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How to take 360 ​​° photos

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How to take 360 ​​° photos: From the moment you travel often and have an unbridled passion for photography, you would like to take advantage of the camera of your Android or iOS mobile device to make photos that stand out for being particularly noteworthy. In particular, since you are fascinated by the new technological trends affecting the world of photography, you would like to understand how it is possible to take 360 ​​° photos quickly and easily, using your trusty smartphone.

Well, if that’s actually the case, know that taking 360 ° pictures is actually a lot easier than you can imagine. If you own a latest generation smartphone, you will be happy to know that you can take 360 ​​° photos directly using the default application of your device. Usually this in itself integrates a special shooting mode and this will allow you to take a panoramic photo in the blink of an eye.

Alternatively, if you do not have this functionality within the default application of your device, you can also take 360-degree photos using some popular applications. The latter are downloadable for free on devices equipped with the Android or iOS operating system, they are excellent alternatives for making panoramic photos. In the course of this tutorial I will explain in detail what applications to use and how to use them for the realization of 360 ° photo. Are you ready to start? Keep your smartphone on hand and follow the directions I’m about to give you. As usual, before starting, I wish you a good read.

Default camera on iOS

In order to take 360 ​​photos from iOS smartphones, the installation of an external application is not necessary, as the application Camera Apple devices already have the photo shooting mode suitable for this particular purpose.

From your device, then open the application Camera (has the symbol of a camera) and, through the menu located at the bottom, scroll with the finger the items you see on the screen, until you find the wording Overview (I remind you that to select it, you can also tap on the writing, which will change from white to yellow).

By going to select this shooting mode, you will have the opportunity to take a photo in panoramic mode, going to manually frame the environment around you. Following the indication that you can read on the screen, you will have to continuously move the iPhone on a straight line, until you have finished shooting.

Then press the round button and then laterally move your phone trying to keep your hand steady as possible. The arrow symbol that you can see on the screen should remain in the center as much as possible. By bringing the arrow indicator all the way to the bottom of the screen, the 360 ​​° panoramic photo will be automatically acquired and saved in the default memory of your device.

You can then see the photo you just took by tapping on its thumbnail at the bottom left, or find it at any other time by tapping on the app Photo of iOS. In the multimedia gallery of the device, the panoramic photo will be marked with a special rectangular icon.

Default camera on Android

In the best case, even the most recent Android devices integrate a shooting mode that allows the creation of 360 ° photos. Clearly it must be taken into account that, in this specific case, the implementation procedure may vary slightly depending on the Android device you intend to use.

However, to take 360 ​​° photos, using the default camera of an Android device, you must first open the application Camera (symbol of a camera). Now, it will be necessary to identify the shooting mode suitable for carrying out this type of task, so that the user interface of your device is set up for panoramic shooting mode.

As I mentioned to you, in this specific case the procedure to me given may vary; in the following lines I refer specifically to the procedure to be carried out via the Android smartphone in my possession.

To find the panoramic mode, you need to tap on picture symbol located at the top (it is therefore necessary to locate the button relating to the options or shooting modes), and then go to tap on the mode Panorama shot. Once the mode suitable for panoramic shooting has been identified, an overwhelming majority of devices should show an indication on the screen which refers to the instructions to be followed for the creation of a 360-degree shot.

Usually, the shooting mode requires you to tap the button for taking the photo (symbol of a circle or symbol of a camera), and then slowly move the device, moving it left or right, towards the area to be included in the shot.

Once the photo is taken, it will be saved in the device memory. The photo taken will be visible at any time: just go to the application of the default photo gallery of your smartphone (usually it is the app Photo).

Google Street View (Android / iOS)

A valid application that allows you to take 360-degree photos is Google Stree View, a very interesting application both for making photos and for viewing panoramic photographs. The app in question was developed by Google and allows you to view 360-degree photos taken from places around the world.

In order to use this app for the purpose of creating 360 ° photos, which can also be uploaded to Google Street View and thus contribute to the improvement of the Google photo database, you must first download the app on Android or iOS. To do this, go to the Google PlayStore or the iOS App Store and, through the search engine, locate the application in question.

Once you find it and tap on its card, install it on your smartphone. Via the Android PlayStore press the button Install / Acceptinstead, from iOS, install the application by pressing the button Get / Install. In both cases, once the installation of the app is complete, start the Google Street View application by tapping the button You open.

As soon as you are in front of the main screen of the application (after skipping the introductory tutorial) you can start taking a panoramic photo. To do this, tap the button with the camera symbol that you find at the bottom right. From the menu of choices that will be presented to you, then tap on the item Camera, to take a photo on the spot.

To make a 360 ° photo (in this case it is a spherical photo), you will then have to follow the instructions on the screen: you will be asked to frame all the points of the place you want to photograph. Keep in mind that you will have to move the phone so that the right points are indicated to you. Once the shot is finished, press the button with the tick symbol you see below.

The 360 ​​° photos you’ve taken will be available immediately after the application will be processed. The photo taken can then be shared in Google Street View; in this way you can provide your contribution to Google.

Cardboard Camera (Android / iOS)

Google’s applications are the best for making 360-degree photos. An example is also the Cardboard Camera application which, designed for viewing content designed for Virtual Reality, can also be used to take panoramic photos.

Then proceed by installing the application in question on your device Android or iOS. Once you have identified the application I mentioned in the media store for your device, install it by pressing the button Install / Accept (on Android) or on the button Get / Install (from iOS). In both cases, to start the application, once installed, you will need to press the Open button.

To take a 360 degree photo, then press the button with the the camera symbol. All you have to do is press on red round button in the center to begin activating the guideline for panoramic shooting. Then follow the line in the center and move your device to frame the place to be photographed. At the end of the photo, press the button with the symbol V check mark.

The panoramic photo taken by you will now be processed by the application and, as soon as it is ready to be viewed, it will appear in the section Your Photos of this application. If you have a virtual reality viewer, you can also see through the viewer; just click on the symbol below that represents the Google Cardboard.

More applications for taking pictures at 360 degrees

Generally speaking, to take 360-degree photos I would advise you to use a native tool of your device, so that you can take high-resolution photos. However, the applications mentioned above and the other applications that I am going to show you in the following lines represent a valid alternative.

  • Panorama 360 (Android/iOS) – Available on both Android and iOS, this application has an English-language user interface and offers the possibility of taking 360-degree photos. The most interesting peculiarity of this application is given by its multimedia gallery that allows you to view videos at 360 degrees. It also allows you to take panoramic photos in HD resolution, but by paying, you can also activate the shooting mode in 4K resolution.
  • Photo 360 by Sfera (Android) – Although from the slightly old-fashioned user interface, Photo 360 by Sfera can prove to be a useful application for taking panoramic photos on older Android smartphone models.