, customized portions of the screen and even entire Web pages. But now let’s not waste any more time and get to work immediately. I wish you a good read.

Key combination to take screenshots on Windows 10

To begin with, let’s try to understand how to capture a screenshot of what appears on the Windows 10 desktop using a special key combination. All you have to do to immortalize the screen is therefore to press the buttons Win + Stamp (or Prt Scr or Print Screen) on your computer keyboard. In case you don’t know, the button Win is the one with the Windows flag located at the bottom left, while the key Stamp it is located at the top right. The correct execution of the command should be signaled by a rapid darkening of the desktop.

How to take screenshots on Windows 10

In case the default key combination doesn’t work, you can try taking a screenshot of your PC desktop using the combination Win + Ctrl + Stamp or that Win + Fn + Stamp. Instead, if you are using a tablet or convertible press the button Win + the Volume key – (minus symbol).

All screenshots made by pressing the aforementioned key combinations are automatically saved in format PNG in the folder Pictures / Screenshots of the system. If you prefer, you can still change the destination path of the captured screens by right clicking on the folder Screenshots and then selecting the item Property from the menu that is shown to you. Subsequently bearing in the form Path, click Move and indicates the new folder where you intend to keep the screenshots.

“Standard” capture tool

On Windows 10 (but not only) there is also a small program designed specifically for the purpose in question. It is the Capture tool Windows. Thanks to this handy tool you can take snapshots of the desktop, capture single portions of the screen and / or single windows. You can also customize the images obtained with highlights, annotations and other elements.

To use it, look for the Capture Tool in the menu Start and start the tool. Once this is done, you will see a small toolbar appear on the desktop with several buttons. To take a screenshot then presses the button New and then draw with the pointer, by left clicking and continuing to hold, a rectangle comprising the area of ​​the screen you want to take a screenshot of.

How to take screenshots on Windows 10

Once this is done, you will see the editor of the capture tool appear, through which you can make all the necessary changes to the image obtained using the tools available in the window: the pen, L’Highlighter and the rubber.

How to take screenshots on Windows 10

Once the changes are complete, you can save the screenshot as a GIF, JPG or PNG file by clicking on the icon floppy disk located at the top left and then indicating the format you prefer to use for saving the file from the menu Save as: attached to the window that will open.

In addition to as I have just indicated, you can take a screenshot on Windows 10 by going to photograph the entire screen or a single window. To do this, just click on the arrow placed next to the button mode on the Capture Tool toolbar and choose, depending on what your needs are, the function Capture window or that Capture full screen. In both cases, to take the screenshot, just click in the reference area.

You can also use a free format for screen capture simply by selecting the option Capture free format from the menu you see after clicking on the button mode. Then trace the area to be photographed with the cursor by left clicking and continuing to hold.

If instead you want to reset the default capture format, click on arrow placed next to the button mode and then select the item Rectangular catch from the menu that opens.

Windows 10 Game Bar

Are you an avid gamer and are you looking for a system to take screenshots on your computer with Windows 10 installed? Then you can turn to Game Bar, a function available exclusively on the latest version of the Microsoft operating system thanks to which it is possible to capture screenshots and videos of games running on the computer.

Using it is really very simple but first you need to make sure that it is active in the app settings Xbox. Then start the Xbox app by looking for it in the Start menu then right-click on the Xbox icon in the Windows taskbar and choose the item Settings from the menu that appears. Then select the card Game DVR, move up ON the lever relating to the option Take screenshots with Game DVR and that’s it.

If you want, you can also customize the key combinations necessary to call up the Game Bar and capture the screenshots always acting from the same settings window.

How to take screenshots on Windows 10

At this point, you can finally start taking screenshots on Windows 10 when you’re busy playing your favorite video games simply by calling up the Windows 10 Game Bar (the default key combination to use is Win + G) and responding Yes, this is a game to the warning that appears on the screen. Then just click on the button with the camera present in the Windows Game Bar and the game screen will be immortalized immediately. Alternatively, you can use the default combination Win + Alt + Stamp.

How to take screenshots on Windows 10

Again, all the screenshots obtained are saved in PNG format in the folder Pictures / Screenshots of the system.

Third party solutions

In addition to as I indicated in the previous lines, you can take screenshots on Windows 10 using the help of third-party tools. Find what in my opinion are among the best in the category right below, both as regards the capture of the desktop and the elements present on it and the Web pages.


There are really many software suitable for this purpose. But I want to report you SnapCrab, a zero-cost program perfectly compatible with the latest Microsoft operating system (but also with all the others) thanks to which you can take snapshots of the entire desktop of the computer, of single portions of the same or of specific windows in a as quick as it is practical. All the images obtained are saved locally but an ad hoc function is also available which allows you to share the screenshots online.

You ask me how to use it? Nothing could be simpler! First of all, proceed to download the software by connecting immediately to yours home page and then clicking on the button SnapCrab for Windows which is located in the center of the screen. Then wait for the SnapCrab download to start and then complete.

When the download is complete, open the file SnapCrab112-setup.exe just downloaded and in the window that opens click first on Yes and then on Next. Accept the conditions of use of the program by placing a check mark next to the item I accept the agreement and proceed by clicking first Next three times in succession, then up install and to conclude on Finish.

How to take screenshots on Windows 10

When the installation procedure is complete, you will see the program toolbar appear on the desktop. By clicking on the buttons attached to the toolbar you can start making your screenshots. More precisely, by clicking on the shaped button window you can immortalize the selected window by clicking on the button with the two windows you can instead photograph the window in the foreground, while clicking on the button with the computer you can take a screenshot of the whole desktop. In all cases, after clicking on the button for the function you are interested in, move the cursor to the element you want to photograph, click on it and wait for the short countdown indicated in the lower left part of the screen to come to an end .

If instead you click the button with the selection rectangle you can take a screenshot of a specific area to be defined with the cursor. Specifically, you must click anywhere on the desktop, then drag the cursor while continuing to hold down and indicate whether to save the selection (by pressing the button with the camera) or discard it (by clicking the button with the “X”)

How to take screenshots on Windows 10

By default, all screenshots taken are saved to the desktop in PNG format. Eventually, you can change this behavior by clicking on the icon of thegear present in the program toolbar and selecting the item Details from the menu that appears. Next you will have to select the file format in which to save the snapshots from the drop-down menu Image format and the folder in which to store the latter by placing the check mark next to one of the items located under the wording Save a capture in.

You don’t want to save the captured screenshots on the desktop but do you prefer to share them via the web? Then click the button with the double arrow always attached to the SnapGrab toolbar and select the option you prefer from the menu that is shown to you.

Web Capture

If instead you want to take a screenshot of a web page you can contact Web Capture, A free online service that allows you to take snapshots of entire Internet pages. It is very easy to use and does not require any registration.

To use it, connect to home page of the service, type the address of the page you want to get a screenshot of in the field under the heading Enter the URL of the page you want to capture, indicates the format in which you want to save the screenshot via the drop-down menu Choose the file format: and then presses up Capture Web page.

How to make the screen on the PC

Then you will see the preview of the web page appear on the screen as an image and you can download and view it directly on your computer by clicking on the item Download. If you prefer to view an online preview, directly in the browser window you are using, click on the button View.