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How to take a shower on Minecraft

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How to take a shower on Minecraft: You are playing Minecraft . You have just built your refuge and, to make it more welcoming, you have decided to furnish it by building various elements of daily use. You managed to do almost everything, except the shower , which you just can’t do properly. Therefore, you decided to search the web for a solution that could help you in this project and, luckily for you, you came across this guide of mine.

Things are exactly this way, am I right? Then you don’t have to worry, because I’m here to help you out. In today’s guide, in fact, I will show you how to take a shower on Minecraft ; a working shower, to be precise! Yes, you read that right: I will explain how to create, in a few simple steps, a shower with which to open and close the flow of water.

First, however, I will show you the materials needed to tackle this project. Finally, in case you want to build something simpler, I will recommend some mods for Minecraft that will facilitate the task. How do you say? Did my introduction intrigue you and you can’t wait to get down to business? So let’s not waste any more precious time: sit comfortably, read carefully all the tips you will find in the next chapters and try to put them into practice. All that remains for me is to wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Preliminary operations

Materials to build the shower on Minecraft

Before I start talking to you about how to take a shower on Minecraft , it seems right to explain to you what materials you will have to use for the realization of this project.

First of all, you will need blocks of any material: you can choose stone , colored concrete or any other material that can satisfy your interest. Since a block will serve as an opening and closing valve for the shower, I do not recommend using obsidian.

In addition, you will need Redstone , essential to be able to create an opening and closing circuit for the water flow. You can find redstone in blocks scattered underground in the world of Minecraft.

To this circuit, you will have to associate a sticky piston , which will act as an essential component for the shower water flow valve. To create a sticky piston , you will first need to create a normal one in a workbench , using 3 wooden planks , 4 crushed stone blocks , 1 redstone unit and 1 iron ingot . To the piston you will then have to add 1 unit of slime ball , obtainable from Slime creatures .

To finish, you will need a lever , obtained by joining 1 stick and 1 crushed stone unit , and glass panels , which I told you about in my guide . Do not forget also a bucket , which you can obtain through 3 iron ingots , to be filled with water through any source.

Take a shower on Minecraft

Minecraft complete shower project

Now that you are aware of all the materials needed to build a shower on Minecraft , it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start seeing all the steps necessary for the realization of this project.

First, delimit an area of ​​your refuge room that is 6 × 4 in size . For the choice of the area, you prefer the corner of the room, which I will use as an example in my guide. Then place the blocks you have chosen, in order to create the flooring for the shower.

Minecraft shower base construction

Once this is done, place two lines of 6 blocks each on this base, covering the wall in length. Do the same thing on the other side of the corner, placing three lines of 3 blocks each on the base.

Construction of elements based on the Minecraft shower

Now, on the long line of the blocks you have placed, add 5 redstone units on top and then place another 2 blocks on the short side, perpendicular to the wall. On these two blocks, you need to place 2 more redstone units .

Redstone construction in the Minecraft shower

Once this is done, leaving the space of a block from the corner and from the base, create a line of 3 blocks on the long wall. On the latter, place 2 units of redstone and the sticky piston horizontally, on whose platform you will have to add 1 block (not in obsidian), which will act as a valve.

Complete construction mechanism for Minecraft shower

Well: almost there! Use the blocks in your possession to create the shower walls, which will isolate the newly built mechanism. All that’s left to do now is to create the water tank, which will start flowing as soon as you open the valve.

Construction of Minecraft shower walls

Starting from the height of the sticky piston, create a 3 × 2 base , taking care not to position the block that is next to the one attached to the piston.

Minecraft shower tank construction

Once this is done, place the blocks along the entire surface of the shower, so as to close it completely at the top. Then add a lever to the center of the 3 × 3 wall of the shower and interact on it in order to activate the piston, which will close the tank valve.

Minecraft shower switch construction

Now that the valve is closed, use the bucket to pour the water into the tank.

Filling the Minecraft shower tank

Very well: you have just finished the shower project!
You just have to decorate it using glass panels and remove the block on the base at the valve, so as not to allow water to escape from the shower.

By interacting with the lever , the valve will operate which will open or close the water flow. Comfortable, right?

Mod to take a shower on Minecraft

Minecraft shower through mod

If your intent is to take a shower on Minecraft in a few simple steps, I can recommend the use of the mods. Among the thousands of mods available, I recommend using MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod , which allows you to add any decoration element to your shelter, including a functioning shower.

If you want to use this mod on Minecraft, you must first install Minecraft Forge , a free downloadable program from  this website . After reaching the link I have provided, go to the left section and click on the version of Minecraft Forge compatible with the mod and press the Windows Installer button , to start the download. Next, double click on the downloaded file and press  OK in the box that is shown to you, to install Minecraft Forge .

Minecraft Forge

At this point, make the withdrawal of MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod from the CurseForge database  , reaching the Minecraft section  , via the link I have provided. In the MrCrayfish’s Furniture mod card , click on the Download latest file button , to download the file in JAR format  .

The latter, at the end of the download, must be moved to the mod folder  found in  C: Users [name] AppDataRoaming.minecraft . Can’t find it? Don’t worry:  create it manually  within the path in question.

Very well! Almost there: now, start Minecraft  and click on the icon  next to the Play button . After that, choose the Forge profile   and press the Play button  , to start the video game with mod support.

Once this is done, to use the mod you have installed and create a shower in your shelter, if you are in Creative mode , open the inventory and go to the MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod tab . Identify, therefore, the Shower and Shower Head objects and equip it, to place them immediately in your refuge.

If you are in a Survival mode session , on the other hand, you can create the Shower object with 6 quartz blocks and 3 glass blocks , in a workbench . As far as the Shower Head is concerned , it uses 3 iron ingots and 3 stone blocks .

To make the shower work, all you have to do is enter the shower ( Shower ) and interact on the shower head ( Shower Head ) to activate it. Easy, right?

Other solutions to take a shower on Minecraft

YouTube to search for shower project on Minecraft

In addition to the advice I have given you in the previous chapters, if you want to know other methods to take a shower on Minecraft , I recommend you use the famous YouTube video sharing platform , where you can find many videos made by many Minecraft fans, like you .

To refine your search, after reaching the official YouTube site or starting its app for Android or iOS , use the bar at the top to type the terms “Minecraft shower” or “Minecraft shower” , in English: by doing so, you will be shown all the videos relevant to your research, from which you can take a cue to realize your personal shower project.