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How to take apart PS4 controllers

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How to take apart PS4 controllers: One of your beloved’s controllers PlayStation 4 has definitively abandoned you. It may have taken a few too many drops, but even after resetting it, disconnecting it, and reconnecting it to the console, he just doesn’t want any of it working. Before throwing it away and replacing it with a new gamepad, however, you are considering the idea of ​​disassembling it, perhaps to recover some pieces such as the analog sticks, or simply out of pure curiosity.

A single glance at the DualShock 4 But it reminded you of one thing: you have no idea where to start to open it. Don’t despair, because I’m just here to explain how to take apart PS4 controller in a few steps. I’ll give you information on what you need to open the controller and show you how to remove the various components. But be careful, to perform this operation a minimum of manual skill is required, furthermore I suggest you proceed only if your controller is no longer under warranty. I take no responsibility for any damage you may cause to your PS4 controller.

Well now all you have to do is grab your old controller and give yourself some time off. You will see that thanks to this tutorial you will be able to disassemble your DualShock 4 and who knows, maybe you might even be able to repair it, removing some of the dust accumulated inside. Happy reading and good luck for everything!


OK, before getting to the heart of the tutorial I want to introduce you to everything you need to open the controller and to work on the components.

Basically, the most important tool is the 6mm screwdriver, suitable for the four screws on the back of the controller and for the one of the battery housing on the electronic board. The 6mm one is the only one screwdriver to disassemble the PS4 controller which I suggest you use, in order to unscrew the screws easily without running the risk of damaging them.


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In addition to the screwdriver, I suggest you get some tweezers which may come in handy for disconnecting some cables present in the gamepad. In case you want to clean up the controller before taking it apart, you will need a microfiber clothwhile to remove the dust inside you can use thecompressed air.


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If you want to remove the analog sticks as well, you will need a welder it’s a copper rod, as you will have to unsolder the components. However, I recommend that you only take this step if you are familiar with welding.

Finally, if you want to keep everything in order once disassembled, I suggest you carry out the whole operation on a white or colored cloth, or maybe keep one or more containers at hand.

Disassemble the PS4 controller

internal PS4 gamepad

Well: now that you have everything you need at your fingertips, you can begin your intervention on the PS4 controller.

As a first step, grab the controller and flip it around, then locate the four screws placed on the back. Once done, hold the controller firmly in one hand while using the 6mm screwdriver with the other to unscrew the screws.

Please note that if the controller is very old, you may struggle to remove the screws. In this case I recommend that you try to eliminate the dust and dirt around the screws, using thecompressed airor maybe one toothpick.

Also remember to place the screws in a container or on the cloth that you placed on your work surface, so that you can find them immediately in case you want to reassemble the controller.

Once the screws have been removed, you can proceed with opening the controller. To do this, he grabs the upper shell with one hand and the lower one with the other, then starts separate them, trying to divide them a little at a time, without exerting too much force. If you can’t bare your hands, you can do some leverage with a flat head screwdriver or one plastic lever. The important thing is not to divide the two parts too hard, as you could break the Flat cable that connects them.

I warn you that the keys L2 and R2 they might do some obstruction, preventing you from separating the two pieces. In this case, press the buttons until the rubber comes out of the compartment, in order to unlock the parts of the controller.

Also, please note that all components of the PS4 controller are mounted in the front, so as soon as you notice that the two parts have split, hold the controller with the back facing up. This way, when you separate the pieces, you won’t risk dropping the components.

Well, are you there? Optimal! Once the controller is open, you need to unplug the Flat cablehelping you with the tweezers, and then finally separate the two shells and remove the side buttons, keeping them aside.

After this step, you will need to disassemble the battery controller by removing the cables connecting it to the electronic board. You can disconnect the two connectors using your hands, or with one tweezers if it is more convenient for you. Once the cables are removed, you can remove the battery from the controller.

Now let’s move on to removing the electronic board. As you can see, the board is covered by the battery housing, which is the piece. The two components are joined by a single screw, then re-armed with the 6 mm screwdriver. Once the screw is removed, you will need to separate the battery housing, exerting a little force or using an object to pry.

Once this is done, you can remove the electronic board, uncovering another “layer” of the controller, namely the one where the buttons and directional keys are located. The analog sticks and the touchpad instead they are connected to the part with the electronic board. For remove the buttons ei directional keysall you have to do is remove the protective rubber And reverse the controller body, dropping the keys onto the cloth or into a container.

As regards the analog sticksto detach i rubber pads all you have to do is pull them upwards, with a minimum of force. Things get a little complicated with the heights which will be unsoldered, using a soldering iron and a copper rod.

This procedure is quite complex, especially if you have never used a soldering iron before. Basically, you will need to locate the welding points of the analog sticks, then heat up the copper rod on the soldering material to draw it in and detach the lever, moving it slowly.

If you want to know more about this procedure, you can read my tutorial on how to change PS4 analogs.

At this point there is nothing left to do, other than to keep the components aside, perhaps to use them as spare parts on other PS4 controllers that you can still repair. I remind you that if you need a new controller, you can read my guide on the best PS4 controllers.

How to clean the PS4 controller

Ps4 gamepad

Your PS4 controller it is now out of warranty, but it still works. You just noticed that some keys are no longer responsive as before. Well, in this case you don’t necessarily have to throw it away or replace it, as sometimes one is enough good cleaning external and internal to solve the problem.

To clean the controller on the outside, you can use a microfiber cloth, wiping it over the entire surface to remove dust. If the dirt is stubborn, you can opt for a solution consisting of alcohol and waterto be passed on the surface with a cotton swab or one toothbrush.

As for the internal cleaning of the controller, I suggest you to use thecompressed air to eliminate dust, while for cleaning the keys and analog sticks, you can use a cotton swab with a solution of water and alcohol.

Always remember that in case you want to try to clean or repair your controller, you will need to reassemble the components, so be careful not to damage them. If you want more information on that, read my guide on how to fix your PS4 controller and how to clean it.

What if your controller’s warranty is still valid? In this case, you can contact Sony, or connect to official site for PlayStation product support and assistance