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How to tag on Instagram story

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How to tag on Instagram story: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, WhatsApp, Telegram and many other names. Social networks and messaging applications are becoming more and more popular, so much so that it is hard to count on the fingers of one hand. The speed at which these social and digital interaction tools are updated is impressive; hard to keep up with all the features right? I bet that, in particular, there is something that escapes you in using Instagram. Do you want to know what the stories are? What if it is possible to tag your friends on the Instagram story?

If the answer is yes and if these are the questions you are asking yourself regarding the functioning of the well-known photo application and social network owned by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, you will be quite happy to know that I can help you and give a correct answer to all doubts. From the moment that I know perfectly how Instagram works, I can explain to you everything you will need to do to use its interaction tools that will allow you to tag other people on the Instagram story.

The first thing you need, in order to be able to follow the instructions that I will give you in this guide, is a few minutes of free time, for the purpose of a careful reading of this article. Secondly, in order to tag the Instagram story it is necessary to have previously downloaded the social network application on your Android or iOS device in order to be able to use it in order to create a story. In any case, do not worry, I will explain everything step by step in this tutorial of mine. Are you ready to start? Sit comfortably and you will see that, if you follow my instructions, you will learn how to use Instagram in the blink of an eye. As usual, before getting to the heart of the subject, I would like to wish you a good read.

How to download the Instagram application on Android

The first thing you must necessarily do, if your purpose is to create an Instagram story in which to tag other people, is to download the application of the photo social network on your Android mobile device.

Keep in mind that Instagram stories can also be viewed from the official website and can also be created through the social network application for Windows 10, but let’s go step by step and start now with Android.

To download the Instagram application on Android mobile devices you need to go to PlayStore by Google (application with the symbol of a colorful triangle). Through the default virtual store of Android devices you can in fact download the Instagram application.

Then use the search engine located in the top bar to type Instagram and then press the key search for from the keyboard of your device (symbol of a magnifying glass). The application of the popular social network will be visible in the first search results; to install it, tap the button Install and then press the button I acceptif requested.

Then wait for the download of the application and the completion of the installation: when the application is ready to be started you will notice it; in fact the button will appear You open. By tapping on it you can start the app and start using it.

How to download the Instagram application on iOS

Even on iOS devices it is possible to download the application of the popular photo social network in a simple and immediate way. To do this, all you have to do is open theApp Store from Apple, the digital store for iPhones and iPads through which applications and games can be downloaded.

The application in question has a blue icon with a in the center A stylized. Once you have opened it by tapping on it, tap on the search menu item (symbol of a magnifying glass) which you can find below.

From the search engine, then type Instagram and, once you have identified the application, install it by tapping the button Get / Install. On iOS 11, once pressed on the button Get You may be asked to place your finger on Touch ID to install the application.

At the end of the download and installation, start the Instagram application by pressing the button You open.

How to access Instagram (Android / iOS)

An account is obviously required in order to use Instagram. Through the main screen of the application, then, press on the item Sign up using the e-mail address and phone number or sign up with Facebook, if you are asked to create an account through Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

If you already have an account, click on the button Log in; then enter your login details or log in via Facebook. Only once you have registered or logged into Instagram will you be able to create a story and tag your friends.

If you need a hand to access Instagram or recover your account, I refer you to reading the guides I wrote, which are completely dedicated to the topic and to solving problems for the recovery and / or access of an account.

How to create stories on Instagram (Android / iOS)

Creating a story on Instagram means being able to take advantage of an advanced feature of the social network that stimulates user interaction and helps to get more followers on their profile.

The stories of Instagram have a similar functioning to those of Facebook, WhatsApp and, before that Snapchat, the first application that presented this type of functionality. Stories are nothing more than sequences of photos or short videos that, present on the Instagram Home Page, can only be viewed for 24 hours. After this period, the Instagram stories are automatically deleted and no longer viewable.

To make a story on Instagram, through the application for Android and iOS, you will need to make sure you are on the main screen of the application (symbol of a cottage).

Then tap on your profile picture corresponding to the section Stories and start by choosing if you want to make a story by taking a photo or making a video on the spot (normal) or if, for example, you would like to make a live video (direct). You can also use the tool boomerang to make videos of short seconds in loop (a kind of GIF) or the tool Text to create textual stories (having the possibility to change fonts using the appropriate button located at the top center).

The other tools for making Instagram stories are voices backwards (to make a video that goes backwards) e without holding down (to make a hands-free video).

If, on the other hand, you have decided that you want to share a photo taken previously in your Instagram story, tap the icon with the picture symbol lower left. You can choose to share a photo by choosing from those taken in the last 24 hours.

By choosing to post a photo you will also have several other additional tools available that will allow you to write on the image, add stickers and even tag other people within the story.

To do this, just use the buttons for editing a photo in the Instagram stories editor. The symbol of a smiley face relates to the ability to add stickers on the image, the symbol of pencil allows you to draw and / or write freehand on photos, using different brushes and colors.

If, on the other hand, you want to tag a person within your Instagram story you will have to press the button with the symbol Aa (they are two letters TOone capital and one to lowercase).

In order to tag a person you will need to know his username within the application and indicate his nickname preceded by the symbol @ (for example @salvatorearanzulla).

Finally, by pressing on the symbol TO, you can apply an effect in prominence, in transparency or semi-transparency to the tag, thus highlighting it for example within the created story. Once you have finished customizing the story, you can publish it by clicking on the button (+) Your story.

If you also want to send it to a certain group of people, you can do so by clicking on the button Forward and manually placing the check mark on the items Your Story and / or the people on the suggested list. Then confirm the sending of the story by pressing the button Send.

The Instagram story you shared will be visible in your profile stories and also, privately, in the story of the person you tagged.

How to Create Instagram Stories (Windows PC)

As I anticipated in the introduction of this guide, you can make an Instagram story by tagging a friend also using the Instagram application for Windows PC.

To do this, you will need to download the social network application from the Microsoft store. To do this, click on Cortana’s search bar at the wording Write here to search and type Store.

As soon as the first search results appear, tap on the application with a shopping bag symbol and the Windows symbol. This will open the Windows 10 digital store and, through the search engine, you can search for the Instagram application.

To install it, tap on Get and then wait for the installation to finish. Once the installation is complete, click on the button Start.

When starting the application you will then have to log in with your login data, just as I explained to you previously in the steps indicated for the Android and iOS Instagram application.

Once logged in or registered, you can start making stories and tagging other users. But keep in mind that you can’t use Instagram on Windows 10 in exactly the same way as the iOS app. It is not possible for you to upload photos and / or videos by importing them from your PC but only to take photos and videos on the spot.

To tag a person on the Instagram story, tap on your profile photo from the Instagram Home Page (symbol of a cottage), take a photo on the spot and then tag an Instagram user by tapping on the symbol Aa and indicating your username preceded by the symbol @ (for example @salvatorearanzulla). Go ahead and share the story by pressing the button Forward.

Alternative solutions

You can also use alternative solutions to tag a person on the Instagram story. For example, you can create an Instagram story on a PC using an Android emulator that allows you to take advantage of all the features of the application for mobile devices.

In case you don’t know how Android emulators work, I suggest you read my guide completely dedicated to the subject. For other alternative uses of Instagram not related to posting stories, I recommend reading my guide titled How to use Instagram on PC instead.

If, on the other hand, you want to know how to tag other people in the photos uploaded to Instagram, you can refer to the instructions contained in this other guide of mine.