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How to take a selfie with Huawei

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How to take a selfie with Huawei: After purchasing a new smartphone Huawei and having it configured, it’s time to see how to use its full potential. In particular, since you are a lover of social networks, you would like to take some selfies to post on your online profiles and you would like to have some “tips” on the settings and functions available in the Camera app of the famous Chinese brand.

How do you say? Is this actually the case? Then don’t worry, because I’m here to give you a hand. In fact, in today’s guide, I’ll show you how to take a selfie with huawei in an easy and immediate way: all you have to do is pay the utmost attention to all the suggestions and procedures that I will show you in the course of the next chapters.

Having said that, I would say not to waste any more precious time and to get to work immediately. Take your Huawei smartphone in hand, sit comfortably and consult all the tips I have written for you. I am sure that, by the end of the reading, you will have all the information you need to be able to reach your goal. At this point, I just have to wish you good reading and, above all, have fun!

Preliminary information

To be able to take a selfie with a smartphone Huaweiyou must first know what modes the Camera app offers on the devices of this famous brand.

Well, the Camera app of Huawei smartphones has several ways to take selfies: the choice of one mode over another depends only on your needs. When you start the app Camerathe latter is set to mode Photo. Then, through the different tabs at the bottom, you will be able to access those Portrait, Panorama And Video.

These four modes allow you to take selfies in specific conditions or with particular effects, which I will tell you about in detail in the next chapters. In addition to these modes, I also point out Time-Lapse And Moving imagewhich I will tell you about in chapter dedicated to Video modeas they are configured more like videos, rather than photos.

Camera app setup

Setting up the Huawei Camera app

Before starting to tell you in detail about the shooting modes offered by the app Camera from Huawei, it is important to see how to configure the latter in the way that best suits your needs.

You can find the configuration panel on the main app screen Camera: all you have to do is press ongear icon you see in the upper right corner. The section you will access consists of a series of options that depend on the shooting mode currently in use.

Therefore, to configure the recording parameters of a video, you will first have to select the tab Video down. Conversely, to configure those for the mode Photo, you will need to activate it first. I also warn you that in addition to what has just been said, the configuration options also vary if you want to take a photo with the rear or front camera.

Taking this last recommendation into consideration, in addition to selecting the tab relating to the mode, you will also have to press thecamera icon with an arrow around itbottom right, indicating the switch to the front camera, that is, what you need to take a selfie.

After you have set both the mode and the front camera, press thegear iconat the top to access the camera configuration parameters. As for the photos, you will be given the option to select the resolution and add i location tag (you must have the GPS active).

Also, you can set automatic shooting via timerwith detection of smiles or manually, also through the volume key or with the touch on the display. You can decide to activate themirror effectin case you want to get photos automatically flipped on the opposite side of the horizontal axis.

For videos, however, the configuration options are limited, as you can only control the resolutionthe location tagthe mute the sound and the activation of the registration through the volume button.

When you’re done setting up the app Camera for the selected mode, tap the back arrow to start taking a selfie! In this regard, I advise you to continue reading this guide of mine with the next chapters, as I will provide you with some additional information on the methods I told you about in theintroduction.

How to take a selfie with Huawei

Now that you are aware of the different modes in the app Camera and how to configure the latter, it’s time to see how to take a selfie with Huawei making the most of all the features and shooting modes available.

Photo mode

Huawei Photo Mode

The modality Photo is the one set by default when the app is opened Camera by Huawei. By activating the front camera, via thecamera icon with an arrow around it (bottom right) you can set some effects on selfies to take.

First, the zoom levelwhich you can adjust on the right, using a special bar set by default to the value 1x and which can reach a specific maximum value that varies according to the smartphone model used.

In the section at the top, then, other buttons are available, such as the flash (it is generally simulated by making the screen completely white and very bright when shooting) and the coloring effects. With this last button, you can change the color tones of the shot you will take, setting one in black and white or with bright colors, just to give you some examples.

When you’re ready to take the selfie, tap the round button at the bottom center (or use the volume button used for shooting), to take the photo. The latter will then be available in the app Tunnel or you can easily view it using the thumbnail which appears at the bottom left and which recalls, in fact, the photo from the multimedia gallery of the device.

Portrait mode

Huawei Portrait Mode

The modality Portrait it is the most suitable for selfies. It allows, in fact, to enable a series of additional options for the improvement of the shots compared to those present in the mode Photowhich I told you about in previous chapter.

Via the icon EffectsAt the bottom, for example, you can apply effects on the background that allow you to bring out the subject of the photo by blurring the background. In addition to this, there is the mode Beauty which aims to mitigate the signs of aging present on the subject’s face, in order to try to “rejuvenate it”. It consists of a bar with values ​​ranging from 1 to 10 and that exactly set the most marked attenuation at higher levels.

Again, as seen for the mode Photoall you have to do is take the shot and it will be available in the Huawei media gallery, quickly accessible via the photo thumbnail just taken, in the lower left corner of the screen.

Panorama mode

Huawei Overview Mode

The modality Panorama is accessible in the app Camera via the card Other. As the name of this mode suggests, it allows you to make a composition of three shots: one front, which represents the classic selfie, and two side shots.

At the software level, the Camera app will process the images by assembling them into a single larger photo that will also include the background elements usually overshadowed or partially visible with a simple selfie.

The only effect that can be activated in the mode Overview with the front shutter active that’s that Beautywhich I have already told you about in detail in previous chapter. There are no other effects or filters available, much less the zoom ring.

Once you have taken the first shot, you will be prompted to position the frame in the side rectangles that will be shown on the screen, in order to capture the environmental elements present both to the right and to the left of the subject.

Video mode

Huawei Video Mode

In addition to photos, you can also record videos with the front camera of your Huawei device. To do this, select the mode Video from the menu below and, by selecting the front camera, you will have the possibility to adjust it zoomapply coloring effects and enable the mode Beauty.

In this case, after pressing the record round button, at the bottom, the video capture will start. During registration you will have several controls available: the zoom adjustmentthe pause buttonthe abort key is that of taking snapshots.

In addition to the mode Videothere are two other ways to take selfies on the go, which you can find in the tab Other: Time-Lapse And Moving image. The Time-Lapse is a mode that allows you to record fast video while Moving image it is essentially a photo on which successive frames are also acquired, so that everything can be exported to a GIF or a short video.

I’d say that’s all for now. In case, however, you want more advice on how to take perfect selfies, you can consult my guide dedicated to the subject