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How to take lessons via Skype

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How to take lessons via Skype: With the advent of the Internet and technology, the way we communicate with others has changed profoundly. This has had a very powerful impact on our society, making possible things that, until a few decades ago, we never even imagined. A practical example? Distance learning, which in recent years has become increasingly popular and which is feasible thanks to videoconferencing platforms, such as the very famous Skype.

How do you say? Are you interested in the subject and would like to know how to use the Microsoft home program to create remote lessons? Just ask! In the next paragraphs, I will have the opportunity to explain to you how to do lessons via Skype. I assure you, succeeding is not complicated at all: you just need to know how to use this platform and follow some practical tricks, such as those you will find at the end of this tutorial, and it is possible to make your video lessons interesting and pleasant to follow.

So, what are you doing still standing there? Come on, make yourself comfortable, concentrate on reading the next lines and try to implement the “tips” that I will give you. If you do, making video lessons via Skype will truly become child’s play. I wish you a good read and I wish you good luck for everything!

Preliminary operations

Before we go into the heart of this guide and see how to do lessons via Skypegrant me some clarifications perhaps trivial but necessary.

Well, since you intend to use Skype for educational purposes, I recommend that you download Skype and register for the service (if you haven’t already). How come I say this? Because Skype can also be used via browser and without registration (through the use of guest accounts that can be used for 24 hours).

Given the type of activity you have to carry out, however, I recommend that you turn to a more stable solution by downloading the client and / or app of the service on the device you intend to use for your lessons.

If you need help to do this, I suggest you take a look at the insights in which I detail how to install Skype and how to register on Skype.

How to take lessons on Skype

Let’s get to the point now and see, together, how to take lessons on Skype. Below you will find explained how to proceed both from a computer (using the Skype desktop client) and from a mobile phone (using the official app of the service for Android and iOS / iPadOS). Have fun!

How to take a lesson via Skype on PC

Skype PC

In case you want to act from PC, the first thing you need to do is start Skype and log into your account. Once this is done, select the tab Chat or Calls located at the top left of the program window, then click the button Meeting located in the left sidebar and define the purpose of the videoconference you are starting: maybe you could put the name or number of the lesson and next to it the name of the course (ex. Lesson n. x of [nome corso]), indicating it in the text field under the heading What this meeting is about.

Once the purpose of the meeting or, better still, the video lesson of your course has been defined, the next step is to send your students the link that will allow them to take part. How can you do it? You have various options at your disposal: one way is to select the option Copy link, to copy the link of the lesson, to be pasted, for example, in a group conversation; otherwise you can send it to your students’ email addresses by clicking on the buttons E-mail, Outlook Mail or Gmail.

Now it’s time to start the video conference – click the button Start callmove up ON the levers placed in correspondence with the symbols of the video camera he was born in microphonein order to activate the webcam and the microphone of the PC, and confirm this by clicking on the button again Start call.

Mission accomplished! The video lesson has started and you simply have to wait for your students to enter the newly created room. During the video lesson, you can click on the button Share screen (bottom right) to share the screen with your students, on the button Start recording (bottom left) to record the video call and on the button Chat (bottom right) to chat with class participants if you think it’s useful.

How to take a lesson via Skype on smartphones and tablets


If you feel more comfortable take a lesson via Skype on smartphones and tabletsafter opening the Skype app on your device Android or iOS/iPadOS and logged into your account, click on the wording Chat or Calls in the menu which is located at the bottom of the screen. Then press on the symbol of video camera and, on the screen Meetingtap the button Go on.

Next, specify the name of the video conference you are creating, indicating it in the text field What this meeting is about. As I already told you in previous chapterfor a matter of order, you could indicate the number or name of the lesson and the course it belongs to (eg. Lesson n. x of [nome del corso]).

The next step is to invite students to the lesson: press the button Copy link, so as to copy the link of the same, and paste it in the message you want to send them; otherwise click on the wording Share and use one of the sharing options available (eg. Whatsapp, Telegram, e-mailetc.).

To start the lesson, then press the button Start callmove up ON the levers of the switches located in correspondence with the video camera he was born in microphoneso as to activate both the camera and the microphone of the device in use, and press the button again Start callto proceed.

Once the Skype lesson has started, tap the button (…) located at the bottom right (if you don’t see it, touch anywhere on the screen) and, if necessary, share the screen by pressing the button Share screen located at the bottom right and / or record the lesson using the button Start recording located in the lower left.

Tips for making video lessons on Skype

Person who uses Skype

As promised in the introduction of the article, the time has come to find out some tips for making video lessons on Skype. Follow the practical steps listed below and you will see that your lessons will be appreciated more by your students.

  • Prepare the location properly – Your lesson may be difficult to follow if there are details in the background that could distract your students, such as people or pets wandering around the house or office. That’s why you should be careful what you see in the background. Personally, I advise you to identify a wall without decorations, which possibly has a neutral color. If you do not have a suitable wall, you can buy a photographic cloth with which to prepare your location: they are also available at affordable prices, both in shops specialized in the sale of material for photographers and in online stores, such as Amazon.
  • Use a quality webcam and microphone – having a good webcam and microphone that offer good quality will surely make your lesson easier to follow. If you have a Reflex camera, I advise you to use it as a webcam (you can do it through a video capture card and using software useful for the purpose, such as OBS), as the video yield will be very high. it will allow you to have good video and audio quality, which is essential for the success of your video lesson. If you don’t have a good webcam and microphone, know that you can buy these devices (even at affordable prices) in electronics stores and online (e.g. on Amazon).


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  • Prefer Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi – to avoid delays and loss of connection speed (which is physiological when making the wireless connection), I suggest you connect your PC (or even your smartphone or tablet) to the Ethernet port of the router. If your device doesn’t have an Ethernet port, you can buy an adapter (in physical stores or online) to remedy the problem.


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  • Have an “emergency connection” ready – if your “main” connection fails, have a “secondary” connection ready (perhaps using your mobile data plan in tethering) that can save you in an emergency.